Honda Acura With Faded And Oxidized Car Paint

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Honda Acura with Faded and Oxidized Car Paint
Honda Acura with Faded and Oxidized Car Paint
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Mark BFitness: looks like my 2004 nissan altima!

Jose Pina: I see dumb comments talking about repainting the car. But they don't realize this Is a cheap way to make the paint look 1,000 times better without spending thousands on a new paint job.

Ulises: Where can I get this coat in Mexico? 😄

joseph millwee: I didnt know mop and glow came in different colors

JOGO: Hmmmmm it appears to look
like transmission fluid. ,!

Ralph Vaccaro: Hard to believe it works that good not totally convinced can you wash and wax 🤔

eksine: This is a bandaid fix at best. the clearcoat is gone, the whole car needs to be repainted. I have painted a car and bike and I watch the gunman. this car is toast. you need about 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of primer, basecoat and clearcoat. primer is usually only sold in gallons and so is clear. $100 for primer 2k, $170 for single stage or $300 + for gallon of basecoat, $100-250 gallon of clearcoat. $500 for a tekna prolite spray gun, $150 for harbor freight 21 gallon compressor and you're good to go or pay $1000-3000 for a shop to do it

eksine: What's a Honda Acura? lol

molybogo: what is that WD40, thats like walking thru wet grass and saying your shoes just got polished,..

Efren Saclolo: How long will it last, I used WD 40 and got the same result on my civic.Only lasted for a week.

phil mcrevis: if you believe in this product you need rooting . when clear is this bad remove and refinish .

Paul Anderson: How much sanding has to be done light or heavy I have a Ford Taurus that looks bad on the roof, hood and trunk light sanding with 800 grit or 1500 grit.

Tyrus G. Rothburn: I've had 7 Honda Accords and 3 Honda Civics. Each and every one has ended up with paint/clearcoat issues despite regular washes (weekly, even in winter) and waxing (once every other month). I was told,"off the record", by a Honda Service Writer that Hondas have weak clearcoat. I've often wondered why there hasn't been some sort of class action lawsuit against Honda for crappy paintwork. Though not something that will cause physical harm to the owner, it surely decreases the value of the car and interest from potential purchasers. I am not sure my next vehicle will be a Honda because of issues like the paint. Other manufacturers have stepped up their games and offer excellent value and reliable equipment. Time will tell.

lasersbee: Probably get the same results with STP "Son of a Gun" or vegetable oil....

Mercedes Rendon: This is not a freaking Honda!

1475inferno: i read all the comments hoping someone had actually bought the product before criticizing the product. most people said this is crap but haven't bought it. At $27 i actually bought the product and was willing to give it a shot. my clear coat damage is a lot less than those shown in the video. my product arrived and i have to say i am NOT HAPPY with it. The clear coat damage white spots DID NOT disappear and DID NOT looked "less ugly" after application. I am still waiting on the 5 day "Cure" period but after application i'm not only unhappy but angry. There is streaking marks on the car that makes it look retarded. i am thinking now how to get this crap off my car? maybe 1500 grit sand paper? i am glad i only got 1 bottle. i will give an update after the 5 day cure period if results change.

tunay öz: Merhaba türkiyede nasıl temin edebiliriz ?

جاسم عاشوري: You can ship to Bahrain

hisham elhassany: I need this product.. how can I buy it??

aaron avikesh singh: Wow came up real good. How long does this emulation last after application?
Honda Acura with Faded and Oxidized Car Paint 5 out of 5

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Honda Acura with Faded and Oxidized Car Paint