DIY Make Your Own Evap Smoke Machine

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DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine
DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine
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DIY EVAP Smoke Machine Evap Leak Tester
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DIY Smoke Test Machine for under $20 EVAP System
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Cheap DIY Smoke Tester
How to use an Evap Smoke Machine
How to use an Evap Smoke Machine

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Jam- Roc: Some people don't want to hear freak off when they looking for help. Stupid freak u freak off also

Darron C: Use a 3/4 PVC piping  use pvc glue  then  attach to the smoker  reduce it with a rubber hose add attachments

OC Run: Another Emmy worthy video.  How much pressure coming out of it?  Are you able to dial it down enough to test EVAP crap too?

Chris Moore: 1/2" to 1/2" pipe thread adapter. JB weld and 1/2" hose barb adapters.

Sweety Choudhury: too much cussing

Alexander Gonzalez: Mr. Konner you are a lot fun thanks for educating the dumb masses!

Rick Kenn: Was it warped because you tightened down valve cover in wrong pattern because of the beer

Embree Smith: how many PSI can this machine produce ..??
afterall, it was designed to discharge in the Atmosphere, not a restriction like the hose

bileshake: There's plenty of supporters out there Jerry. Lets check Hirschel for vaccum leak. You summed it up at the end... "if you don't like this video freak off."

Cheers bud. \m/

JunezGG: LOL people are actually offended by the cursing? He's working on a car drinking beer in his garage of course he's going to freakING curse...

vincent o'donnell: Do yourself a favor and leave the course language out.

TheXelaNet: "this little gay remote control"...

JD Brickey: 👍 because you have a potty mouth like me.

@Hirschel, freak off!

Rick Duncan: how have you been getting on with this now you've had it a while? had any issues with using a glycol based smoke doing anything to the intake or Sensors? tried it on an evap system? wanna go up this route but I'm thinking pumping this stuff into the fuel system might be a bit of a hazard? crap....

6.5 Creedy: freakin awesome!!!!! Thanks Jerry🍻 cheers

alberto cervantes: Thanks man I'm ready to go by my freakING fog machine!!!!
Good video!!!!

Robert Donaldson: Honestly though. I'll swear here and there, but dam dude, way overboard. Wanted to listen to your advice, but I just couldn't hang in there. I'm probably only 2 years older than you, but we all reach an age at some point, where what we once did doesn't look or sound cool anymore. This video is case-in-point. Those who feel the way I do aren't here to trash you, but rather are offering sound, supportive advice. Take it.

Robert Donaldson: If you took away 1 "freak" and 1"crap," you would sound less stupid.

Imprint GamingAndMusic: you are good at that

Hirschel Litzenbaum: You can make a separate channel that is G rated and keep your R rated channel as well. That way you might get even more subscribers, because some won't subscribe because of your language. Offer more choices, get more customers (subscribers).
DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine 5 out of 5

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DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine