DIY Make Your Own Evap Smoke Machine

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DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine
DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine
DIY EVAP Smoke Machine
DIY EVAP Smoke Machine
Homemade DIY EVAP smoke machine
Homemade DIY EVAP smoke machine
Homemade/DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Machine Tester by Mark
Homemade/DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Machine Tester by Mark
Evap Smoke Machine-another build
Evap Smoke Machine-another build

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Robert Donaldson: Honestly though. I'll swear here and there, but dam dude, way overboard. Wanted to listen to your advice, but I just couldn't hang in there. I'm probably only 2 years older than you, but we all reach an age at some point, where what we once did doesn't look or sound cool anymore. This video is case-in-point. Those who feel the way I do aren't here to trash you, but rather are offering sound, supportive advice. Take it.

Robert Donaldson: If you took away 1 "freak" and 1"crap," you would sound less stupid.

Imprint GamingAndMusic: you are good at that

Hirschel Litzenbaum: You can make a separate channel that is G rated and keep your R rated channel as well. That way you might get even more subscribers, because some won't subscribe because of your language. Offer more choices, get more customers (subscribers).

Matthew “Matta” Canta: all the swearing made this video funny . but good idea about the smoke machine

Matthew “Matta” Canta: lol lots of swearing

Scott Schoemann: and as for the plastic welder? never had any issues with mine,  must be the fact that you are an "effin" loser who spends too much time swearing instead of paying attention to what he is doing.

Scott Schoemann: When you have to swear in every sentence YOU are just a loser

SuperCyril2: Whats up with all the swearing bro. Started to watch your video with my 9 year old and had to mute the sound. Good video but the language is a little over board.

Brandon Pineda: 💩

ArseholeTroll: Im not sure those things would make enough pressure to find a small leak like a dry rotted end on a hose, but I do have one buried in my storage unit from Haloween, so I might give it a go.

Lolo123 Morales: muy bueno amigo

TheAriiiiii: LOL

henning s (yololands): lol this guy is halarious

msakoor: I love your video it make me lmfao.

jose rosas: mathew 12:36

Ben quinn: Good video ... filthy mouth.

Brian M. Bergson: How did you get the fan and the fan shroud back in. I'm about ready to ram my head through the side of the garage. I can't get them on! I can get the shroud in ok, and I can get the fan on ok, but not both at the same time ARGH...

juicedstang999: Laugh my fukin ass off!!! Vid made my whole morning!!!

R Mata: More BEER !!
DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine 5 out of 5

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DIY Make your Own Evap Smoke Machine