Moteur Stirling Alpha - Alpha Stirling Engine - Alpha Stirling Motor

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John Bostwick: Very simple way to create electricity Use parabolic mirror to make heat and make the string engine rotate. Just like it is explained in this website

Titou016: Yes I know but it was not my goal. This engine was my first alpha type engine. It was a try from which I wanted to learn and understand how to improve it in order to build a better engine. And so on up to reach my ultimate goal which is to make a bigger engine able to provide about 2kw. But I am yet very very far from this goal. This is only a hobby. Unfortunately, I do not have much time to spend for that.

262jp: Awesome!

shyboy2cute: where can i buy one?

nopporn pornin: อยากชื้อเครื่องยนต์ตัวนี้ จะซื้อได้ที่ไหนครับ

Lohm Qui-Reve: il a l'air vraiment puissant ton moteur !! :3 Moi je suis en train d'essayer d'en fabriquer un... mais c'est vraiment dur ^^

buk1962: bravo...on attend la suite...

Snowdone: @lexander5 haha stirling engine fuel is heat! the flame makes it work

Mohammad Omar: what are materials of displacer and hot tube ?

Titou016: Conception et fabrication maison. Ce moteur n'existe plus. Je l'ai fait évoluer vers la version 4 cylindres pressurisée que l'on voit sur une autres de mes vidéos.


José Ricardo Ferraz: Great job. I have a question. what a relation for tube and cylinders volumes? thanks

Lam Nguyen: Thanks! for sharing I see a long pitton and extensional cylinder. do they fit?

PoktaD85: Très joli boulot !

jose gpe reyes: cunto lo vendes o tienes el manual de construccion saludos

jlw1911: I would be more than happy to aid in drawing anything up for you.

Titou016: No it is not for sale and it is unfortunate because you are not the first to ask this questions. I will have to produce it in serial, lol. In fact this one does not exist anymore. It has been changed to become one four cylinders pressurized engine that you can see in a other of my video. What do you call a blueprint?

Marcelo Geisler: Thanks for share ;)

Titou016: it's alcohol at 90°. Pistons are in aluminium. The cylinders are in aluminium too but they are lined with brass has you can see at the begin of the video. The couple aluminium / brass work very well. Aluminium / bronze is very good too.

Danil Shatko: Excellent work! what do u think about mine?

Lohm Qui-Reve: Plus je le regarde tourner... Plus j'ai envie de te l'acheter... Combien de temps tu a mis pour le fabriquer ? Tu pourrais le fabriquer en serie avec un alternateur !!! ( J'en acheterais...)

Titou016: they are made of steel

OVAT131174: how many electrical watts???

Funk Addict: Brilliant! Do you know where I could get scaled schematics to make the parts?

Dustin121295: Nice engine, any idea where machining plans might be for this one? Thanks

Hogwit: What is the part of the tube that connects the two cylinders that is finned? Is it just a metal pipe with heat sink or something special?

theGr8turk: To make a detailed operational plan for someting

Sellos Semax: Not for nothing is so simple to follow the sun. It takes a heliostat system very complex and expensive, and is still cheaper to put solar cells. Do your research? Do you studied the problem ? Do not waste people's time, advertising a stew of information that is useless, that is bullcrap . Seller of crap.

Olegvoshod: Чё вы чурки не русские коментарии оставляете???

ROMAN952000: от него телефон зарядить реально

QRA GIRA MUNDO PX 5D8010 BLUMENAU SC: amigo vc vende um desmondado pra min

jlw1911: Titou016, is this your design? If so would you sell or share your prints? If not where did you find this design?

Titou016: Alcool

Ben Smith: Hey. i was just woundering what you ran the flame on to get the blue flame? thanks

Taboulaid: Un blueprint est un plan je crois.

Titou016: No seals for the pistons in this version. The pistons and their cylinder was adjusted between 0.005 and 0.01 mm gap. Tje pressurized version use quadring seals. I don't understand your 2nd question. ha ha works!

Titou016: Nowhere. There was only one piece. And it no longer exists today.

Titou016: I designed it and realized it myself. I made only one piece, so of course, It don't exist on the market. I could make a fortune with it because you're not alone in wanting me to buy it. This engine does not exist anymore. It has been included in a new evolution. The same engine but pressurized and water cooled as you can see in one of my videos. And after it has evolved towards a 4 cylinders as that you can see on another video. Don't hesitate to watch my other's stirling engines videos. Bye

Антон Пупков: Молодец!

StormWolf01: Ou avez-vous trouvé les pièces de ce moteur. Est ce fait maison?

Mohammad Omar: what is the type of piston sealing used? are you make the body or it v-compressor head ?

Mohammad Omar: what is material of pistons and cylinder ?

nicholas gionet: hey there i would like to know how much these Stirling engines my cost ?

Titou016: Ah ça, la théorie du Stirling est on ne peut plus simple mais en ce qui concerne la réal c'est une autre histoire. Est ce que tu as vu que ce moteur a évolué vers un 4 cylindres pressurisé refroidi par eau? Sinon va voir le deuxième lien juste en dessous de la vidéo. Et si tu veux voir ce moteur tourner à près de 3000 tr/mn c'est le 1er lien. Après il y a d'autres vidéos qui le montre à divers stade de son évolution et qui montrent aussi mes autres moteurs. A+

barumman: Very nice work, thanks for sharing, :)

jeanetmona jean: bonjour quelle est la longeur des 2 pistons et leur diamètre ainsi que le diametre des cylindre merci de votre réponse

Никита Лещенко: да,блять

Mohammad Omar: how displacer connecting with power piston ?welded or screwed?

magie571: sa sert à quoi?reponder vite
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Moteur Stirling Alpha - Alpha Stirling Engine - Alpha Stirling Motor