Sony Bravia KDL-32M3000 TCON Board Replacement.

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Tony Mosin: Video helped me replace mine thanks, $38 bucks later and a few videos later, TV working great thanks again.

Foof50: Okay, good on the showing of locations and such. But, as an electronics tech, bad form overall when handling/installing the new board. Long sleeves that come in contact and can cause ESD, no grounding strap prior to handling(can touch to case), butterknife used to open the packaging and causing unnecessary stress to the board, and then when installing you bent the board a significant amount which could once again damage it. Recommendations would be to wear short sleeves, use a sharper knife, keep some part of the body in contact with large piece of metal, and support the PCB with the non-installing hand close to the connectors when connecting the cables.

alexander cognome: il problema si poteva risolvere in modo più economico, basta sostituire il AS34-G integrato circuito da 14 pin  costo totale 5-6 dollari a fronte dei 40-50 dollari per una t-con usata sapendo che ben presto si ripresenta lo stesso difetto, te lo dico perché ho lo stesso LCD che dava questo problema.

Larry Diamond: dude you sound like jack nicholson!!!!!!!

llamasx: this guy is a brave guy, just for opening the antistatic bag the way he does it with the knife.... maaaan!!! and touching the new board with the fingers without wearing an antiestatic wrist.... maaaaan!! you're a wild thing!!! jejejejeje... greetings!! aaahh and be careful next time, avoid to touch those kinds of components like that!!

SHARLIESS MARTZ HERNZ: hola que tal, no se si me entenderás pero queri0 preguntarte. tengo un problema con mi tv sony de 40 y lo que  pasa que solo la parte derecha de la pantalla se ve y la otra no que pasara ahi, sera el tcon o los flexco espero tu respuesta


Cryptzog Stickybumps: Thanks for this video. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-46HX750 and it just went black while watching t.v. and now it is completely unresponsive... i.e. no lights, sounds, or anything.  I have read that it may be a fuse, but can't seem to find any documentation that shows me where it is located or what it looks like.  Any help would be appreciated! 

Jerry Jose: +percaine  The power supply board got fried!! Bought a new one and fixed it! thnk u!

fretkillrlives: The case back can be removed by removing 18 screws that have the "==>" marks next to the screw wells. Most are obvious but note two small screws at the back top edge on either side of the Power/Channel buttons cluster AND the two small screws between the HDMI and Video connections. Good luck!

anita smith: i have a 46 kdl46ex701 sony bravia pic is good but it has a 8inch color line down the middle


percaine: my tcon board was bad but it actually turned out that the lcd was bad on well so I took the good parts from it a threw the rest away.

Lucas Bultema: Percaine...I just got a Bravia 32 inch donated that turns on but all I get is a blank screen. I shined a light and didn't get anything showing up on the screen. I haven't checked sound yet. I was wondering how you came to the conclusion that the Power IC was bad and if possible I could go about testing mine. The IC looks fine but who knows. I would appreciate any info you can provide.

percaine: it could be a coincidence but it might be worth while taking the back off and checking out the very careful though..high voltage!!

Jerry Jose: dude, a storm came and my tv was plugged in (only the cable) now it won't turn on,. wat should I do... thnx in advance! :)

percaine: if you go to my channel I do have a video that shows how to take apart an lcd tv..not this particular model but they are very similar

Nicholas Harmsen: Any instructions on how to take apart the tv?

percaine: I bought mine on Ebay but it turn out that the screen was also defective so it was a waste of $40

Jackson Whitaker: Have the tv. No sound no pic/backlight comes on. Thinking its the tcon as well. Where did you buy the part? please dont say craigslist!
Sony Bravia KDL-32M3000 TCON Board Replacement. 5 out of 5

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Sony Bravia KDL-32M3000 TCON Board Replacement.