Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 171 - (with Eng. Sub)

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joujou I: I think, for the two of them, it feels like two minutes or more, but for the others It's just a split second (=^-^=)

sona pranu: i love nk's comedy alot missing it alottttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Prashanthi Ravikanth: CHOTE Nazron se Nazre tho milayiye? Kushi is missing eye locks with Arnav. hope Arnav makes Kuashi dance to his stares,,giving intense stares like the fairy lights scene,and show kushi that he can dance.

Zanny Saira: Nk is adorable! X

Shifa Naz: I like the way kushi falls into arnavs arms and soon after that NK looking at his hands to find out kushi..............Nk thinking : "hey kushiji is not Mr but Miss india" too funny

laddoo678: About 2 minutes of intense Rabba Vey-ing and still no one notices these two staring at each other with so much passion and heat..Do they cast a confundus charm on people around them or what?

Ankita Nigam: 0:58 khushi looks back at arnav thinking 'oh man this could have been us... gazing into each other's eyes, holding one another. why did u let this chance slip arnav? now i have to dance with this mr. cartoon'.

Raveena Singh: Omg i love tht NK guys he is sooo sweet n cute :D

sruthi suresh: "hadh kamar par rakho" yeh diolouge sunkar arnav ko aisa laga hoga ki dance keliye mana nahi karna chahiye da

Khadijeh Aghaee: they noticed but they dont think that it is love they think that it is fear hug

Summer Malik: look at the start of this.. then go to love scene 264, 1:45 ;) hehe! they are too cute<3!

HarshadKeLiye: na nach sakte, na gaa sakte hai, na hasa sakte hai... lekin.... ROMANCE TOH KAR HI SAKTE HAI.

shifa92786: Nazar mein tu, Jigar mein tu, jahan dekhun, vahan hein tu.. hahaha.. this song suits them well... hihihi

Shoneeka Ghai: Wana see the jealousy track was magical...

Samreen Kader: FINALLY!! RABBA VE!!!, Khushiji did not have the same look for NK than she did to ASR. Love is in the air. Cannot wait for the next episode. Lol, love her, CHOTE, Arnav ji. LOL

meeeee153k: lol yeh i thought so

Anisha Nishanth: I think this is probably my fav scene...its got everything an arshian loves.... the rabba ve moment ...arnav's attitude... and khushi's cuteness... and khushi's and nk's comedy! <3

629archi: is everyone in that room blind or dumb.... cant they see this two gazeing at each other like we are the two only left alone in the whole wide world... ANJALI understands her brother very well ... how come she is not able to see that her 'chote' is so in love with this girl...

Nadia Ahmad: hahahhaa!!! sooo truueee!! finally Masha-ALLAH!!...they are Mrs. & Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!! *sigh* <3 <3 <3 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Meenal Jain: the raising of eyebrows by khushi is the must scene to watch..

Amrit Gill: This scene always reminds me of Harry potter. Where professor mcgonnagal makes Ron put his hand on her waist. AHAHHAHAHAHA

mugdha89: Its a spell from harry potter: The Confundus Charm is a charm that causes a person or animated object to become highly confused. There appears to be varying degrees of inflicted confusion, ranging from tricking a person about a specific issue to making them lose all semblance of common sense

Neha Tewary: 5:00 is arnav a vampire?

sazrique: Gosh i have no idea what is being said but khushi is deliberately winding arnav up you can tell which is just hilarious and arnav looks so hot when he does his turn around angry look

97adld: I wonder what his sister( who claims she knows her chote inside out) didn't see the intensity...ever..oh yeah...she was way too busy admiring shyamji...poor arnav...burning with jealousy...loved kushi here..

Jasleen Judge: funniest epi ever.. Khushi ... chotai, Arnavji.

Anshika Ghoora: 1 year..n we still luv dem last year this rabba ve was a new year gift for all the fans bt this year...wat a gift! IPKKND itself ended i'm gonna miss dem a lot next year...hope they cum back soon*fingers crossed*

Naima Ahmed: aah, missed this 'rabba ve' tune..

Sydney Ishakov: YOUR MARRRRRRRRRRRRIED NOW. LMAO! Times sure have changed.

deepa pandey: Missing arshi badly

Cecilia Quiroz: Same here...25-06-2013 Miss them so much :(

luv2hearsongz: Ha the sting of jealous has made Arnav all mushy gushy for Kushi!

Mahek Hussain: No english subs

rama: she loves to pull his legs

anukriti kabra: looking at the no of likes you got ......i think all the ipkknd fans are harry potter fan too......hahaha

Prabhash Jayakumar: some thing is missing that is Arshi

sazrique: There are no emotions between khushi and nk but when khushi is with arnav sparks fly!!!!! Arshi Forever

sejv21: raba veh- arshi lookin so damn hot in each other arms

govind patel: Vry funny sence...

anukamath217: @laddoo678 It really is about time someone takes notice of the Rabba Ve moments, don't you think?

chand0481: @laddoo678 ha ha i know right!

Aysha Shirin: Its like mirror reflection in as

LylychildofGod: hahahahaaa poor NK!!!

Amna Ak: Never getting tired of these two

rama: in romantic scenes everybody becomes blind except arshi

rp0308833: Best funniest scene in the full serial !!!

Chotey Chamkili: The DANCE TEACHER rocks...perfect..

nitecrawler26: The look she gave him at 3:55 ahahahaha

aeleeyaj: Khushi is hilarious. She loves to push Arnav's buttons.

meeeee153k: confundus charm???
Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 171 - (with eng. sub) 4.8 out of 5

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Arnav & Khushi - Love Scene 171 - (with eng. sub)