Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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Marc Guerino: can't decide on getting this golden boy model, or a 16 inch carbine model. Just gonna have to hold them both in person and go with whichever feels right. Awesome video!

Timothy Weir: When I first got my Golden Boy 22 Magnum, it did not have any pin that is required to hold in the firing pin and after many malfunctions it had to be locked away for 12 months waiting for an entire new bolt (finding parts for rifles in Australia is a pain). It now shoots beautifully, except my lever throw is a bit stiff.

Pantharen: IF I could ship my .22 rifles to you.. I would love for you to try them out.. a 1930's Cooey Sureshot repeater, and a 1954 Cooey Model 60 Ranger Repeater

Bananaman Gaming: I'm 14 and love your videos and wondering if this gun has kick because some 22 have kick and my dad has a 30/30 lever action it has kick

damian demarcy jr: can you put short rifle in a marlin model 60?

VineTube: love 22s

Matt Smith: can you suppress it

Bradley Cittel: I own . I have a .357mag, .17HMR, and the first one that's a .22LR
By far the best gun for the money I've ever bought in my opinion. I love shooting .22 shorts out of this gun and i have the most fun out of them!

Donny Allen: Wish you would review the .17 Golden Boy

tom pelley: Could you show a Henry lever action 223?

ishma price: Hickock I've been following this channel for quite some time and I have never seen you do the colt peace Maker

littleteethkeith: The only problem I have with that gun is that I don't own one.

Vernon Hensley: Hi ... I like your vids ...if you get a chance would you do a review of the Henry 22 mag ...thanks

jeff benjamin: The only complaint of mine is its so gorgeous I almost hisitate to shoot it.

BRENDAN W: I'm relatively new to the gun world and just wanted to say thanks for all of the excellent videos you produce and I hope you keep them coming sir.

jason brown: awesome gun.shoots great.

Mark OByrne: I have 3 henrys .17, .22lr, .22 mag and I only take one at a time to the range because I always put the wrong ammo in the wrong gun haha. I have spent an hour trying to get a mashed .22 mag out of an lr.

tantivymuckermaffikk: Any lefties on here ever shoot this and if so did you have too many issues with the spent cartridges ejecting into your mug?

Greco Maskara: do you smoke all tese cigars, or a friend gives you the boxes?

Jacob Shoemaker: i have a regular henry 22lr nota goldenboy and it shoots great has for 8 years hopefully it still will in another 8
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle