Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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Hey Blue: Ended up buying it yesterday. I love it.

Mike Lovin: I hope it's better than the 22 magnum Henry I bought, I couldn't hit a 2'x4' piece of plywood at 25 yds so I moved all the way up to 10' from the target to get it to print on the plywood at all, I took it back and bought a Winchester that was made in New Haven, Connecticut . It shot 3/8" group at 100 yds.

LittleFirby 129: I'm 12 and I'm getting one for Christmas

Crystal P: I have a Henry in 45 colt, great gun. Something not mentioned much is Henry’s awesome costumer service.

Hey Blue: I'm more of a handgun person but wanted this gun because I'm obsessed with old westerns. Never used a rifle before but I went to the gun shop just to see what it feels like and it feels great. Will be buying one In a week or two.

Jack Fortna: My grandpa is getting me one for Christmas! Looks like a great gun. It’ll be my first!

Bungalo Bill: I like just about everything on this rifle except that shiney gold (not very durable) finish. that tends to reflect the sun right back in your eyes.
I'm going to have mine refinished in Gold H-122 Cerakote.

Wyatt LeBlanc: I bought a Henry 22mag with the octagon barrel it's blued not brass like this. I personally think it's more fun to shoot than a semi auto. Only problem I've had with mine is it started to develop a bulge in the barrel. I have to send it off to Henry but not going to knock them for it even great brands will have a problem with a gun every now and then.

jordanmarkis: They really are all that pretty. The stock on mine is a beauty

Greg M: Love it!

oniram feria: Thank you soo much for the info.....i like it....awesome..

devint26: Time for a golden boy silver review now after 4 years

Mark Anderson: I bought a Golden Boy in 22LR in 2005. I was so impressed I bought the Golden Boy in 22 Mag. Now I'm buying my grand daughter one (22 short, 22 and 22LR). The action is smooth as silk and shoots spot on right out of the box. If you write Henry's President Anthony Imparato (sp?) he will respond to you personally. No matter what, he will make it right!

adric cochran: you should shoot suppressed 22 shorts, that would be great

Billion Back: that looks like a fun little gun.

TheEndTimes: Beautiful finish! Would be great fun at your range

KassperT: That one looks like a gang of fun! Hickok as super-humanly accurate as normal here, both with projectiles and words. This gun really appeals to those of us that don't go for the tacticool look but feel a link to the old west.

Nick Busch: Seen this at my local gun store a few mo tha ago and they are such beautiful rifles wish they were alittle cheaper though 1100$ is so pricey

South Boston VA: I occasionally have the same feed problem, with all different brands of ammo. I think Henry needs to check that out. Mine don't feed .22 short well at all.

Barack Obama: Gonna get one when i score my license
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle