Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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this is how I feel when vacation is over..  golden boy 22 with shorts
this is how I feel when vacation is over.. golden boy 22 with shorts

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Jay GMC: When Hickock was firing the .22 shorts it sounded like a damn BB gun. Haha. Great video. Thinking about buying a lever rifle soon.

Landon Tracy: Hi I also love your videos but don't like the brand henry though I think its a cheap brand just like Rossi I stick to common brands like Remington,winchester,savage my relative has an old savage model 99 lever action 308 almost worth $700.00 dollars. 

409rommel: Shooting the smallest of the 22s sounded like the ol cartoons sound of spitting tobacco and hitting the spittoon...

Via la Palpatine: Nice.

Rafe Hemmerlein: Just got one of these for Christmas! Best present ever!

Daniel Goeken: Im 17 and my dad got me this for Christmas, I've always liked lever action rifles and I'm excited to shoot it.


Jeff Hall: Great review "Old Timer", I'm only 50, but really love the Golden Boy. It's accurate as hell, easy to shoot, easy to cycle with the lever, and great fun. This is one of the best varmint rifles on the market. I am a retired Army Ranger - Sniper, and as I don't have the same shooting capabilities as I used to have, this little hunny really works well. I still do "Placed Shots" at 1000 meters with my preferred 30.06, but this takes the cake for "plinking". You Sir shoot better at your age than I do. Probably because you shoot more and more frequently than I do. Hats off to you! I'm getting back in to it and hope to meet you some day.

Mark Jones: Nice, now if we could ever find 22 ammo.

Candid Canid: I have the .22 mag version with the black receiver and band. I just got it on Saturday so I'm not sure how it shoots.

Oso Pistolero: I always Wanted this rifle! Always loved lever action

kangarootha: I'm based in Australia. I had a superficial issue with my Goden Boy and the problem was fixed ASAP. Just so happened that the President took care of the matter himself. What a decent bloke I tell you. I'll now be a lifelong customer because of that experience. What a great company, what great firearms.

John Fletcher: Henry puts out a quality product. I love my .22 Golden boy, awesome gun.

Garrett S.: I just won one of these off of a $15 gun raffle ticket. I am extremely excited to pick it up on Monday!

Jim- Hamradio: I emailed Santa for one this year. What a great looking rifle! thanks for this vid Ill be watching it over and over till he comes.

Jay: 11:25 ok i will go for a bolt action cz :D

Franky Tank: Good for small game hunt?

Frank Morales III: It is now 2016. I just bought one 2 days ago. Of course I don't get it for another 8 days because of stupid California laws. I also had to show proof I have a gun safe because the rifle does not come with a cable lock and no one in california can walk out of a store with a gun unless a cable lock is included with the gun.

Anyway I purchased the golden Boy with the octagon barrel. It is a great looking gun. It has the brass looking frame and the wood is a beautiful American Walnut. It is very sturdy too.

Can't wait until i take it tho the range next week.

Hey it's a Bear: I am going to get one around Summer

Travis Powell: Dumb question, and I think I know the answer. But will dry firing a henry 22 rifle damage it?? Cant find any info on the henry sight.
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle