Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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nerf henry rifle :modded

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Jean Hugo 1967: Cool of vidéo my friend, i like.

D Toe: Does anyone know why they don't put a side loading gate on their rifles? Is it just a matter of that's the way they've always done it? Just something I've always kind of wondered about Henry.

Copperman: I have a brother named Henry. I should eventually get him one of these.

Jesus Christ: It wasnt too long ago when these babies were the coolest birthday present for a young boy.

Ricashbringer: "The suns been coming from the west for some reason. I notice it's been setting in the west lately." -lol. That was funny.

Ricashbringer: I will check the manual when I get mine for Father's Day, but I believe you are supposed to load it with the action closed.

Ed Bar: I don't know if anyone has commented on the round not loading as it did in this video. I have found that when you charge the weapon slowly the round will rise up to far to go into the chamber. if you cycle the action with some speed you eliminate the problem. it has done it to mine whether its the first or last round.

Tacolord: How do you know when to stop putting in ammo?

fast wheels: I love mine

Carl Weiderick: One of the finest firearms out there!

Jon Parker: Just got my Eagle and was looking at the Eagle Scout Henry Rifle, but it looks to nice to shoot. Heck and to expensive. I'll probably get the golden boy instead.

Silas Harlow: Big fan love the videos, can you please do a video on a Henry Pump action if you ever come across one thank you.

neriorus: Loved it...I'm getting one.

Kyle Prichard: I use the Aguila's all the time. They are perfect in the backyard without noise. I shoot out of a 22" barrel, a 20" barrel makes a slight pop.

Copedippinchevydriver: Can you do a review on the Winchester 9422

Shelby Wilson: Never have the action open when loading the gun don't like it

Josh Gerding: Will you do a review on the h001

Josh Gerding: Is the golden boy really worth the extra 150 bucks compared to the h001 which is the simplest one Henry makes.

Lost666: are these jam city?

ED: I wasnt sure what to get for my first gun but I think you just convinced me.
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle