Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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Drei88: This is a fun video at 2x speed.

NuclearCentipede: Why are rimfire tube magazines loaded differently from centerfire tube magazines?

Bennett Anderson: I sell guns for a living out in California and we have multiple Golden Boy 22s in our inventory. This really helps me do my job. Thank you and keep it up!

John Erickson: My two Henry rifles actions have been near perfect.
I don't see the need to even think about having the action or lever open. Setting the rifle in a comfortable position to load plus having the lever swinging back and fourth seems to me a unnecessary chance to damage the action. I don't even remember problems with the action, maybe the ammo I use. CCI mini mags.

Obeconobe7: Lol the sun setting in the west... the sun always sets in the west.

nathan stewart: Your last seven shots on that first go around....Nice!

Gio Andrés: Hello Hickok, I wanted to ask if this rifle with shorts can be shot without bugging the neighbors, as I have a range with a dirt mound and a tree line for safe shooting but my neighbors are about 100 meters to the left and back, no harm there. I am looking at this rifle as a fun plinker and to help with the iguana problem in my farm, as the air rifles are just too finicky. I am planning on getting my license in June. Is it any good for pesting with shorts? Or do I need LR?

Jeffrey Langston: Do you have to use a flat nose 22 in this rifle?

Roarmeister2: I fired one the other day at range. One of the other guys lent me his.  It was smooth as butter and very easy to hold. He was going to get it engraved and pass it down to his son as a gift.

John Erickson: I have the Golden Boy and the manual reads to close the lever so not to have jamming problems on the first round shot. The tube spring sends the first shell in with the proper amount of force. I noticed Hickok trying to be safe opening the action when loading but you can expect some loading problems then.
Great video !

Scott Drummond: I have 4 Henry Rifles, to include 357 Big Boy, Mares Legs, and the Golden Boy 22 mag. Of all the rifles that I own, the Henry's are the best!!! And, Way To Much Fun To Shoot!!  Scottie U.S.M.C.

Burke Stinson: I love this gun! I would actually consider it to be one of the best 22. Rifles out there. I have never had that problem where it jams the first round but so far I have been in able to cycle shorts. Not much of a bad thing though as shorts are the hardest of 22. To find in my area. 

Southern Canuckian: This video and you laughing just goes to show this rifle is sooo much fun!

Nathan Gardner: lol

step 1 go to settings , step 2 select speed tab, step 3 select 0.5 step 4 enjoy

;) longtime fan hickok 

krypten wolf (kry): Thanks for the great video on a great gun hickok! i recently purchased a Marlin model 783. 22 WMR bolt action with a tubular magazine and i tend to enjoy them more than detachable magazines for the decent capacity and its so much easier on the fingers when loading them. mine is a pretty accurate rifle for being older than i am. it still drives nails out of boards at 30 yards with iron sights ( as far as i could see them without a scope lol) but i bet if i had some optics it would still drive em out at a longer range

Flying Beagles: Oh God, how can I overcome the temptation to buy this rifle. Too late. 

Devon B.: Just got a .22 Henry not in 'brass' or the octagon barrel. I have to say it is a beautiful gun, inherited it from a family friend who recently passed. I'm very glad to have it in the family!

45-70 Crusader: G'day Hickok45, i love your channel mate. I watch allot of your videos so thanks heaps for all your work. Cheers from Down Under...  ; )

Eddie Rios: im really debating between the 22lr and 22mag. noise is a factor. How loud is the 22mag compared to the 22lr? and in general which is more recommended?

Flying Beagles: Hi Hickok45, great video. A lever action in 22 lr looks to be a fun range gun. Do you think the quality of the Henry is comparable to the more expensive Winchester & Marlin 22 lever guns that are considerably more expensive?
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle