Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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this is how I feel when vacation is over..  golden boy 22 with shorts
this is how I feel when vacation is over.. golden boy 22 with shorts

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Franky Tank: Good for small game hunt?

Frank Morales III: It is now 2016. I just bought one 2 days ago. Of course I don't get it for another 8 days because of stupid California laws. I also had to show proof I have a gun safe because the rifle does not come with a cable lock and no one in california can walk out of a store with a gun unless a cable lock is included with the gun.

Anyway I purchased the golden Boy with the octagon barrel. It is a great looking gun. It has the brass looking frame and the wood is a beautiful American Walnut. It is very sturdy too.

Can't wait until i take it tho the range next week.

Hey it's a Bear: I am going to get one around Summer

Travis Powell: Dumb question, and I think I know the answer. But will dry firing a henry 22 rifle damage it?? Cant find any info on the henry sight.

Erik Carmichael: I been wanting to get me a 22 Henry Lever gun but I've heard that they jam a lot I'm new to buying guns all I've got right now is a 300 blackout and a 38 special and well now I'm looking for a 22 my friend told me to buy a Marlin 22 but I've been wanting to get me another double barrel shotgun which is a century arms but right now I'm needing a 22 rifle to hunt with what's your thought on this?

Larry Jones: I have the silver boy. Great little gun.

mseriesm3: I just got a classic Henry 22LR, it's my first rimfire. My question is this: is it ok to fire until "click" (empty) with a rimfire?
Can that last dryfire damage the rifle?

Mathew dean: my grandpa gave a golden boy 22 for my 13 barth day

SR railfan: I've got the regular Henry .22 and I love it. Great rifle and tons of fun to shoot. I did have that same problem with hang ups where the bullets want to point above the chamber but I've got probably more than 1000 rounds through mine now and haven't had that problem in ages. It seems to help to work the action with some authority.

CHONCHINATOR.9000: this Is my first gun I got it last Christmas I'm 12 and I love it I shot a whole 100 box of cci long rifle on Christmas morning I call it a weapon of mass enjoyment

Sleepy Sam: noice

Rivierars Ramon: H I love ur videos watch them all the time there just great content honestly... But I have to say I think that you and that Henry were just having a good old time you were laughing so much you were making me laugh. You better just go head and buy three of those rifles 😊

MorbidElektro: Here's a fun little game, anytime you're youtubing a certain gun take a shot when you find hickok45 shooting it

Ben hudson: I got one of these for getting my Eagle Scout. I got the Eagle Scout version of this rifle, very nice gun.

Michael Damone: New Jersey wanted them to move there and gave them some type of deal to do so. Go figure.

Jared Busby: Never had a drop of trouble out of mine

Kyle Surette: I got the magnum version of this gun. I'd recommend it to anyone. SOLID firearm

Steve Trainer: Bought a Golden Boy 22 long about 6 months ago and it is indeed very fun to shoot, I allways take it with me to the shooting range and never miss a chance to shoot it.

Frank Fisher: hickok45 really can shoot, and he's got such a professional manner. I don't know how many people know how hard it is to ad lib complex pieces like this to camera

Doug Kinney: I just bought a 12" steel gong. It doesn't make the deep, resounding gong that Hickok45's makes. How come?
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle