Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle

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Frank Martinez: Every time I’m looking at a firearm i can count on a hickok45 review! Thank you!

Howard Mora: I bought one for plinking...Just a smooth lever action gun. The wood stock is beautiful. If you don't have one. Get one.

Bill Baehr: Butt stock is short for a man.

Michael Richardson: I bought the 22wmr version in black with the hexagonal barrel, its a superb rifle and as said very smooth action, I liked it so much that I bought the 45/70

Rob Snell: Well, now I need one of these too 😀

Aaron Barkley: I want one in 5.56

Bushcraft North of 60: I have a Henry Frontier in .22, and I love it! Won't jam if you load with the action closed. Just double check that it's empty before you reload it. I think it's the most fun firearm I've shot, let alone owned. Great for cowboy-type shooting, plinking, hunting, training new shooters, etc. I LOVE my Henry. Octagon barrel, semi-buckhorn and brass bead on the front post. All I did was store a few extra 0-rings under the butstock for the magazine tube, and leather wrapped the lever. It's purdy AND a real shooter. Can't go wrong.

Raycharles 52: I'm a very new to guns and hunting and I went once and I got the bug now lol how would this gun handle a full grown hog

tyler hofer: Do the Henry .17hmr lever action

Tu Vang: Just bought mine love it!

MinnesotaEric: This little Henry will not cycle hollow points.

weejams: This is an old post but the only thing that I have a complaint with is the lever and magazine tube. It seems these rust really easy and when you live in a high humidity area and put it in a case then it sweats and it don;t take long to rust. It is the same way with my Smith and Wesson M&P1522 with the barrel. So if you own one of these or the S&W then carry oil with you if you live in a high humidity area.

And BTW before anyone says anything I take very, very good care of my firearms. I even clean and oil them if I haven't used them in a month or so. I won two Henrys and the quality is outstanding. One is the normal Henry that is 20+ years old and the new one is a Golden Boy and both are in .22LR.

feelnrite: I would like one of these but with a large loop.

Mike Lovin: I hope it's better than the 22 magnum Henry I bought, I couldn't hit a 2'x4' piece of plywood at 25 yds so I moved all the way up to 10' from the target to get it to print on the plywood at all, I took it back and bought a Winchester that was made in New Haven, Connecticut . It shot 3/8" group at 100 yds.

LittleFirby 129: I'm 12 and I'm getting one for Christmas

Crystal P: I have a Henry in 45 colt, great gun. Something not mentioned much is Henry’s awesome costumer service.

Jack Fortna: My grandpa is getting me one for Christmas! Looks like a great gun. It’ll be my first!

Bungalo Bill: I like just about everything on this rifle except that shiney gold (not very durable) finish. that tends to reflect the sun right back in your eyes.
I'm going to have mine refinished in Gold H-122 Cerakote.

Wyatt LeBlanc: I bought a Henry 22mag with the octagon barrel it's blued not brass like this. I personally think it's more fun to shoot than a semi auto. Only problem I've had with mine is it started to develop a bulge in the barrel. I have to send it off to Henry but not going to knock them for it even great brands will have a problem with a gun every now and then.

jordanmarkis: They really are all that pretty. The stock on mine is a beauty
Henry Golden Boy .22 Lever Action Rifle 5 out of 5

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Henry Golden Boy  .22 Lever Action Rifle