Dangerous, CFLs, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Burning, Catching Fire.

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Dangerous. CFLs. compact fluorescent light bulbs burning. catching fire.
Dangerous. CFLs. compact fluorescent light bulbs burning. catching fire.
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The Dangers Of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb CFL spontaneous combustion
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Death of an Energy Efficient Spiral Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

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regilio marto: happened to me 5 times already!!!

Steve Savage: CFL's are supposed to have internal fusing, but with every one of them made in China, you see a lot of hand-soldering done there and mistakes are made.

Tyler Effinger: This just happened to a Sylvania 23W 120V bulb that I had in a normal socket in my bathroom. Flipped the switch, heard a weird crackling sound, looked up and saw thin smoke streaming from the fixture. Immediately turned off the switch and removed the bulb. This is SCARY!!!! What would have happened if I left the room with the light on?!?! I'm really curious now, and I might find a safe test area to try this out. I could easily see this catching a lamp shade on fire if left long enough. 

Dean Bruckner: Same thing happened to me this evening. SYLVANIA 30W 120V 60 Hz DF30EL/TWIST with code G505 stamped on it. I'll be removing all of these from my house and ordering regular incandescent bulbs from Canada if I need to. This once again shows that politicians in Washington DC are incompetent to make decisions like this for all Americans. They can't even pass a budget or keep from spending money like drunken sailors, and they tell us which kind of unsafe light bulbs we must have in our house? Ridiculous! Dean Bruckner, Ph.D., P.E., Electrical Engineer

Chilly Dippers: If that bulb was sold in North America then it won't burn. I dare you try and get it to catch fire with a blow torch. Yes is will melt and stink, but when you remove the torch the plastic will will extinguish within seconds.

Anthony Catalano: It happen to me also.

Vanessa Lopez: That happen to me not that long ago. In fact more like an hour and a half ago. The smell of it burning was really bad. It took us a while to figure out it was the CFLs from my desk lap. 

Ben Hutchinson: If I had a 1 in 1-million chance of my house burning down, I'd probably be more likely to die from a car wreck (or even in a plane crash). I think even the chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 100,000 (10 times greater than 1 out of 1-million) . If I stopped doing everything that could kill me or burn down my house that had a 1 in 1-million chance of doing so, I'd be so scared I'd never do ANYTHING (not go outside for a walk, not use my computer, etc). I'd be living in the STONE AGE!!!!

Keelhaul52: Does CFL stand for Chinese Fire Lights?

sonianight: Hi this just happen with one of the lights in my ceiling fan above my bed. Was sitting in bed watching tv then started smelling burnt plastic. My cat started freaking out and sniffing the air well found out what it was when hot plastic landed on my hand and the light went out. The only thing is I smelled the plastic burning first before the light turned its self off. The brand of the bulb I was using is Satco. Does anyone know what should be done because these lights are not cheap.

Ben Hutchinson: Should we stop saving the environment just because a few people had bad experiences with these? No house ever burned to the ground because of one of these. Even if a few did, it would make up only a tiny percentage of house fires. Just because a few people are complaining, even if several HUNDRED are complaining. That's a VERY SMALL fraction of 1% of the total US population (of the US population, like 99% have at least one of these in their homes).

alexmacelectronics: I had this happen but much worse about two years ago in my ceiling fan. However, there is one type of CFL that can never burn up like this. It is a Magnetic Preheat CFL (2 Part lamp- Ballast and bulb can separate). You can buy the ballasts from 5-22 watts from Enertron. Then you can buy any kind of 2 pin PL tube you need (in the same wattage). I use them and they are great. But they do not turn on immediately and they do blink a bit when turning on but a dead tube will just continue to blink en

Ls Q1: So yesterday then same thing happened to me, my bulbs were also sylvania bulbs. I have 12 in my home and I looked at the other and they are also on the way to doing the same thing. I think this ia b.s. and if we have enough people with the same problems we may have something here..

RCM442: Electrodes overheating at EOL, pretty common, even with the most expensive ones! That's why I don't use them, but I've had Sylvania one's burn out and just go out, not do this!

84randomdude: Use LED's!!

electrictroy2010: @bigwigtom You mean I have to spend 8 dollars for expensive CFL bulbs instead of 40 cents for the old-fashioned (and safe) bulbs??? How is that supposed to save me money? . From my electrical engineering viewpoint, moving to CFLs is as illogical as throwing-out your iPod and going back to cassettes. CFLs are an *inferior* technology compared to the simplicity of glowing incandescent bulbs .

bigwigtom: Solution: Don't buy cheap and crappy CFLs.

sithwarrior: just happened to me, was looking around Google and found this

Matthew Iverson: The same EXACT thing just happened to me!! OMG!

mushprin21: Is daill a good bulb company?

jgadrillana: Happen in our home tonight bu the burn was worse verdict CFLs are not worth the savings in electricity. Anyways how much green house gas is really saved by using such a dangerous product. Global warming from humans is just a theory anuways.

Mercury1955: @BenHutchinson321 I don't think it's that small given I don't have many and had two go..................

Tnat1on: Aren't they supposed to work for 10+years?

PipeOrganistSC: This comment will probably get voted down, but just let me run something by everyone: Why is the government trying to mandate that we use potentially hazardous lightbulbs in our homes, hospitals, and places of business? It is obvious that there are serious flaws with CFL's. Some say that they could even cause cancer. Call me a whistle-blowing lunatic, but are CFL's an abstract method of population control? I think it very well could be.

macsrule94: I have had at least 4 of the Sylavania ones do this. I contacted them and they had me mail it back and promised to send a coupon for a free one at Lowes. Well I never got the coupon and they don't respond to emails either. These greenies seem to care more about the environment than peoples safety. If one of these bulbs bust near you it isn't good. Damn Al Gore. I'll buy LED ones or incandescent ones in the future!

rb bs: ok I read all the posts, just had this happen the other night right in front of my family, good thing I was home and awake. I bought the hype, green, less energy....blah blah. I hope benhutchinson is being funny because this is an enormous fiasco for a whole list of reasons: 1- the fire risk 2-the cost to buy 3-the cost to manufacture 4-the cost of disposal 5 - the issue of wasted energy=heat (I live in the great white north so heat from my lights is not a problem) not done there's more

c1umpdud: Watch out! There are toxic chemicals and heavy metals in those new CFL bulbs!!

Matt3756: This happened to me just now, thats how I found this video. Luckily I was in my room at the time because my house would have caught fire. I saw the bulb turning red and starting to flame. I am off to the hardware store to file a claim.

The Wretched Stare: This just happened to me and I was about to leave the house, I am replacing them all with LED and incandescent bulbs!!

oldradio16: cfl bulbs will continue to get worse each one has its own power supply and uses the cheapest possible componets. In china there are basicly no safty standards. I found one that didnt even have the fuse - fuse resistor in it the power supply caps exploded

Chris Tee: Just had a 30w Lyvia branded burn out (literally) after 3 months of (most) evening use. As usual the tube was fine and likely would have 'gone the distance' but the electronics were totally fried. Sounded like a fire cracker and stank my place out for a day. Now trying those Xenon GLS replacements.

billio steam: Wow so many " Same thing happened to me" posts.Well let me just say I have been using these bulbs in my houses for over 15 years .Started using them when they first came out,and NEVER had any problems ! Make sure they are UL certified, and you won't have a problem .

ct1660: That's what happens when CFL's are made in CHINA.

David Micklow: You can always get an LED bulb. They're expensive but they're so much safer than CFLs and incandescents. And they last way longer.

roll2996: This happened to me also. I thought I had an electrical fire on the house and called the fire department. It ended up being the cfl burning out. And no , it was not on a dimmer. This is how CFLs can sometimes burn out. I am getting rid of them!

droids man: The bulb didnt do this. She put a lighter up to the plastic to give it a burnt look. This has never happend to any of my wonderful CFL bulbs all lies.

Gordon Freeman: I think CFLs wouldn't catch fire if they made them with a metal case for the electronics instead of the plastic case.In my cfl the transistor overheated and unsoldered itself from the pcb and yeah it did smell horrible.

John Strickland: Go back to incondescents, let LEDs prove themselves and come down in price. Btw, when they burn up sometimes the bulbs crack releasing mercury vapor and contaminating your house. The government is demented for pushing these things and not putting cleanup instructions and warning symbols on them. Last time I checked the warning symbol was a green leaf lol

Mat: Same thing happened to me. It's totally unsafe.

Ben Hutchinson: In other words, of the total people who have at least one of these, the rate of catastrophic failures is SO SMALL, that it doesn't warrant the stoppage of using these bulbs. They save the environment. Less power drain = less coal burned at power plants = less CO2 going into the air = less global warming = less powerful hurricanes = less cities destroyed by hurricanes = less people dying. The number of lives saved by using these FAR outweighs the risk of a few house fires.

MsPhoxy: I had this same exact thing happen to me today and it freaked me out! Really awful smell. I brought it down to the fire house and they said it is not uncommon-what?Huh? I am like the poster, I will never allow these in my home ever again. Too dangerous/toxic.

Mark Levy: Green nails?

SlightyDisturbedNBK: @numonik99 "hazmat disposal" You mean your local recycling centre, way to blow it out of proportion. I've broken a few of these bulbs, just ventilate the room and clean it up, no need to be so paranoid about a bloody lightbulb.

droids man: Oh but they will grace your doors again. Soon they will be your only choice. Ha.

Kombreak: @stickedU this happened to me last night. its not fake!

1988tq: @Tnat1on I haven't had one last over 5 years (except for those I don't use very much)

mysynthesis: The amount of mercury in a single bulb is not enough to be dangerous unless you directly consume (eat) it. If you break 100 of them, that's a different story. Clean up is pretty simple - dustpan and broom, and optionally using duct tape to pick up small fragments. Some people suggest airing out the room, which is advisable but not crucial as the same amount of mercury can be found in a can of tuna fish.

MALI1185: Sue the company!

andycflbulb: @stickedU yeah ive seen it happen on youtube and seen bulbs like this, but after the fact in person

randacnam7321: tl;dr: That is because all of the emitter is sputtered off of the electrode on the burnt end of the discharge tube. Because the crappy ballast has no end of life protection, it does not detect the increase in the discharge tube potential difference due to the high cathode fall on the burnt end. The increased cathode fall causes substantial resistive heating of the burnt end, and the result is what happened in the video. !tl;dr: These lamps are garbage.
Dangerous, CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs burning, catching fire. 4.3 out of 5

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Dangerous, CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs burning, catching fire.