Dangerous, CFLs, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Burning, Catching Fire.

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Dangerous. CFLs. compact fluorescent light bulbs burning. catching fire.
Dangerous. CFLs. compact fluorescent light bulbs burning. catching fire.
CFL Light Burned My Home Plus Fire Destruction Photos
CFL Light Burned My Home Plus Fire Destruction Photos
The Dangers Of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
The Dangers Of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Warning About Compact Fluorescent Bulbs!
Warning About Compact Fluorescent Bulbs!
CFL Light Bulbs Are Dangerous When Broken
CFL Light Bulbs Are Dangerous When Broken

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Go MGTOW: I had a CFL bulb that exploded: The capacitor inside the base went 'BOOM' and then the spiral was left hanging by just one wire. A loud 'POP' sound !

NOTABOOS: They do not catch fire you stupid bimbo.

DJMinor5000: I'm surprised that a Sylvania CFL would catch on fire unless it was made in China. You can definitely be leary of the cheap, off-brand Chinese bulbs like Lights of America and Feit for early failures or fires. Rule of thumb: do not use these bulbs unattended (I.e. When you leave your house, make sure all CFLs are turned off. And, use at your own risk!

Diane Johnson: I just want to say this happened to me yesterday and while looking at this video I noticed it was 2010 it was posted and today is 2016 I thought my bedroom was on fire too so I called the fire department I also talked to ComEd and they were very nasty I guess they thought I wanted to see them I'm so thankful to the person that made this video now I know it's not just me

Kristian King: In my bathroom I saw one of those light bulbs above the sink start flickering I didn't think anything of it exept for the bulb to go out. And it did. But I started to smell a bad oder comming from the bulb and it looked all burned o the bottom. Be careful if you still want them in your home be sure to turn off the light if it s tarts to flicker

Wankeroo: These bulbs don't last anywhere near as long as they advertise and the light they emit is SOULLESS!! When they burn out they leave you with the smell of demonic hell vapours!! Never again "enersaver"! Never again!

Amelia Hall: This happened to me tonight!!

egidiusb: Same here with a Hyundai lamp. Smell, melts, fumes, no flames by the time I switched off and removed the thing.

***Classified***: LED's do this too..

motormaxi1000: Super danger 5 grams of MERCURY dust in your home :(

c3pfett: Ben Hutchinson. I hope your house burns down from one of these crapy bulbs. Just had one here in north America literally blow flames out of it. But hey, it's only a few peoples houses that burn. Jack ass

c3pfett: Love some of the posts here. Ben Hutch

Kathleen Madsen: The exact same thing happened to me about an hour ago.  Searched the entire house trying to figure out where the awful electric fire smell was coming from with no success.  Then I came back into the living room and my reading lamp was off so I removed the compact bulb and it looks exactly like your picture....NEVER using these again!!


mattokc: I'm watching this video from a hotel room, where my family and I are staying nw. Want to guess why? A CFL bulb's electronics actually burned through the base of the bulb and ignited a fire that destroyed our living room and ruined the rest of the house with smoke, and killed our pet cat. We'll be out of our home for 5-9 months. When looking for the fire cause, the investigator pinpointed the origin and asked, "Did you lave a lamp there?" I said we did. He said he was certain it was the cause. When we found the lamp in the rubble, the CFL bulb base was blow OUTWARD, not melted from external fire, exactly where he located the point of origin. 

Robert O'Toole: That just happened to a GE lightbulb in my house. Event after five minutes after taking it out it was still hot and leaking gas. I put it in a bucket of water to cool down. Expensive, supposedly high quality. Dangerous.

Steve Savage: CFL's are supposed to have internal fusing, but with every one of them made in China, you see a lot of hand-soldering done there and mistakes are made.

regilio marto: happened to me 5 times already!!!

Tyler Effinger: This just happened to a Sylvania 23W 120V bulb that I had in a normal socket in my bathroom.  Flipped the switch, heard a weird crackling sound, looked up and saw thin smoke streaming from the fixture.  Immediately turned off the switch and removed the bulb.  

This is SCARY!!!!  What would have happened if I left the room with the light on?!?!  I'm really curious now, and I might find a safe test area to try this out.  I could easily see this catching a lamp shade on fire if left long enough. 

Dean Bruckner: Same thing happened to me this evening. SYLVANIA 30W 120V 60 Hz DF30EL/TWIST with code G505 stamped on it. I'll be removing all of these from my house and ordering regular incandescent bulbs from Canada if I need to.
This once again shows that politicians in Washington DC are incompetent to make decisions like this for all Americans. They can't even pass a budget or keep from spending money like drunken sailors, and they tell us which kind of unsafe light bulbs we must have in our house? Ridiculous!
Dean Bruckner, Ph.D., P.E., Electrical Engineer
Dangerous, CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs burning, catching fire. 5 out of 5

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Dangerous, CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs burning, catching fire.