How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7

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Phillip Daniel: This really worked thanks so much.

JohnnyLatenight: OMG THANKS

Agustina Wolcan: freaking worked! I don't know what I did but it fixed the problem. You are awesome! Thanks 

Dave Rogalv: Dont Work!!!!

Yung AzLaN: the thing is when i plug my phone in it doesnt show up its just stuck there like it on recovery mode and my computer doesnt recognize it


Jason Hyler: Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!

Jade Liscio: can yu do this for ipad 2 ?

santosh sharman: hello, i have an iphone 5, it had a small black spot on the motherboard which stopped the rear cam from working, i cleaned the spot and now my iphone doesn't turn on but gets stuck in recovery mode, i flashed ios 7.04 onto my device but after flashing it keeps going in recovery mode again, what do i do?

Douglas Silva: You deserve my respct! (It isn't much, but is good than nothing at all) ;P Thanks!

oijoij: Didn't work for me :( Apple logo just keeps flashing 

Emma Cavanagh: can i have a link please?

Marko Zupan: Man thnx so much. U saved me. 

Márió Óbert: Hello! I had an iPhone 4 and after i click to the exit recovery button my phone started flashing with the apple logo... What is that problem? do you something how should i fix it? Thanks!

shinjuken: Thank you! Ive been stuck for an hour for this crap!!!

wachisneiable: Hello! I don´t speak english so i will try to explain... I have my iPad stuck in Recovery mode and i tried EVERYTHING! i used the TinyUmbrella, the recboot, the restore in iTunes, mac, windows, the hosts in the terminal (private/etc/hosts) and nothing works!!! that´s pretty crapty :( can somebody help me! tell me what is going on??? Thanks a lot! Im desperate

Madchopp3r: Hey mate, whenever i do this it goes to load then stops, goes to a black screen then another apple symbol comes up then back in restore mode this sucks!!! Please help.

TheKefirOK: iPhone 4 (ios7) is not exit Recovery Mode(error 4005)! HELP ME! :(

Robicheau05: THANK YOU.

PkkFalco: My iphone is still stuck in Recovery Mode.
How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7 3.4 out of 5

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How To Fix Iphone That Is Stuck In Recovery Mode / Loop IOS 7