DSMX Vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR

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DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR
DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR
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Oscar Thorpe: which has better range, dsm2 or dsmx

OsceolaLongBeard: whats better? dsmx or dsm2?

CallMeJack08: im guessing you can identify a dx6i transmitter that is dsmx capable by the "dsm X" next to the led screen? i would appreciate some clairity on that. thanks!

Andre Ferreira: My Dx6i does not have "modulation" on the menu! why?

semtech30: Drop kick that sucker into the river and you won't need to experience brown-out product failure.  Your much safer operating receivers in a styro box that's for sure.  I no longer crash planes.  Thanks.

Trainboy64: It means your RX is only DSM2 OR that you have selected DSM2 in the Transmitter.. check it.. set it to DSMX in the Transmitter, then if it only binds in DSM2 it is due to the RX.

UltiMogr: My dx7s shows dsm2 on the screen. does that mean that the rx is dsm2 only?

Trainboy64: I think it would.. if you have a newer DX5e it should also be DSMX capable.

beyblade dragoon: Does this work with dx5e

Trainboy64: Yes, Futaba is very good.. almost idiot proof... Spektrum works fine if you understand how to use them correctly.

Trainboy64: Yes it will bind ok but the RX will drop to DSM2 mode..

Jimbolina1: DSMX uses both the frequency hopping as well as Spread spectrum in combination at the same time which allows for a much wider bandwidth along with the benifits of both. All new Spektrum radios use DSMX. The older models can use DSMX recievers but you are stuck with it being used in the old DSM protocal. You can also use your old DSM recievers with the new DSMX radios except for the very first generation 6 channel recievers.

trexinvert: Newbies save yourself a lifetime of headache. Buy Futaba.

davidmc36: The DX6i can be upgraded to DSMX

Joshua Labita: hey rob i have an older dsm2 only dx6i will i be able to bind it to a dsmx rx?

storre: I have a JR X9503 DSMX that I just got and I'm getting terrible range with my 2 receivers. OrangeRX 6ch and JR921 (DSM). The JR921 is from a year old X9503 that was just DSM2 but I thought all this was reverse compatible. My problem is I lose connection at about 30 meters. With the bind button pushed in or not, I'm getting the same terrible range. I've tried flying and I can get about 50-100 meters and I lose control. Autopilot brings home. Is there a way to force 9503 Tx to DSM2 mode?

Trainboy64: @jack10996 I would definately use DSMX... much more robust signal.

jack10996: hi so what do you think is better if dsmx is faster and muiltiple frequences and dxm2 has brown out and 2 frequency bands i understand each one but done know wht one to set my radio up with. i have a dx6i and it has the x on the front and only borght it a cupple of weeks ago so must have the dsmx teck alll ready on it right . many thanks mate

Trainboy64: @Quokka57 As far as I know the older DX6is cannot do DSMX.. even with a new DSMX RX... I tried this with an old DSM2 DX6i on a DSMX RX and it works in DSM2 mode as expected. Only the newer ones can do DSMX but these have additional circuitry inside...

Quokka57: Ok...I've watched this vid. And read heaps along the way too. What I don't get is how a DX6i can possibly be true DSMX. DX6i Tx's all the way up to DSX9's are *DSM2* trannies i.e. they broadcast on only 2 frequencies. DSDX is *frequency hopping* technology - like Futaba's FASST system. Soooo... how can an older DSM2 Tx like the 6i, 7, and DSX9 possibly talk to the Rx in true DSMX frequency hopping mode when the Tx still only runs the older DSM2 twin-channel locking mode? Q:)
DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR 5 out of 5

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DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR