DSMX Vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR

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DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR
DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR
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toddy2519: Where can I find the codes for my Rx when an LED is flashing? (Orange Rx from Hobby King)

toddy2519: Is DSMX the newer (and better) mode than DSM2? (I'm new to 2.4gHz technology)

Eric sin: thanks for the info, any issues you forsee with the dx6 not having dsm2 compatibility/

Eric Maël Olliver: The same for dx6 v2 ?

Michael Bran: I have a new Dx6i with DSMX but don't have DSM2 some EU regulations

Morgan Rendall: Rob this is the clearest most straight forward vid on Youtube well done

kennethpappas: What is the difference?

mlordahl1: I have a DSM2 DX6i that may have been upgraded to DSMX. Is there a way to tell?

neddo66: great vid explained every thing I needed to know thank you for stopping me tearing my hair out

ExperimentalAirlines: Nice figuring that out, thank you. Crystal clear.

steve sparrow: I have a DX8, if I wanted to use a DSM2 RX or SAT, do I need to set the modulation to DSM2?thanks.

Oscar Thorpe: which has better range, dsm2 or dsmx

OsceolaLongBeard: whats better? dsmx or dsm2?

CallMeJack08: im guessing you can identify a dx6i transmitter that is dsmx capable by the "dsm X" next to the led screen? i would appreciate some clairity on that. thanks!

Mariz 650: My Dx6i does not have "modulation" on the menu! why?

semtech30: Drop kick that sucker into the river and you won't need to experience brown-out product failure.  Your much safer operating receivers in a styro box that's for sure.  I no longer crash planes.  Thanks.

beyblade dragoon: Does this work with dx5e

Jimbolina1: DSMX uses both the frequency hopping as well as Spread spectrum in combination at the same time which allows for a much wider bandwidth along with the benifits of both. All new Spektrum radios use DSMX. The older models can use DSMX recievers but you are stuck with it being used in the old DSM protocal. You can also use your old DSM recievers with the new DSMX radios except for the very first generation 6 channel recievers.

trexinvert: Newbies save yourself a lifetime of headache. Buy Futaba.

davidmc36: The DX6i can be upgraded to DSMX
DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR 5 out of 5

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DSMX vs DSM2 Spektrum & JR