FIFA 12 On Galaxy Y Or Any QVGA Device (

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suresh viswanathan: link please

Arjun Jadeja: hope it turns out to be playable

thai bui: How to download

toyakzD: the has the problem i have fifa 10-11 its working on my galaxy y but this fifa 12 i cant see the players...

Nika Narimanidze: man dont worry about this fools. P.S. I adde you on facebook and please respond me on your wall

Luis Maldonado: en el blog no viene la descarga del fifa 12

faisal ul-haq: mine stops on menu help please

funstream666: why the are no player

takeiya genji: how you download fifa 12 on your phone

abhay baldeo: i have already downloaded fifa apk and it data but it crashes despite that my phone is rooted

paniagua0187: Ey brother mandame el link de descarga del fifa 2012 para mi galaxy young a mi correo

Krishna Sasmal: will it work on miccromax a45

Anmol Thakur: Is the bug fixed yet,and only fifa 12 does has this problem,or does 11 and 10 also do have this bug?

AndroidSachem: good blog and video ... suscribe :D

muhdsoleh76: Sir , i want ask you something . I already installed fifa 12 on my samsung galaxy y phone . But their ask for superhero card . I can't click at "No,Thanks" Buttons . Can u help me ?


Jeffrey King: Wtf...came here looking 4 a solution ...instead I found "this" :/

RDX545: Hey! use those words in your home for your family, not here! and it is not legal too.

i love: the player can be stealth!!

david atoche marulanda: yo ya estoy suscrito por favor manda el link de fifa 12 a mi correo :

sohan bhowad: INVISIBLE PLAYERS....??? WHEN WILL IT BE FIXED....???

idbelouch: how to fix chainfire 3d on fifa 12

RIP Shadowswong: No need root? Please reply..

XFamers LP: where is the link???

Ali BN: run chainfire 3d chose qualcom and play the game

Syarul Syameer: i only have shadows of player but no player. can u fix this

Mahdy Rafi: where the players

david atoche marulanda: link please

Carlos Araneda: como pudeo ver los jugadores probe con los 3 pluging de chainfire

fontechaable: como ago si cuando lo abre ya cuando va cargando al menu se sierra ayudeme

marko90945: fail!

davico26121: No sale el link en el blog

rafaelsnj9: Nsss qui bosta velho _|_

Esteban Antonio: link please

Guga Katamadze: its impossoble to play it like this

Ricardo Torres: OMG LAAG

RDX545: please don post such rude comments. it hurts.

sean91499: Link please

Arun Raj: do u have madden nfl 2012 if plz upload to dropbox dude

haditazik96: please give me link ;)

Paulo Sergio: face the my fifa 12 y samsung galaxy is invisible, not its you already figured out how to make players appear to have already found tells me to and .....

javier flores: como le histe yo no puedo cuando dice xperia se pone morado y no me deja moverle y se sale si me aydan bro

Kush Alozz: wat abt data bro!!! not yet fixed huh???

Nika Narimanidze: if you dont like this channel, you can get the freak out and shut your mouth. forget about this channel dumbass

Lajoie Rudd: Need root ,please say me :)

haditazik96: use Chainfire3D bro :)))

ALiwen ALejandro: aweonao aweonaoo xd

twistertortekWinx: jak ją pobrałeś? ja jak pobierałem przez wi-fi to odarzu,że coś tam zły serwer

ZaDR RMA: link, please.

xxchehypearlljeansxx: mine not on hd jams at menu. pls give link thx!!
FIFA 12 on galaxy y or any QVGA device ( 3.8 out of 5

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FIFA 12 on galaxy y or any QVGA device (