Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review

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Caleb Barnett: Are there Any plastic parts if so what are they

Kevin O'Rourke: I love it when people who know what they are talking about start every gun review with "let's start with a safety check".  Funny how we never hear about those people in the news media.  Great video. Thanks.


Eric Shuman: that is a good looking bi-pod that you have there, who makes that? 

uscgalpha91: Dude anybody can read the instruction book

fernando47okc: Flouting on bolts helps in cold weather, less bolt area to freeze.

caleb530e: I think you mean fiber optic ground sight not carbon fiber front sight it's ok I do that kind of stuff all the time

clusterguard: bolt is designed so for an anti-freezing mechanism. lessons from wwii. a british design. see accuracy international. best from greenland.

ZFlyingVLover: Good deer and hog gun in 308?

Alex Garcia: That is a beautiful gun.

jadenspapa26: Why ten days waiting? Pay off or BG check? Here in the state I live in it's all done in 15-20 mins.....Even on a Sunday.....

jonathan aviles: I'm planning to get the.308 version my question is how you install the biopod?

zachary666655: What state do you live in

ZR0SPRAYHD: Which American Defense mount are you using?

SR7eventyone: Check my recent upload. I watched your video before purchasing my Patrol in 5.56. I think i found my new favorite rifle. 

Freudianslipnslide: Nice video!! Uploaded on my birthday too! Haha. Thinking of picking this up. Can't decide between this or an AK. 

PAUL ROBSON: Did you consider the remington 7615? If so why did you pick the mossberg. The reason I ask is that I am looking at one of these. ( semi auto here in Oz is pretty hard to get a licence for )

Matthew lewellyn: next rifle im buying im 16 ive had a ruger 10/22 since i was 9 this is an amazing concept to me ive shot alot of ar15 ar10 and ak47 but ammo is so rare for me to find i figure this would be my best choice as a survival rifle i will be able to carry a crap stack of ammo and it will be very ammo conservitive good option for having a very common round without having a scary ar15 anything else you can tell me about this rifle.
the second amendment right will not be infringed 

MykTheOccultist: hmm, carbon fiber front sight? interesting, is that an upgrade from fiber optic?

Victor Huerta: Thanks on your review Mossberg MVP Patrol .
I'm looking to get one and you have cover it all great information.
But for now I decided on Mossberg MVP Patrol flex 556.
Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review