Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review

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Playn Hardball: lol tell it how it is... the sights are garbage. its got a rough action. The piece that strips the round from the mag feels week. Tje stock some what feels decent but there is deffinately room for mcmillian or manners to make a aftermarket. It is what it is... the weapon is a good deal. Like all rifles room for building onto but dont expect perfection without building up. BTW... your optic is mounted way too high. Loose the crappy sights and drop the optic as close to the barrel as you can... just my 2 cents :)

Truther41God: I'm seriously considering this rifle. Looks great on paper. I'm a little leery on the loose magwell and slop passed 150yds.
Also kinda have mixed feelings of $600+ being considered a "budget" rifle.
Thanks for the vid!

61Merc: MVP mag release extension;

John Lape: I just put one in layaway today and the stock was smooth all the way down the barrel. It didnt look like yours. Yours has grooves all the way down.

bodyguard856: +Vanity Park I heard that the metal mags (c products etc) have a tighter fit than the Pmags. Have you tried any?, besides the one that it came with

Daniel Elias: could this be used as a hunting rifle? I am really in the market for a good all around rifle...

Rampagent 007: Arizona no waiting period on anything

John Norris: Did you have to get a raised cheek rest for that raised scope?

Bo Biscuit: What's a waiting period? U mean like waiting tell u get paid? Hmm maybe I'm just some ignorant person from Missouri. Lol just kidding we just don't have waiting periods in Missouri hahaha

Halston Banks: the fluted bolt is for ice so won't get Frozen shut like Smooth bolts wood in really cold weather

Johnny Lewis: I have had the 5.56mn Patrol for about 2 yrs now, and continue to really like it. I have added a TROMIX metal magazine well, and extended magazine release as a upgrade. A oversize bolt knob too. It is perfect for use of my AWC Optima 5.56 suppressor on.

Jean-Paul Lara: With the pending gun laws in California this may be the closest thing to an AR that we could own that won't have to be registered as an AW...

Stephen Martin: Glad I don't live there

thumbs-up defender's: Thanks for the safety check would hate to get shot through my iPhone....

Wolf Roman: FIRST STEP IN SAFETY CHECK... Remove the MAG.

Caleb Barnett: Are there Any plastic parts if so what are they

Kevin O'Rourke: I love it when people who know what they are talking about start every gun review with "let's start with a safety check".  Funny how we never hear about those people in the news media.  Great video. Thanks.


Eric Shuman: that is a good looking bi-pod that you have there, who makes that? 

uscgalpha91: Dude anybody can read the instruction book
Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review 5 out of 5

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Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle Review