DeSmuME 0.9.8 Best Settings (Pokemon Black & White 2)

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How To Make Pokemon Black and White Run Faster On Desmume For Windows
How To Make Pokemon Black and White Run Faster On Desmume For Windows

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BACKinBLACK1080: I gave up on Desume, it's either too slow or too fast. 

gabeisawsome10125: its to fast plus when i dowloaded this dumb emulator it added viruses i cant GET OFF NO THANKS TOO YOU! DX

Nhut Vo: I mean where, not what

Thong Vang: Dude, you are the best crap man. U earn a sub :D.

Nhut Vo: Hey, what did you get that roms?

Asian Based God: hey i have pokemon world online and diablo 3! we should play together c:

Budi Hariadi: does'nt work to every game i played, the problem is the saving program, it so slow the sound like a broken cd. and where the hell did you get PB/W rom? please give me the link

Drak Zelpher: I play pokemon platinum, i know desmume can connect to wi-fi. I already trade pokemon in the global trade station and it works.. Now my question is how to battle with your friends in pokemon platinum with desmume ? I already tried pal pad or the colloseum but it doesn't work. Is impposible to battle online with desmume? Answer Plz...

Raymond Kirkland: Even though I used your settings, I still lag. I'm starting a new game and, it lags like ... No words to describe. Please help! Is it something wrong or what? Please help!!

girlscangame17: tbh im having trouble seeing whats going on, and id hate to sound dumb but at about 38seconds in i just get lost but i think ill just watch it a few times and see?....

Arve Svensgaard: can you send mee the link too? pokemon black 2

jaaronhart: Thz. Like, fav'd, and subbed

Subham Debnath: I use Desmume 0.9.9

Subham Debnath: Can anyone help me ? when i start the game after setting name and all it goes black ! Plz help !


hero11282: amazing, lets go :D

NickonatorB: Rom Download? Please :D

Scott Nguyen: I followed every step in your video but the rom is still slow. I also changed the frame skip to 9, and it's still slow. Could it be that it goes slower on Windows 8 and it goes faster on Windows 7? Cause I have Windows 8.

Lucas Ramos: in my computer is slow,how to make a faster?

Robin Van Der Veen: uhh im not really good with these things can somebody explain it a bit to me what he/she just did

CAVatching: can you give me the link for pokemon white 2 rom?? thanks..

Ivan Bigorra: hi! u can send me your rom? my rom dont have the bag and i cant see de pokemons! only i can see its a blue screen ond second lcd :/

DutchLoLHelpers: Where i can download pokemon black 2 and white 2 no survey no password abosulty free

Bagels: Wow that actually improved my gameplay so much. Thanks!

Fahim: lol the best recorder for DESMUME is the built-in one

Darkraiii: is it true that ur friends with dominic?

Ventus Ire: I don't know why, but it looks like the roms aren't suitable for emulation (soul silver and heart gold, I'm playing that last one XD). You should use a lot of savestates when the game is running, then if it freezes or it bug the sprites, do a normal save within the game and then reset the emulator. Should work after that, but keep savestating just in case XD

My Names Tommy: 720p IS HD

Wykie Kong: thx a lot ^^

drkid98: HOLY crap its going fast :D

Wizard Gaming: thanks

didkoook: try to update your drivers ;)

joshua brooks: constantly plugging in your laptop charger when it doesnt need to be charged destroys your battery life due to overheart and charge overload

Claire Leong: i got x86 too , but i got so angry cause it keeps lagging :'(.. i searched all vids but it didnt seems to help.. can tell me your settings ?

chongmc mc: Isit possible to trade using the DeSmuME 0.9.8 x64 on the same PC? And do you have the link for pokemon black 2? Thankkkksssss =))

AzteC Ezy: my pokemon looks doenst have good did you make it look better..

niko taro: anyone know how to get the start button to work? ive put it on many different keys and they never work

35000VR™: i have 4gb of ram. is that good for desmume? also dual core processor 2.10 ghz

PuresoulzXII: mine is supper fast what do i do?

snooupii: tytytytytytytytytytytyttytyty!

Shahed K: 1 question. the sound when the pokemons are healing and the battle soudns are the only slow thing, is that normal because that is the only reason why i watched this

AdvaitDanke: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 English ROM(No patching) /watch?v=uzn07ydXZeo

Wizard Gaming: thank you so much!!!!!

ron perfetua: can u please pm me the pokemon black 2 also? im tired of looking of the right rom :( please.

Sandyslasher: Will you send me the link?

kbaran007: thank you that was very useful

Adrian Henson: Save often, It might have been your ROM. Try installing another rom, and loading the save file from the other ROM, if it doesn't load correctly. Restart with cheats, and use the wild pokemon thing where you can choose pokemon, and get the one where you can get rate candy, Not the walk through walls one though.

Damine Pagan: can you link me the rom please

GamingSGKid: Can you send me the link too? :)

Jersey Craft: not if your using a macbook pro....
DeSmuME 0.9.8 Best Settings (Pokemon Black & White 2) 4.5 out of 5

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DeSmuME 0.9.8 Best Settings (Pokemon Black & White 2)