Glock 34 Mods And Upgrades!

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Aaron Soucy: how did you polish the barrel?

myles111us: The reason for the slide cutout on the 34 is to maintain as much compatibility with the 17 etc. as possible. The longer slide on the 34 would weigh more and require a different recoil spring than the 17 etc. So, the slide is cut out. It is also milled in a number of places if you look inside to keep the overall weight closer to that of the 17.

daver424: I just put these on my 34, over the factory night sights. Now i cant hit the broad side of a barn. Now im confused

silverfd: for my comp guns I like to just remove the safety plunger all together, you don't really need it for a range gun.

MrGlocker74: Yah Glocks are sweet. That G17 full auto must be badass. How much did the conversion run ya including tax stamp?

Jason Myers: glocks are great, all you need is one tool that glocks makes and sells. to take the gun all the way down to clean. and or whatever you wanna do. i have 3 i have 2 glock 17s one is converted to full auto, not unlike the glock 18. and one glock 34. great weapons. great to shoot.

DroidReview: Whats your rear sight? and measurements

MrGlocker74: I think it helps, especially if you try different weight springs. Once you find the one that suits you and your ammo you'll notice quite a difference. Normal ranges vary from 11-17 lb.

ChevySS1968: OK, thanks very much MGr. You are right, there are many vids on the "25 cent" polishing. Lemme ask you one more question - what's your thought on the SS guide rod? Does it reduce recoil at all? Thanks again. Dave

MrGlocker74: Thanks. I did minor polishing of internals. You can find many vids on youtube of it. Search .25 cent trigger job. I personally didn't make a vid on it. Grats on your smart purchase and good luck in IDPA. Thanks for watching!

ChevySS1968: Great vid! Thanks. Just ordered a Glock 34 for IDPA shooting. Used to shoot a lot of IPCS with .45 ACP. Looking forward to trying 9mm double taps vs the .45. I am guessing the 9mm recoil is substantially less than the .45. Did you polish up the internals of your 34? Do you happen to have a vid showing where to polish? Thanks, Dave in RI

MrGlocker74: Thanks bro!

MrGlocker74: You are correct. Since this vid was made I installed a Glockworx 2lb race connector. Almost no slack now and short reset. Ghost rockets are awesome connectors as well.

mr2hamma: the ghost trigger will take a lot of slack out of the trigger making it crisp, as well as reducing the reset significantly

MrGlocker74: Glock 34 punching hole in paper!

MrGlocker74: The vid is glock 34 punching hole in paper!

MrGlocker74: Don't get your panties in a twist! Guess you haven't watched any of my range videos. I have been shooting pistols for almost 20 yrs. and have improved over the years. Sorry if that group seems unattainable for you at 15 feet or impossible. I can do that day in and out. BTW that target is from one of my range vids!

MrGlocker74: Thanks for comments. I never experienced casings to the head with mine. With what you ordered should help. You can always uncapture the spring and trim a bit to tune the recoil to your liking. Springs are not too pricey if you mess it up. Lock back part of rod and use allen screw to take guide rod apart. Then reassemble. All imrovements I made were awesome but my trigger is measured at 2 lbs 12 oz. which is the icing on the cake.

Daniel Anderson: Thanks for the vid. I have a new Gen3 G34 that I am having some difficulties with. Really weak and erratic ejection. 2 or 3 brass to the noggin per magazine. I just ordered a tungsten guide rod with a 15lb spring and I am hoping that helps. I also ordered the lone wolf extractor. After seeing your G34 I am pretty excited about tricking it out. Really like the contrast of the polished barrel and magwel

MrGlocker74: Yes factory ammo. You have to mess around with recoil springs till you find the right one. Mine is smooth cycling and never jams. You can cut the springs to desired length as well. I polished the barrel with 400-800 grit wet sandpaper and water. You can go finer for the finish. Takes a little time but worth it.
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Glock 34 Mods and Upgrades!