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Sophia Said: Cool

Apryl Kuhn: @M West, yes the ears are marshmallows.

FoOLiShxLaDy: My gosh she makes it look so easy! I work in a confectionery store in Disney World and I'm always amazed how easy they make it look. I would have a horrible time getting the white chocolate line straight!

bmariani77: people are watching me... try to look legit

naznaazi: we want more!

Apryl Kuhn: @Blanca Pimentel- Creo que los caramelos de limón amarillo o son gotas o M & M, no estoy seguro. (Espero que tenga sentido. Tuve que usar Google para traducir para mí)

Apryl Kuhn: @heartbeat43210 Ok, I'll do that. Thanks. @allformybaby1 The ears are giant marshmallows

Hajiobsessed: @flashbaak the marshmallows stick to the caramel on the apple

crazysusanaita619: Guys just came bk from disney land n there apples are huge! They have carmeael white n milk chocolate n to top it off they sprinkle some kind of red powder taste like sugar . Way too much for one person!

TheLegend1245: thats so awesome and you'll get a sugar rush. I wonder how much they cost?

Crain Snyder: I hope they have her do other stuff too. I imagine that task could get tedious after a while.

Apryl Kuhn: ...get some white chocolate chips and melt them and see if that works.

Leticia Roche: Mmmmmm, that looks soo good :D I want one now!

ANIMESHADOWBUNNY: she makes it look super easy, lol I made some baby mickey ones a few months ago, they came out nothing like that though xD

caitlin martin: shes has the best job ever

appleguy1804: check this out! - find on youtube - Making Minnie Mouse Candy Apples at Marceline's Confectionary - it shows you how :P

KoreanSon: Umm yum I try it do sweet I got a black tooth not kidding

Apryl Kuhn: Sorry I missed replying to your question! This shop is at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

Shadowcat107: looks sooo cute and good

Apryl Kuhn: Just looked up the name of this store. It's Marceline's Confectionary.

maryte rodriguez: That was the one I used

Apryl Kuhn: I believe the ears are giant marshmallows. Exactly how she adheres them to the apple, I'm not sure.

Joshua Snow Hansen: This soundtrack makes me emotional ... but why? THEY'RE DAMN CANDY APPLES! Delicious, delicious ... CANDY APPLES!!!

xxyosh117xx: oye tu tamien yo me llamo almita para serbirte como hace esos que se be miy ricos

purpl3surreal: takes less than 1 minute and costs 9$..... why do i buy those things????

biskpinch: that is so cute! i love the mickey idea!

Apryl Kuhn: I don't think icing would work very well on an apple, but you could think about making cake pops instead.

Karen E.: I love those/them Apples very much.:-P

maryte rodriguez: Tambien hablo espanol !!

paulina villalobos: That's cool!

Blanca Pimentel: que usaste en color amarillo son gomitas?, o chocolates m&m?., te quedaron preciosas!!

Apryl Kuhn: This shop is right outside of Disneyland in Downtown Disney. You don't need an admission ticket to shop at these stores. It's possible they sell them inside the park also, but I don't know for sure.

estefanymv: are the eyes made with marshmallows?????

mrcriscris16: What are the buttons made out of?

gelflingfaysuzanne: That lady looked annoyed lol!

Toi Here: Where is this store located?

Apryl Kuhn: This is in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA. I apologize but I don't remember the name of the store.

nina quitaro: disneyland caramel apples are so delicious!!!

Apryl Kuhn: @rockisbetter Yes they're candy apples! @mrcriscris16 I think they're just some type of yellow candy, maybe a lemon drop or an m&m? I've never eaten one, so I can't say for sure.

Apryl Kuhn: I think it's just colored sugar sprinkles

4evaMichaelJackson: It was amazing seeing this happen , I have to admit it looks really nice - but candy apples aren't my thing :P damn I wish they were - these are a work of art!

AnneGirlCarrots: @ronheads it looks like sanding sugar which is a superfine ground sugar... very sweet!

Baylee Webb: I wanna work here...

M West: is that marshmallows?

maryte rodriguez: thanks a lot for responding me!!

Apryl Kuhn: @ikselrok They make several other designs besides the Mickey one, so I think the green candy is probably used for one of those. I don't recall now what else they were making that day.

Apryl Kuhn: @Kiaria, Thanks for your comment. This video wasn't meant to be a tutorial, which is why there aren't step by step instructions on how to make the apples. I just thought it was neat to watch her make them and though I'd share that with others.

Apryl Kuhn: @maryte I might be wrong, but I don't think those are white chocolate. Maybe get some

Joseph Gomez: She doesn't look to happy........

Apryl Kuhn: @hajiobessed Is that a question or a comment? I do think that the marshmallows are stuck to the apple with the chocolate/caramel/candy coating.
Disney Candy Apples 4.8 out of 5

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