Direct TV Sucks!

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Direct T.V.  Sucks!
Direct T.V. Sucks!
Direct TV Sucks!
Direct TV Sucks!
Direct TV Sucks
Direct TV Sucks
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dhide14: No scams, just another freaking idiot who can't read the fine print, freaking idiot

victorofrias: I have a coupon for $50 Dollars off of DISH Network. Why am I doing this you ask? I get $50 bucks off too my bill! So it works for both of us really. It is their referral program. Give them this number when you call them- Referall number DRA141313589 or DRA141313564 1-888-615-3725 - DISH Dish is actually pretty good at making good deals. I had Direct TV before and trust me after their first year they wanted about $130 per month. They honestly trapped me too, becuase if I told them to lower my services they would then add more money because of the contract they had with the current services. Yikes. You have nothing to lose and $50 bucks to gain! Thank you, Victor

chrispykelly: Read a book dude. TV is for the braindead.

RebeccaRivera61: I've had DTV for about 6 weeks now after being TWC customer for 22 yrs. I love kids & hubby love it too. We got the Sunday NFL Ticket which was free this year. We have no complaints thus far. Yes it will get expensive but hey....give up the channels. you can't be greedy. Give my account number and get $100 off !!!!! $10 each month for 10 months off your bill !!! #53405969

Jokeapp: ok cool video..............

SuperRob77: I still have 10 months left on my contract with dtv, but I might still cancel and go without tv for a while; I'll be saving money in the long run. 10 more months with dtv; apx: $800.00. To get out of contract; $200.00. Savings over 10 months: $, you can stream a lot of current tv shows via internet.

imtweetydiva29: @ECGELSV This is my last comment to you & I will block you.I won't waste time debating you. If you like it fine. I am telling you the experience my parents had with them once they changed over to DTV. My parents &I had better things to do then waste time writing letters to the BBB&Attorney General!What's this they really don't get blue screen comment? I told you what I saw! I tell my friends to get anything else but DTV . You sound like a rep for DTV. News flash you can record with FIOS.

ImMasterKush: Direct TV SUCKS !!! DO NOT GET DIRECT TV PEOPLE!!! The service is HORRIBLE.. Every time it rains the signal would go away. Don't bother calling customer service, they will have you on hold up to an hour or more. The internet is really slow. I had Comcast before switching to Direct tv, HELL ! I ran back to Comcast. Comcast has great service and great customer services. Yeah their prices might be a bit pricey but is worth it...

hoochrocks: Direct Tv locked in rate for the first year is a bold face lie. My rates have gone from upper $30's to over $70 in 4 months. Nothing was added. No movie channels. I cancelled the 3 month free movie channels before they were billed. 2 rate increases with no explanation. Worst company ever.

5000nate: freak DIRECTV

Dennis :p: comcast beat the crap out of direct TV, DTV SUCK my mom switched to Comcast and Comcast has more channel and it got on demand

pat shepherd: HOW TRUE THEY SUCK

Mark McLean: Corey - you obviously didn't watch the video

Att8728: yeah direct tv sucks we have dish network ! try it out we pay 52.00 and when i was with direct tv i payed 102.00+taxes !dish network is going to save u alot of moeny !! LETS TRY TO GET DIRECT TV OUT OF THE SATLITE MARKET

Steven R. Bennion: Directv has HORROBLE customer service. They never told me about a 2 year contract, and I never signed for a 2 year contract. This is deception at is best, or worst. Legally, contracts over $500.00 have to be in writing and signed. Sorry, but the e-mail they send you does not cut it. They asked if I wanted a 2nd TV installed, but never bothered to tell me about the extra monthly fee for this. They told me the free Showtime would end automatically after 3 months. Just lie after lie.

exodusfromthisearth: Dont let those assholes lie to you, that crap you sign when the installer comes out is no contract. I had the service 1 month and decided i didnt want it. long story short a big wig called me back after fighting it for 3 weeks and in a round about way admitted it was no contract. Dish dtv comcast their all conglomerates with nazi like employees just following orders. freak em all, I have an am radio.

rlewisrn: You had service for 10 yrs and this is the first problem? Doesn't seem like a bad track record, Plus the removed the charges in question. They probably should have pointed out the fact it would put you in a new contract but I always ask anyway.

john lawrence: Don't do it don't sign don't call they suck so bad. I just dropped them and I'm waitng for the termination bill. I bought an extra reciever from circuit city. Direct says i leased it. Course I can't find the reciept but maybe somebody will see this and not join.

moloko5: Hell yeah. They suck. Even a month and a half after getting away from them they charged my credit card for PPV movies I obviously didn't watch or order as I didn't have any equipment FFS! Apparently they have a whole team of slimey lawyers figuring out how to legally commit theft.

insightforlife: I got ripped off TOO! I got your message Tooo late! Im Jo Jackson Mad.

Syprien N: Directv freaking sucks

AtheosTheAtheist: the FREE showtime did end after 3 months, what part didn't you understand?

AlexandrosVallas: Thanks, too late for me. I already got shafted by their lies. I have dealt with thousands of companies during my working career and never experienced any that aresonon customer oriented.

Fat Bastardo: Contact your state attorney general. Also post their physical address.

Arthur Kirkland: i m a directv phone rep...and the only wey to understand ther billing is whit a 6 weeks traing, dont ever get directv...they can take you money in a sec, but to return it it takes from 6-8 weeks and that after the "investigation".

imtweetydiva29: DO NOT GET DIRECT TV. My elderly parents had them for 15 years.Dealt with "searching for satellite signal" because of storms/clouds with no complaint,until may 2011. They were getting no signals on a clear days. They lied about service orders so they wouldn't have to come out. When they did come out only twice they never checked the receiver,wiring,card. DTV had to replace a defective receiver before. They cancelled after Direct TV didn't fixed the problem.customer service terrible.

Corey Peters: I don't understand why all these idiots keep getting mad about this contract issue, if you upgrade your cell phone, you must sign a new contract. It's part of how things work, if you didn't want to be committed to a service you should have gotten netflix, yeah DTV can get expensive if you let it, I'm a CSR and people call in to pay their 130 dollar bills with no issue at all, welcome to the 21st century assholes. If you want a premium service you are gonna have to pay for it.. bottom line.

cysublime: I hear ya brother...check out my videos about them motherf***ers...

Maniac50AE: anyone who has any problems like this with any company or creditor needs to understand "Commercial Law"(contract law). but in short if your not made fully aware of your agreement and all the ins and outs then that constitutes a void contract. Really all you have to do is ask for is proof of contract but do this by registered mail so that you can contact the credit union and prove that DirecTV's claim against you is false and they will remove it from your credit report. any ?'s message me

2ingrams: they are scam artist they charge you double your bill the second year an they trick you into a 2 year deal that i wasnt told about.

JimGeorgeBaker: if you got high speed internet you should get a roku cable box for your tv. roku is a streaming player. its the size of a hockey puck. roku has over 600 channels and roku keeps adding channels. you only pay for roku once after that its free. some channels you pay for if you want but most channels are free. go to to learn more about this device.


davidzxc1: I understand that but they lie, I onced had a HD receiver replaced because it broke, I had the directv insurance so they replaced it with the same model receiver, gues what? when I tried to cancel they said my contract was renewed when that happened, so why the hell was I paying insurance for??? they are a bunch of liers, I have like 10 more stories about their lies but I know people like you that think they are right no matter what

REDGUNRIDER: They are absolute thieves. Rich corporation stealing from everyday American customers. I had auto-bill pay from my credit card and hadn't been checking the bill. Just saw that it was over $100 for the basic service that should have been $50. They snuck in an NFL Sunday Package that auto-renews every year. This months after I called them to reduce my bill to a simple package. They never mentioned the package would start up again! Didn't watch a single game! Lost hundreds of dollars!! Thieves!

John Venckus: thanks for the honest opinion. i just signed up with dish network - already finding problems... they advertised/implied HD in any room from main receiver - and its not. i have a two year obligation. ( i can rent a separate box for each room at an additional cost - great!!!)

imtweetydiva29: @ECGELSV You must be a lucky one. My parents had direct tv since1990's when it was called DSS until 2011!DSS was good until it changed to direct tv! Signal is awful started 'double billing 'my parents,replaced a good box with a cheap one with no HD port! Techs who didn't know what they were doing when they came out! My girlfriend has Direct tv & wants to switch! I have witnessed watching shows with her and screen goes blue "checking for satellite signal"logo pops up. I have FIOS :-)

TADionysus: you said you upgraded your service if you just changed the programming package you are not put in a contract but if you upgrade to a dvr or hd dvr and paid the 99 bucks for the hd or 199 for the hd dvr it put you back into a 2 yr contract read the policy on upgrades it has it in black and white

TechAndNews: DirecTV sounds like a Greedy American company--from hundreds of Videos all over YouTube. Then, they have the Audacity to send their Trolls on here and Negatively Comment these Honest Citizens' Viewpoints and Experiences! Shame on You, DirecTV. Glad I never got your service. Too bad there are thousands of other Greedy Companies doing Exactly the Same Thing every single day. --And if it's not greed, it horrible Customer Service.

frankcoffee: Direct tv knows that eventually broadband will take over and that it is dependent on land lines. They are doing everything in their power to defraud as many people as possible to fill their coffers before the game is up. The clock is ticking for them.

camuswilde: I work for Directv customer service and let me tell you I understand your frustration and don't recommend it, once you sign up the contract there's nothing we (as costumer service representatives) can do, and supervisor won't remove charges cause they are not allowed by the company. If you get Directv read carefully the contract. BTW Dish does the same thing, just get cable I am happy with it if I want to watch a game just go to a bar I don't have to clean or entertain the guests

justin1138: They might legally be able to do that, but that is totally crapty of them because it's cheaper to not rip someone off than it is to lose all those customers. Because they ripped you off, they thus lost you as a customer and you will certainly tell all your friends/family/coworkers to stay away from them, and you made this video. Stupid business idea.

TADionysus: if you dont want a contract with Directv or even with dish you have to pay full price for the receivers a dtv hdddvr is 799 and the dish hopper i believe is around 1000 bucks

Man in Black: Directv thinks they are like the mafia or something threatening everybody with these bogus contracts. A contract is void if they don't hold up their end of it. Their customer service people will tell you all sorts of lies to get what they want.

smittymp44: people are so naive lol stop and read before you click yes!

Kevin Blontz, Jr.: Well, when the technician comes out to install your dish and equipment, that paper that you sign before the tech leaves is your contract..but also when you upgrade your equipment (directv receiveres) you should have been told about the 1 year or 2 year commitment

wazzumichael: that's the downside of automatic payments.....if you don't watch your bill closely, they can charge you for things you don't even know about. Total BS.....I've been a DTV customer since 1996, and I'm getting tired of them, but I don't think Dish Network is any better

DERK aderk: yup

EvolutionVids: Yup they are screwing me over as well. Seems like this is their standard way of doing business and hopefully the government will step in and address these un-american business practices.

teresacason: So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I worked for the company that handles Directv calls for 5 months. It was a nightmare. I was ripped off too! Training was inadequate. Rules changed every day. Wasn't paid for all the time I worked and did not receive my sales bonus upon termination. Sales is the big focus and a new commitment is incurred anytime you add, change, or upgrade equipment! This should be disclosed to you at the time, but since training was inadequate, looks like you suffered!

Populist Watchdog IV: State, DirecTV reach $13.3 million settlement over deceptive sales The Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection, along with 48 other states and the District of Columbia, has reached a $13.3 million settlement with DirecTV over claims that the satellite TV provider engaged in deceptive and unfair sales practices.
Direct TV Sucks! 4.3 out of 5

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