Direct TV Sucks!

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Direct TV Sucks!
Direct TV Sucks!
Direct TV Reviews
Direct TV Reviews

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oscar diaz: I am so sorry you had to go through this, however there are some free trials and discounts added that over a period of time are up. there is no scam at all, you can read your agreement, by doing so you can check what you want to keep and what you want to remove.

Anthony Gillow: Direct tv and at&t uverse freaked me in the ass dry pickle style, the saleskank told me it would be 68 dollars a month for basic cable and Internet with free installation after the second month my bill is already over 160 dollars for basic cable and crapty Internet wich they also lied about the speed I had it tested ,I wish I knew what freakin trailer park that stupid bitch lived in so I could throw my stupid satellite dish threw her freakin Bay window ! I should have known peyton manning is a scumbag steroid abuser

Play Nice: They got me too friend. People should pay attention to this, but like me, they'll think you have issues. Guess what? You are 100% right...they are corporate terrorists.

Chris M: Maybe you should read before signing up. Directv is the best

DDhide14: No scams, just another freaking idiot who can't read the fine print, freaking idiot

victorofrias: I have a coupon for $50 Dollars off of DISH Network.
Why am I doing this you ask? I get $50 bucks off too my bill! So it works for both of us really. It is their referral program.
Give them this number when you call them- Referall number DRA141313589 or DRA141313564
1-888-615-3725 - DISH
Dish is actually pretty good at making good deals. I had Direct TV before and trust me after their first year they wanted about $130 per month. They honestly trapped me too, becuase if I told them to lower my services they would then add more money because of the contract they had with the current services. Yikes.
You have nothing to lose and $50 bucks to gain!
Thank you,

ImMasterKush: Direct TV SUCKS !!! DO NOT GET DIRECT TV PEOPLE!!! The service is HORRIBLE.. Every time it rains the signal would go away. Don't bother calling customer service, they will have you on hold up to an hour or more. The internet is really slow. I had Comcast before switching to Direct tv, HELL ! I ran back to Comcast. Comcast has great service and great customer services. Yeah their prices might be a bit pricey but is worth it...

RebeccaRivera22: I've had DTV for about 6 weeks now after being TWC customer for 22 yrs. I love kids & hubby love it too. We got the Sunday NFL Ticket which was free this year. We have no complaints thus far. Yes it will get expensive but hey....give up the channels. you can't be greedy. Give my account number and get $100 off !!!!! $10 each month for 10 months off your bill !!! #53405969

AtheosTheAtheist: the FREE showtime did end after 3 months, what part didn't you understand?

AtheosTheAtheist: Every time you extend your agreement, it is recorded by a third party informing you of the agreement extension for legal purposes. nice try, but you agreed to it

Steven R. Bennion: Directv has HORROBLE customer service. They never told me about a 2 year contract, and I never signed for a 2 year contract. This is deception at is best, or worst. Legally, contracts over $500.00 have to be in writing and signed. Sorry, but the e-mail they send you does not cut it. They asked if I wanted a 2nd TV installed, but never bothered to tell me about the extra monthly fee for this. They told me the free Showtime would end automatically after 3 months. Just lie after lie.

TADionysus: if you dont want a contract with Directv or even with dish you have to pay full price for the receivers a dtv hdddvr is 799 and the dish hopper i believe is around 1000 bucks

TADionysus: you said you upgraded your service if you just changed the programming package you are not put in a contract but if you upgrade to a dvr or hd dvr and paid the 99 bucks for the hd or 199 for the hd dvr it put you back into a 2 yr contract read the policy on upgrades it has it in black and white

rlewisrn: You had service for 10 yrs and this is the first problem? Doesn't seem like a bad track record, Plus the removed the charges in question. They probably should have pointed out the fact it would put you in a new contract but I always ask anyway.

chrispykelly: Read a book dude. TV is for the braindead.

Mark McLean: Corey - you obviously didn't watch the video

DERK aderk: yup

davidzxc1: I understand that but they lie, I onced had a HD receiver replaced because it broke, I had the directv insurance so they replaced it with the same model receiver, gues what? when I tried to cancel they said my contract was renewed when that happened, so why the hell was I paying insurance for??? they are a bunch of liers, I have like 10 more stories about their lies but I know people like you that think they are right no matter what

Kevin Yedinak: they upgrade your equipment at no cost? and you didnt expect a contract? jeez when they third party verified your information like they did with me they made full aware of the contract. quit whining and expecting everything for free.

Mark McLean: Allow me to explain the confusion. I think most people understand the marketing rational behind contracts for cellular or satellite equipment. However; as my video brings to light, the issue is predatory practices by DirectTV to put me and thousands of others under contract without our knowledge, consent or disclosure.
Direct TV Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Direct TV Sucks!