TriStick Vaporizer With Wax And Oil

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Hecameup: bro started shakin after hittin the oil lol lol lol

Colby Shaw: Smoke(?) coming from the top?   I hope not. . .

Alex Jiang: Where can i get this one?

Alex Jiang: This is a very well made,and burn throughly.

Apolonia Gomez: I bought a vape pen and I'm new to this but where do I buy the wax?

Robert Beach: RIP-OFF..............Doesn't VAPE dry or concentrate..............BURNS dry or concentrate.   This results in SMOKING the dry or the concentrate not VAPING the dry or concentrate.
A plain $5.00 pipe and a $2.00 Bic lighter will accomplish the same result for a much lower price.

Nosduh94: This was a very well made review thank you for taking the time out to make this vid, I'm sold!

ADR ALB: the last tank was just for e liq not for oit . that's why the wicks are long for e liq to soak up . come on

Sungodv: Grinded?  Try ground.  Your English teacher will think you paid attention at some point... ;O]


nave117: ehhh i wouldnt buy the tristick.... HUGE rip off. The guys selling them are overcharging you by a lot. You can buy the the clear tank along with the metal one plus the battery charger and case for all under 30 $. Also I would not use any of these for dry herbs unless you can make a wickless coil for the metal tank. If you use the metal tank with the dry herb and a wicked coil, you will be vaping the wick (which is terrible for you)  along with the herb. The clear tank is good for concentrates though. Go to for the parts. Way cheaper plus free shipping....

Mark Wendell Javier: Where can I buy a wax?


erik fiallos: Wow I been looking into vape pens so many out there my first purchase it was micro g for oils and wax ans is ok but not that great because when u gonna refill u get dirty, and I been looking for a vape where I can put wax or oils but u sir hooked it up I'm gonna look in more to this pen thanks man x)

oas1s2004: Wow thank you for having a brief, high quality, clearly recorded video on how to do this. I spent much time griefing until I found this and you saved the day. Thank you very much for this tutorial for us noobs

Minister: What gets worse I returned it and had to switch it and pay 20 more for a prefilled tanks that made me sick using it tasted harsh burnt u don't know if someone smoked the tar out of the dawn thing what a bad experience I fell into some cash and vowed to invest and try all pens and now I myself sell based on my misfortunes the best choice pen ranging upto 6 volts of power for maximum heating potential but recommend lower voltage again based on my misfortune and not other people.

Edwin Gutierrez: How much money did you spend on the oil cartridge? I have a zen vaporizer and I need to buy an oil attachment, do I really need to buy one or do they have them at the dispensaries?

John Sanders: Thanks for the info

Jerrod: How long does half a gram last in that oil tank? How many Hits? How much for a 1/2 a Gram? Is the vapor better for you then the smoke? I got some neck and back issues so I'm thinking maybe this could help, Thanks!

TheSuperduper1987: where are you guys located at i live in Rowland heights, CA
TriStick Vaporizer With Wax And Oil 5 out of 5

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TriStick Vaporizer With Wax And Oil