Flywheel Wood Splitter

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Kinetic flywheel wood/log splitter.
Kinetic flywheel wood/log splitter.
Trying out the new DR Rapidfire wood splitter
Trying out the new DR Rapidfire wood splitter
Split Off! DR RapidFire vs. 34-Ton Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter
Split Off! DR RapidFire vs. 34-Ton Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter
DR RapidFire Splitter at work
DR RapidFire Splitter at work

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riphaven: Like a boss

Ian Manley: SICK!!!!!!!!!!

lt1jon: that's bad ass

Jay Phillips: Always like watching how a small amount of power added to mass/weight and some inertia can produce so much work. I'm betting that small electric doesn't eat a half dollar's worth of juice every day. Couldn't split by hand and eat for that!

Tim Henry: pine? Lol.

Wesley Jackson: nice build, I have only one suggestion for you and you may of already incorporated it, I'm not sure as the video ended before I could tell, but anyways, my suggestion:
add hinges to the off-cut tables to lift/throw the work to earth instead of picking each one up and stacking
of course, if you don't have a pile and stack all cut pieces then disregard.
again, nice build..very clean. take care

Cascapediastjules: Like to see him tackle a piece of stringy yellow birch with that

strapped9: thank goodness youve used a heavy flywheel and split logs lying down. i think youll keep all your fingers. i have seen light flywheel splitters that need speed to split and they place the log vertically.

Subhadra Yadav:

Snarky FourSeven: Dave R. How could you be so right? You betcha!

dan gerous: Impressive... doesn't look osha approved to me : )

Patrick Wolbert: where can i find a wheel like that

David R: Very nice machine, great workmanship.  As for the safety patrol down below - my advice:  if you can't handle machines [safely], stay outta the woods.  I like the idea of having it waist height (saves on the back pains); electric(saves on the ears), you can use a generator with extension cord if needed.  I'd love to build a twin, with an few modification.  Maybe adding steel rollers on both side of the log tray to easily feed logs to the operator and to easily send split logs to a nearby wagon.  Keep up the great work....sharing knowledge is growing the [surviving] forces.  Thanks.

Michael Schuler: Sweet I love it

Wahrheit-anstatt-Lügen: Perfect Tool to chop your Fingers off! No Way to get permission to sell this crap in Germany!

Burial: Looks like it works very well for certain types of wood, I'd imagine you'd have a lot of difficulty splitting the more fibrous varieties.

Terry Pullen: Sweet.  Where did you get the wheel?

Epic Paper: Looks very tame. The way it should be. Well done

Justin Kady: Excellent work! I thought it was a production machine before I read the description. 

Snarky FourSeven: First, lets doff the cap for a superb mechanical and hand crafted effort.Pee on the dribbling dorks and their criticisms.Good Stuff Kevin!! By the way turn to UT and find the "Spaltgerat" german hand held wonders. Compare the principle of them and yours. Each amazing :big results,small power, quick results. Sure beats hell out of many efforts that wind up in limbo.
Flywheel Wood Splitter 5 out of 5

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Flywheel Wood Splitter