Flywheel Wood Splitter

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Mark Salamack: If you know as much as you think you do with the negative comments you would know that this is a very well designed and made kinetic splitter...any power equipment has its always has to use common sense when using any tools...even a hammer or a screwdriver...that piece looks like it is built better than any hydraulic one I have seen...and if you look into the facts and theory of a kinetic splitter their shortcomings are recognized.....but they will go through stringy pepperidge, hard ash ...anything in manageable sizes faster than anything if you are splitting that much you probably have a hydraulic one that can bring those big rounds down to size and then just go through them with one of these...nice job on that.

There is a guy on youtube named Gary Gilmore..he is in Pennsylvania ...he has made a bunch of home made firewood processing equipment including a more typical kinetic splitter that he runs off smoke he produces by burning charcoal that he makes himself check it out

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Thomas Nelson: How does it do against hardwoods? Elm & Basswood are really tough to split, oak & maple are easy.

mark marchiafava: works great on baby wood, how do you split large oak rounds you could hardly get up that high?

John Craftenworth: Looks safe as he operated it, but if you stuck it in maybe just the tip but not fully seated as the thing was just coming around, I think it could make the wood fly up and who knows where, at rapid speed, could also affect your arms if you were holding the wood at the time, could be a dangerous uncontrolled movement.

ernie bourassa: This is very similar to one my father made 30 years ago out of an old commercial dryer wheel. Dangerous yes but you just have to be careful. For all of you that complain about him chopping pine please remember that not all parts of this world have hardwood. We for instance only have spruce, pine and poplar. Not our fault about that so stop the judgemental crap.

Dirk Meier: Super! Sehr gut umgesetzt!

Stephen Barber: Can't be busting ash,hickory or oak with that thing!

Jari R: That's awesome. Nice job.

Omar Garcia: scary :(

andrew: This is as safe as a band saw. You are correct. Just remember your ABC's Always Be Careful. The fastest quietest out there. Good idea.

Danny DeCosa: I like the symbal crash every time it hits!

Walker Smith: Thoose rims...damn!

Ed: why do you burn pine, more heat from oak

Cerberus: I got to your video very late, but this is awesome, and would work the hell out of two
guys just trying to keep up !!

Daves Faves: Well done Kevin! That is a fantastic bit of machinery you've made.
There's another video of a wheel splitter on Youtube that is frightening to watch.
Yours looks safe, with good operating distance between hands and maul.
I'm very impressed with it, and would love to see more videos of it in action, especially hooked to a solar panel!

connor barr: Kevin could you possibly supply a pic or drawing of the wedge design your using it seems really efficient

Nightfire0409: I would like to see this machine split some Australian hardwood !

riphaven: Like a boss

Ian Manley: SICK!!!!!!!!!!
Flywheel Wood Splitter 5 out of 5

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Flywheel Wood Splitter