Flywheel Wood Splitter

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Wooden Tool Man: This don't look too bad. 

Dust Devil: Looks good, but seems under-powered. I found an old Caterpillar drive wheel (think it's off a D-12) that has the mass to work as a wheel, but am going to use a 10-hp gas engine on it. Doubt mine will look as good, nice paint on your splitter.

Ty Cetto: It hisses at him...

Coffieman5150: THATS JUST CHEATING! also I want one.

Vinny Degeorge: Nice.. I want to make one.. What size & weight is the wheel?

rontax1972: What's up with all the safety hounds on these videos? Do they think everyone is an idiot? I'm pretty sure it's common sense to keep your hands and "COMPLETE FACE" out of the way. Very nice machine, Kevin!

douglasjreynolds: This is the world's second most dangerous log splitter.

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Steve McGranahan: nice one

rob robert: OK try that on Elm or a stringy wood ?

poisas69: just a small thing, U HAVE TO CARY FEW TONS OF WOOD to split :) its much easier to set the woods on the ground and have this semi hammer axe and go over those :) i have split more than 3kubic meters of wood in less then 2hrs i would like how long it would take for you to carry those 3 cubic meters to this machine only

Casey Cornelius: The good news is it does have a safety cage. The bad news is the video game generation will probably get hurt using it. My guess is that young people will get their hands too close to the maul. But what do I know, I've only had thirty years working with tools.

MrJgstoner: this video should be re-named: "freakIN WOOD!"

Garretthierisser: better than the other killingmachines on youtube, it looks very save and effective!

UTubeGlennAR: Guess it is 115VAC powered or perhaps 230VAC? I like seeing how far your hands are back compared to the other FW splitters I see where they stand the round on it's end. Also like seeing your extra half step back from the FW too.... Thanks for sharing....

radbcc: Excellent. would like a close up of the maul welded to the flywheel ...

luli gelanca: In Deutschland dürfte diese Maschine verboten sein.Ich vermute stark,daß diese kein TÜV-Freigabe bekommen würde.

Jersey Tom: does it work on green wood too or only seasoned log rounds?

Oldbmwr100rs: That is brilliant, but still, I don't like the though of what might happen if someone isn't careful! But that's log splitters for you,and that's one of the fastest I've seen,nice job!

FarmerTom08: Good idea this !!!!

Wild Gorgh: great tool and wonderful design

nickv122497: I like it

TestECull: The only way this could be any better is if you power it with an antique engine and a big-ass flatbelt. Love it!

gwtube: It's so simple a child should use it!

Snake Plissken: That is slick as crap man

MrLeonard55: How much is one?

boardingpass04: i like this one good job way to be unique

dave johnson: That wood is splitting way too easy, wood doesnt split that easily, wonder what type of wood? (Hardwood, cured and dried)


Warren Peace: I have never heard one so quiet. Looks high end and works the same. Great job.

Richard Cole: I like my hands and arms too much for this death machine

MrTechnophile: Love it! I'd like to buy plans to give me a head start on adapting to whatever wheel I can find locally. How heavy do the frame and splitting anvil have to be? How did you build the wheel drive? It does look a bit dangerous but probably safer than swinging a maul or a hydraulic splitter. The danger zone is stationary, predictable and small. His hands never go into the splitting zone. For a hydraulic splitter your hands go through the splitting zone.

Rob Bijl: @kevincavedude Do you have any build drawings you could send me or some measurements? I like te machine!

tuggit1: Thats cool!!!

mitchamus: great job!

mksboysal: this is so cool, I love it.

fattony123082: Showoff!

mcpheonixx: Love the design but I know for a fact that the oak around here won't split like that.

Sebastian Rockefeller: That looks like a quality build, very professional looking. Kudos on your craftsmanship! Think I'll stick with my axe though, $2000.00 buys a lot of beer!

JorowDC: Kevin - do you build these and sell them or was this just a one time thing? If so, how much do you charge and where are you located? I'm very interested if you do. Also, how large of a log (length and diameter) can this split? Let me know, thanks. Dave

MrTechnophile: It's an electric motor.

Robert Palmore: I like the quality that you put into the making of the splitter. Very good job.

oxmachines: Where did you find a beautiful flywheel like that?

bdawg4011: How could anyone dislike this video?

Kntryhart: Awesome!

jk4bs: @kevincavedude is there a way to post an e-mail to you without putting on this public page? I too would be interested in any pictures of any or all parts of this construction project. Great idea and thank you for sharing. The motor is 110 volts or what?

difficile1000: we are safety?

Stefan Jansson: Looks good, is the Brand new? or is it refurbished? please can you upload more movies
Flywheel Wood Splitter 4.8 out of 5

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Flywheel Wood Splitter