Flywheel Wood Splitter

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Ivana Notyers: I think the apathy knob was hard right

mrwaterfighter1: Like the design, was it made by you? if so could you do a little explaining on how. Or where can I purchase one.

Gary Triplett: Wow, You did an awesome job on this. From all the ones I've looked at, yours stands out as the best to me. Thanks for sharing the video with us.

Tony Beeler: what kind of heavy wheel is that and where can I get one???? that's one clean built piece of equipment

tony diaz: I like the safety goggles he had on.

Frank B: This is no more dangerous than most of the tools in the wood shop. Don't put your hand in the wrong place and you are ok. 

Scott Hullott: can you cut stone like this? pyramids!

rob robert: That.s fine for that type of wood , but what about real stringy wood like elm ,locust ,hickory. Do you have to then switch to hydraulic ? 

Snarky FourSeven: First, lets doff the cap for a superb mechanical and hand crafted effort.Pee on the dribbling dorks and their criticisms.Good Stuff Kevin!! By the way turn to UT and find the "Spaltgerat" german hand held wonders. Compare the principle of them and yours. Each amazing :big results,small power, quick results. Sure beats hell out of many efforts that wind up in limbo.

Bill Wallace: After the hernia operation from lifting a 24 inch round, how do you think this thing would do with some real wood?

Mark Fuchs: Best splitter I've ever seen. Would you sell me the plans to it? Thank you

lookinforwaves: Just saw this .. nice job !

RimfireRat: if all these splitter I see everyone screaming are too dangerous. May I observe if they are too dangerous for you ,you probably shouldn't be running a chainsaw either .Glad out fore Fathers weren't such sissys Innovation built this country

forgobalta: Dreh-ax+bim-bam.

ironlionkalo: why would anyone build one of these? there are so many other cheaper, better, safer options

moravaman: Hi, I was wondering what powers the wheel, this is an incredibly quiet set-up

Pleasant Lake Pirate: You'd never split my wood with that rig bud

Ravenheart: Very nice build. What's the approximate weight of your wheel and HP of your motor? 

nicholas cremato: you should sell the plans

Jef Stelzner: cool

Wooden Tool Man: This don't look too bad. 

Stefan Brinkmann: The Americans are as stupid as they are cool or have fat eggs - at least.

MustacheVerra: This looks like a really good and safe enough machine. Probably can't handle the really big ones but I'd get me one of those and use something else for the big ones.

Liberty4Ever: It wouldn't take much to run this quiet electric powered wood splitter with a solar panel.

Arthur Bradley: how about a conveyer coming off of that shaft. could move the wood up and away into a bin or pick-up. real genius. 

Slow: Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Fred Flintstone: That's one fly wheel you have there sir.

bojengels1: The cage is a great idea. Looks pretty effective and a lot safer than the last video I saw of this design!


Stefan Brinkmann: Best Hand-Splitter on Planet. One bad move in a wrong moment and -- CHACK!

rontax1972: What's up with all the safety hounds on these videos? Do they think everyone is an idiot? I'm pretty sure it's common sense to keep your hands and "COMPLETE FACE" out of the way. Very nice machine, Kevin!

eirefile: When we are finally able to move out in to wood stove country, I will definitely make one of these. I plan to include some additional protection against getting things caught in the wheel, a passive cutoff switch, and a swivel cup holder for my beer can. For safety reasons.

Sarah Woods: This looks a lot safer than the other one I saw, thank you for taking their idea and really improving it. THIS i might consider haha, also the way you put the wood in looks so much safer as well!

Arthur Bradley: this guy looks real genius. dumbass!

Coffieman5150: THATS JUST CHEATING! also I want one.

450rhino1: One question. Here in CANADA we use only hardwood for winter wood. Is it possible to split hardwood on your splitter. Nice job on the build, looks very professional.

Vinny Degeorge: Nice.. I want to make one.. What size & weight is the wheel?

Dust Devil: Looks good, but seems under-powered. I found an old Caterpillar drive wheel (think it's off a D-12) that has the mass to work as a wheel, but am going to use a 10-hp gas engine on it. Doubt mine will look as good, nice paint on your splitter.

Ty Cetto: It hisses at him...

douglasjreynolds: This is the world's second most dangerous log splitter.

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Steve McGranahan: nice one

rob robert: OK try that on Elm or a stringy wood ?

poisas69: just a small thing, U HAVE TO CARY FEW TONS OF WOOD to split :) its much easier to set the woods on the ground and have this semi hammer axe and go over those :) i have split more than 3kubic meters of wood in less then 2hrs i would like how long it would take for you to carry those 3 cubic meters to this machine only

Casey Cornelius: The good news is it does have a safety cage. The bad news is the video game generation will probably get hurt using it. My guess is that young people will get their hands too close to the maul. But what do I know, I've only had thirty years working with tools.

MrJgstoner: this video should be re-named: "freakIN WOOD!"

Garretthierisser: better than the other killingmachines on youtube, it looks very save and effective!
Flywheel Wood Splitter 4.7 out of 5

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Flywheel Wood Splitter