Flywheel Wood Splitter

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Kinetic flywheel wood/log splitter.
Kinetic flywheel wood/log splitter.
Trying out the new DR Rapidfire wood splitter
Trying out the new DR Rapidfire wood splitter
Split Off! DR RapidFire vs. 34-Ton Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter
Split Off! DR RapidFire vs. 34-Ton Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter
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DR RapidFire Splitter at work

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connor barr: Kevin could you possibly supply a pic or drawing of the wedge design your using it seems really efficient

Nightfire0409: I would like to see this machine split some Australian hardwood !

riphaven: Like a boss

Ian Manley: SICK!!!!!!!!!!

lt1jon: that's bad ass

Jay Phillips: Always like watching how a small amount of power added to mass/weight and some inertia can produce so much work. I'm betting that small electric doesn't eat a half dollar's worth of juice every day. Couldn't split by hand and eat for that!

Tim Henry: pine? Lol.

Wesley Jackson: nice build, I have only one suggestion for you and you may of already incorporated it, I'm not sure as the video ended before I could tell, but anyways, my suggestion:
add hinges to the off-cut tables to lift/throw the work to earth instead of picking each one up and stacking
of course, if you don't have a pile and stack all cut pieces then disregard.
again, nice build..very clean. take care

Cascapediastjules: Like to see him tackle a piece of stringy yellow birch with that

strapped9: thank goodness youve used a heavy flywheel and split logs lying down. i think youll keep all your fingers. i have seen light flywheel splitters that need speed to split and they place the log vertically.

Subhadra Yadav:

Snarky FourSeven: Dave R. How could you be so right? You betcha!

dan gerous: Impressive... doesn't look osha approved to me : )

Patrick Wolbert: where can i find a wheel like that

David R: Very nice machine, great workmanship.  As for the safety patrol down below - my advice:  if you can't handle machines [safely], stay outta the woods.  I like the idea of having it waist height (saves on the back pains); electric(saves on the ears), you can use a generator with extension cord if needed.  I'd love to build a twin, with an few modification.  Maybe adding steel rollers on both side of the log tray to easily feed logs to the operator and to easily send split logs to a nearby wagon.  Keep up the great work....sharing knowledge is growing the [surviving] forces.  Thanks.

Michael Schuler: Sweet I love it

Wahrheit-anstatt-Lügen: Perfect Tool to chop your Fingers off! No Way to get permission to sell this crap in Germany!

Burial: Looks like it works very well for certain types of wood, I'd imagine you'd have a lot of difficulty splitting the more fibrous varieties.

Terry Pullen: Sweet.  Where did you get the wheel?

Epic Paper: Looks very tame. The way it should be. Well done
Flywheel Wood Splitter 5 out of 5

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Flywheel Wood Splitter