Sony Xperia T LT30p Repair, Disassembly Manual, Guide

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bigrab2203: hi R ounded my T was dropped and since then has not had a good main mic the handsfree works fine though could this just be the mic having moved if so is it a strip down as in your video description? thanks

Jessica Auditore: your video is very useful, Thanks a lot! But i have one more question, nearly a problem. my xperia won´t start charging. The Battery is too low and it won´t start so the battery can´t charge. it is possible to disassemble the phone, take out the battery and then to start the phone? Or it it only possible to start the xperia un-disammbled?

Daniel Edwards: I need to replace my lt30at earpiece speaker, do you know what the part number is?

Caroline Noakes: Thanks for this, need to replace the entire display screen assembly and this will really come in handy xx

Rainer Hauser: Very useful video! The ear speaker was distorting terribly. So I replaced it quite easily with your videos help. The distortion is caused by iron dust, which is attracted by the strong magnet in speaker. Can see that clearly in the microscope. So don't let the phone laying around in ya work shop.....

Manzoor Mp: tnx

Balaji Rajasekaran: Sir, My primary microphone doesn't work. I can answer calls only through speaker phone or headsets.I tried factory reset and updates too but no use. Is there any possible solution??

Robbert Holtkamp: Very usefull video. I need to replace the internal speaker, is that the black/silver block at the top of the phone on 3:08? If so, is it easy to replace by myself? Then i could order the items i need on your webshop :)

Jakub Runčík: Tak skoro takhle mi to slo:-)

ReneUhlver: Where to find original Xperia T spare batteries? Is it possible to get more mAh capacity batteries? Thanks a lot!

izaacg816: I have a Sony Xperia TL LT30at - I need to replace the loudspeaker as it has since failed. Is it P/N: 1263-1074 ? Also, can I follow the instructions above and get to the loudspeaker as soon as I lift the back cover or does the battery need to be removed as well for loud speaker replacement? Thank you in advance - perhaps I can use for the item. 

Rochelle Sprowl: The same thing happened with my phone, the retailer told me that it needed to be rebooted. Hold in the power button and the volume up button until you feel it vibrate. It should work after you reboot it.

Jew Dragon: Hey i have no speaker phone sound....only headset and earphones....any ideas please help

vaggos chio: hello i have this phone but my vibration is not good and it sound like a crap when it vibrating... what can i do for this?

R ounded: Hello, For this problem you should contact Sony.

George Papadopoulos: very nice video! Where you can find a new battery in case of replacement?

republicofjupiter: Can the battery be removed in this phone? Nice video by the way! :)

boutdumonde2000: hi, when the xperia T doesn't respond at all, just open it and take the battery( 3 pins ) off and replace it back than just plug to the charger you will see that the green light has gone on, than just let it charge, i hope this will help as it did to my one :-)

shajid sojib: i want to know how kind of display damage?

R ounded: Hello Wersuss, It can be that your Mainboard is broken, it can also be a software problem. You can try to update it first. It can be that your LCD is broken, because it vibrates and charges.

violinazo: Hello. I have a problem with my Xperia T. I let it ran out of battery accidentally and now it doesn`t charge or start. When I connect it to the wall the LED doesn`t respond but when i press the On Button it Flashes Red for 30 seconds and then it goes off again. Also My computer doesn`t recognize it. I think it needs to be charged a little but i don`t know how. Can you help me? Thanks

R ounded: Hello, When there isn't a screw you can try to open it. We can not tell you for sure because we haven't opened the TL up at this moment.. Please let us know how you did it!?

biab2005: I don't think it is possible... try another sd card or format your sd card via an adapter on your pc. It needs to be formatted with fat32 though

R ounded: Yes you can replace it

Javier Rodriguez Lopez: Hi, nice video, how can i remove the screen? do you know?

Anthony Treen: thanks

R ounded: Hello George, We do sell the batteries for all the mobile phones!

TCKedza: Whot battery has inside the Xperia t? I have it but i don't know how to right charge

R ounded: Hello Anar, Thank you for your message. It is possible to change your battery this is not dangerous.

Craig Dorrington: Is it possible to replace the micro SD card module on the Xperia T? Mine is not recognising my micro SD card.

Augusto Abd: So can i remove the battery and remplace it? Thanks

Rochelle Sprowl: My Sony Xperia TL got wet and wont turn on, will disassembling it help at all? I have heard that putting it in rice will help, but it doesn't seem to work as quickly. Can you please help?

wersuss: Hello, my xperia T won't turn on, only vibrates. Phone can't connect to pc so no flash mode. Any way to fix it?

MonkeyDubz: Hi, my phone won't turn on. The light turns on to indicate it is charging. What do? Follow video and take battery out and in? Thanks!!

BHRxRACER: how do i change the usb port

TianDe Burgas: I heard that i've received a message and saw the blue indication,i tried to unlock the phone but there nothing ot the screen.Nothing - i took a photo from the button on the right side.everything was working properly but there were no picture on the screen.i tried to switch off the phone by pressing the button but nothing happened.. Now i cant hear the volume or the camera buttons maybe i made something but i still receive mesgs i hear them,but i cant see anythin.Ideas?Thanks

kris ha: ive got the same problem as wersuss. the red light goes on when i charge the phone, if i press the power and up button the red light flashes. but screen is still black. it also vibrates. any ideas?

Roger Moucheron: Hello, great video! My LT30at does not have a screw either. Do you suggest just to try and pry it open? Please advice

Jason Walkley: hi jew plug in your headset and then unplug it. its a known problem mate this should sort it

R ounded: Hello, we recommend you to replace the complete module. You can go to and search for Sony Xperia T LT30p scherm full module (lcd + touchpanel) 1 262-1496 5 black When you leave your e-mail address at the product page we will send you an e-mail as soon as the product comes back in stock.

ViewersDiscretion: I just ordered the FULL LCD digitizer+screen...I transfered my battery, board and all other accessories, the screen is back but touch doesn't work?

R ounded: Hello, Thank you for your message.You should try to charge your phone again. It can take 30 minutes before the phone reacts on the charging process. If that does not work please contact us at so we can help you!

BHRxRACER: thank you

FallenDesignsUK: How did this work? I just bought a new battery from amazon, i followed this video step by step on getting out the battery and putting a new one in is just a case of connecting everything correctly which i have un-done several times to see if it work. As far as i can see, my phone now stays on so thats the battery problem solved, but now my touch screen wont work so i cant do anything on the phone :/ any ideas of where i might have gone wrong?

Aldo Rodarte: Hi I have the Xperia TL30at and my screen is cracked, it has worked for a long time thanks to the special film protector. But now it's starting to act up. I can't scroll down my status bar at the top and the center of my screen won't read my touch... Can I replace the glass on my screen and if so where can I order one? Thanks

R ounded: Hello, Then you need to replace the Speaker, you can go to and search for Sony Xperia T LT30p loudspeaker, ringer module 1263-1074

James Corcoran: Red light flashing wont charge properly, any tips?

pablo aracena: Can the battery be removed??

Joel Fernandez: My xperia t started working as soon as I got the screw out lol xD

SonyXperia Miro: Sony Xperia™ MIRO disassembly PLEASE
Sony Xperia T LT30p Repair, Disassembly manual, guide 4.6 out of 5

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Sony Xperia T LT30p Repair, Disassembly manual, guide