Replacing A Septic Drain Field

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Miss C S: I had the same thing done, put a new leeching bed in due to pine tree roots. It was total about $2,000.

BenBen153: Kabota.

Moon Shadow: I notice you have very sandy soil so your lot no doubt percs very well.

2300 seems like a heck of a deal. I'm being told systems around here range from 5-20k of course we live in the Appalachians with clay like soil over solid bedrock anywhere from a few inches to a few feet down in most places.

My system is 67 years old and on it's last leg (literally). Septic pumper ball parked us about $5-6k but I'm going to plan for at least 10k just to be sure... maybe a little more if possible.

saint1981311158: Why was I told such a ridiculous price 25 grand seems crazy mine isnt even that big

saint1981311158: I was just told in PA today close to $25,000 thats a rip off

Jenn Ebel: How long did it take to do this? Could you use running water in the meantime? Could this be done in spring or does the ground have to be dry?

Offgrid Cabin: Can I be nosy? What was he cost of replacing the drain field?

RaeJean Valance: My nightmare is not even over. Irrigation damage, main waterline damage, trashed our yard with gravel rock from bottom of old field and workers caught on neighbor's security camera digging in partner"s work truck for parts to repair crap they broke. Tanks on both toilets have mud in them. Sink faucets not working at all and the plumbing bill is going to be all mine. Trust me we are not happy at all and still have hundreds of dollars we are going to spend to fix their screw-ups. We are naturally withholding balance owed with a promise of a lien on my home. Never had such a bad experience before with any home repairs. BBB and local news here I come with my side of this tragic  never ending story. 

tango viper: Even $2300 seems pretty expensive but i'm sure that's a fair price. Think about this: They own the excavator and come in and do a tiny bit of excavation. You can rent an excavator for $350 virtually anywhere for 8hrs. Then all they do is lay down some plastic hardware and piping. Probably under $500 of materials. So they are well under a thousand dollars their cost, Probably just a few hundred for the spetic drainage system which they get pretty cheap. All the rest is profit. They probably yield $1000-1200 for about 6-8hrs of work. That's a heck of a good day at the office I'd say. Someone could do this themselves but there is some know how and some code that has to be researched. For $2300 i'd still just have it done.

Mark Guerra: 2,300???? Why in the hell did they tell me 14k ???

Joe Bailey: Thanks for the vid man. Really appreciate the extra info about the cost too. I wish Mr Younts was in Gaston Co. because I would sure call him.

saunders215: I guess it depends on how much land you have to work with around the house. This is a small lot taken up mostly by the cottage and driveway.

Andrew Gems: Are septic fields usually this close to a house?

David Martin: Thanks for the video and the insight...  I'm headed down the same path and was relieved to see you said it was only about $2300....  In my google search one site said as much as $20,000...   uugghhh

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R Anderson: What state and how much?????

Grand Negus: I guess about 6 grand

William Alicea: What state do you live in?

saunders215: About $2300

No Name: Great informative video by the way. Thanks for it
Replacing A Septic Drain Field 5 out of 5

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Replacing A Septic Drain Field