Building A Pulsejet For An RC Plane, Part 1: The Tools

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Josef Venport: You should consider slowing down your speed of talking.

adam a: Just when you think you are the best builder/macgyver/scientist who likes to build the most random things that most normal people think is stupid or doesnt serve any good purpose and than you see this random guy on youtube who has access to all these wonderfull tools and machines and think damn, this guy is a builder too but way more into than me and i thought i was good lol. I remember when i wanted to build a valveless pulse jet engine and i couldnt roll anything, instead i had to look under cars or trucks to see if i could allready find a rolled peice of stainless steel ducting that had a divergent and convergent rolled cone pieces on some muffler ducting or somethin, everything for building was approached a different way since i didnt have a nice maching shop to fabricate parts on my own, geeeze i wish i could provide a shop like this for my kids to be able to stay there all day and figure out how to build cool crap.

Robert Evans: The constant camera movement is distracting and nauseating. Please invest in a stand.

สากล ช้อนแก้ว: ผมชอบการทำเครื่องjet

random269: Have you ever worked in Antarctica????

Jon Heckendorf: Nice video. Great presentation. I hope there are more to this series. I "Liked" and subscribed. Good job, Mate.

Richie Mann: I guess if you were planning on manufacturing pulsejets you might need all that stuff but I've seen people make one with simple tools. You can buy a lot of the parts at the hardware store & a metal shop could weld them together for pretty cheap if you don't want to use pop-rivets or bolts. And why not go valveless? Valveless pulsejets are nearly as powerful and much less complicated.

rebiceman100584: will you create the next steps?

Richard Jones: are there no other parts to this video that have been made?

Soulrider2012: Were there ever any further videos made in this series?  I can't find part 2.  

oscar7771: I have all the tolls, now what ?

newtongfd: Part 2 ?

ipodhty: MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mukek: where the part 2

pparker768: Guarding the belt drive is a worthwhile investment.

barry king: bruce should i burn my dx6i with dsmx or stick with it ? i had a brown out and crashed my tricopter would you recomend tunigy 9x ?

iot01t01na: Deliver please!

Ryan Connelly: @xjet any word on part 2?

Aviator747a: When is the next part of this video series comming? With the swmac shut down for now and it being winter it would be nice to see some more on this. And the new pulsejet design. :)

pietzeekoe: An abandoned project?
Building a pulsejet for an RC plane, part 1: the tools 5 out of 5

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Building a pulsejet for an RC plane,  part 1: the tools