Round Bale Slicer

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round bale slicer
round bale slicer
Cutting a round bale in half with Mchale Bale Knive & Caterpillar 262B SkidSteer
Cutting a round bale in half with Mchale Bale Knive & Caterpillar 262B SkidSteer
Bale Slice Round bale opening grab
Bale Slice Round bale opening grab
McHale 994 Round Bale Spliter English
McHale 994 Round Bale Spliter English
Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher (On Tractor)
Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher (On Tractor)

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Red Baron Farm: I could use that! But split the bales lenghthwise instead! So I would have 2 x 2 foot round bales instead of 1 x 4 foot wide bale!

hayjoesam: same

JimsEquipmentShed: That slicer is pretty cool, we uses round bales occasionally for our horses, but we don't leave them out like you might for cows. The bale stays in storage, the net is removed, and my wife will peal it like an onion. Very little waste.


Agric8: DRINK MILK! LEAGAL AT ANY AGE!! Love that sticker! Have a good trip wes! Great videos! My Best YouTube cannel!

Lord Smuggington: All I need is a knife (Even a kitchen knife) and a bale. Cut her up and drag parts to the cows in the barn. (We only have about 55 cows. For beef.)

woodman1241: Sure hope ya have fun! You takin the whole gang?

chris lint: cool slicer.that big r model is lookin and soundin good.have a good trip

Conor Roche: that round bale slicer looks like a mchale slicer whick are made here in ireland. chick out the vide called tanco bale shear whick i thick is much better because it removes the plastic and net whit out geting out of the cab very popular here. keep up the good work onelonleyfarm lov the vid

xpack10034: is the mack a v8 ?

P.M. Laberge: I love that one: Slick as snot! Thanks!

TheJammedToilet: Youtube earnings? From what? Like advertising and all that?

Jason Rogers: good for you I'm lonely farmer. farmer has to take a vacation to .

45Deere9500: You have to stop to tie or wrap a round bale and then eject it though, don't you? A square baler (of any size), once you get started, you don't have to stop if you're putting the bales on the ground.

Beau R: you can bale faster with round bales because you don't have to keep up with a plunger

Larry Brewer: Have a good trip and relax. And its cool that your setting in the mack I my first truck that I drove solo was a r model with a 300 and a 6 speed trans moving logs across a field about 1mile dad fallowed with a loader that steering wheel sure seamed huge. It wasn't a beauty queen but it got the job done they are so cool...

walba: Enjoy your trip and I will be looking forward to the videos Wes!

RobackerFarms: wes wheres the wstar

Ron4936: never saw a bale slicer like that,,,,, hope you enjoy your vacation :)

Jason H: Have Fun on ur trip.
round bale slicer 5 out of 5

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round bale slicer