12ga To 45acp & 22lr Gun Adapters

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toddy2519: Good video!
On the downside...do you realize you said "uhh/umm" almost 18 times...8 in less than the first 2 minutes????

TargaWheels: I wonder if pulling the insert out and putting it back in, clocked in a slightly different position sends your shots off target? Maybe put a mark on the insert, as well as on the barrel? Even if it's slightly off-center, it'll be that way consistently and you could compensate for it.

Kevin S: As I commented on another of your videos, I've been using those shotgun cartridge adapters for about 30 years. I got mine from a different source, and all of mine are rifled. Then again, the shortest of my adapters is 6 inches long. The maker of my adapters only uses rifled barrel section for the ones he makes, and he will make one for you in .40 S&W. The list of adapters he won't make is much shorter than the list of what he WILL make. Let me know if you want his contact info.

DAVE MARKIEWICZ: Both good and bad. It's a compromise but, seeing history, history detectives and the way Custer failed -- definitely NOT for defense or battle of any kind. A great hunting supplement, though. Worth having in that topic. 

J Martin: WOULD YOU SELL THE  H&R {NEF}  ORIGINAL WOOD STOCK SET ??  j.robert.martin.ii  at  gmail.com   660.537.6684

Dranksta: Might as well use a slingshot. Do people think this crap is actually useful? Hilarious that some people think this is legit.

Fritz Duquesne: Look he's hoarding all 500rds of 22LR in his state....

Diebulfrog79: good vid, I would suggest a 12 inch insert for 12 ga in 45 acp.  Inserts are rifled, good up to forty yards.

grayghost1031: Great video. Question for you did you have any keyholing in the paper targets?
Again thank you,

Hans S.: I picked up a 20 ga. to .45 ACP adapter last year, and still have yet to try it out. I need to get a good cheap single shot 12 ga., but only gun I have that will function with these is a old bolt action 20 ga.

HKEXTREME0417NAP: nice video!you got yourself a new subscriber,and i wouldn't mind some of the 45acp adapters!take care!

jd76539: Not bad at all considering you was using no sights.. 

Connor Ladley: Can you use adapters in a 12g chamberd for 3in?

newhuskytwenty: Are those adapters suitable for 65 or 67mm 12 gauge chambers or only for 70mm? I guess you say something like 2 1/2 or 2 3/4, sorry.

CNYOutdoors: I have a Winchester Model 12 in 12 gauge with a fixed full choke. Would these cycle well through a pump? I want to be able to use something like a .410 for rabbit

0778drz110: just use subsonic .22 ammo

vapor83: This is the smooth barrel adapters not the rifled ones correct? I got the .22 and 9mm awhile ago but have not shot them yet . Im thinking of getting the 45acp or whatever larger round adapters they got.

BigFun4Life: Yes u can

FertVonBourbon: I know accuracy would pretty much go out the window shooting from the hip but can you use those adapters in your zip gun?

frankcastle7777: If you only do a tactical load one shot in the chamber, the rifle round my slide out of the shells while in the tube as the pump action is done. I say another video about that.
12ga to 45acp & 22lr gun adapters 5 out of 5

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12ga to 45acp & 22lr gun adapters