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thelatiosmaster: well, that's cool but... how do you remove it now?

Jordan Pringle: Before... This video used to keep playing forever.. Now it stops. WHo remembers that?

mitchell gaul: reminded of crysis.....anyone?

wolfgirl animaljam: and just like that im on the weird side of youtube. :T

lelex1997: He's using haki

jstered: I want to do this so is it posionus, bad if you put ot on your skin, and easy to get off? Reply please.

nguyen quoc bao phan: And how exactly would you get it off???

Steven Allen: i wanna carbon fiber my pickle :D

iLigfe: Back in my day, this video went on forever..

brian beast: i can feel the pain... taking it off

Kaylana Alvarez: That would be PERFECT with nails *-*

kipparimies: What's the music at the background?

paraic coffey: It's so cool how it keeps the pattern after he distorted it when he dipped his hand in 

Fluffy Pink Fantage Cherry: Lol hand marble

FroggyGr33n: I want a go :o

lazyspongie: About that nanosuit I want for christmas-

Aizen Sosuke: They had to cut his hand off.

Konner Coleman: Dose it come off

osu5inarow: Put....p.....put your pickle in it

alex cam: i wanna lick his hand lol jk that would be gross... or would it...

Akhil Parvathaneni: Is it safe to keep on your hand?

Triple: Maximum Armor.

MisterDopeTunes: That would be sweet skin to have

Funkyrowanpixie: rip old music


007VitaminD: So thats how Spiderman got his costume...

Whump Tapus: All of the new people watching this will sadly never get to experience the 20 minute confusion that was on this video a year ago! Poor guys! -_-

jc troncoso: i wonder how much that film cost

Joe Smith: about 11,330,000 people have watched this video so far. it's only 24 seconds long, so that means people have collectively spent 3,147 straight days watching a half-minute long clip.

Miguel Campos: Anyone else on a streak of random videos?

Sith Lord Darth Sidious: MAXIXUM ARMOR .

Latvietis6: Put your pickle in it, camopickle

Brandon Jaeger: how much to carbon fiber my rooster? bitches love carbon fiber roosters!

Colin Clay: SO WHAT ?

Tyler Okonma: that crap hurts like a bitch when it cracks, good luck.

dickslap37: when neo touches the mirror from the matrix.

fluchter1996: It makes the man look like a Star Wars!

DJSylus: i bet that this will get into half-life 3

MCCreeperKnight: Cool, but how do you get that off? XD

samus989: 2 days later he died

jonathan rodriguez: o que era aquilo

Matteo Biondi: welcome to crysis bro C:

Spiralinsanity: So, his hand is like indestructible now?

netherbawss235: You should be a super hero... you would look like a black mystique

Tom Obdeijn: can you use that as a sort of body paint what you can wash off?

MKYTechDeckeR Enjoi: So itchy!! 

Dario Hall: they cut out the... GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF moment

Justin Long: song name is: Robert Passera "A Place In The Sun" idk how I remember all this time

ria diansyah: lol hand in carbon
Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoating.com 4.8 out of 5

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Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film-  elpasopowdercoating.com