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osu5inarow: Put....p.....put your pickle in it

I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username.: Anyone remember when the song to this video would keep playing after it ended?

thelatiosmaster: well, that's cool but... how do you remove it now?

Cra4t: anyone else remember this being a nonstop video?

mitchell gaul: reminded of crysis.....anyone?

DotosFX l мσтιση ∂εsιgη: wtf YouTube added a weird sound when you like comments...

beastsumo: do it to your face. then i will think your cool. 

Wild.: pu...pu...put your pencil in it

Bartek :3: Is this toxic ? dangarous to eyes ? harmful? flammable ? shouldve filled the description idiot....

Phyankord: kinda reminds me of that nano skin stuff in captain america 2 that gave leather boobs a old person's face

AceTheDragon3: Could you imagine dipping your fist in there, then getting into a bar brawl? Sweet mother of jesus.

kj walton: Woah...I can become the man of steal. 

Gard Pedersen: I remember the original video with super glitchy music to it.

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Naruto Uzumaki: Congratulations! You have now a cancer.

Junia Gialogo: its like the skin of black spider man/vemon in spider man 3

cere tomer: They deliberately didn't tell him..... that stuff doesn't come off. Ever.

metallitech: It's not really carbon fiber though at all is it.

Rayjii xfly: P..p....Put a poop in it

GGrunge222: music sounds like dora the explorer

23pyromaniac: Put a naked chick in it, lol.

Aaron Rice: Wow. That's interesting. So when you're having a tug of war with cyclops is it like a stranger?

Carl Shido: Now how do u get it off??

Tetris Fett: OMG it's the silver surfer's little brother!!!!!!

lucarioinfamous: is it dangerous?

MetalLunar: Well I hope this guys know about that now he will be getting hand cancer. Ok what I said is probably not true.

Holanderos: Looks like a superhero suit

Nicolas Tsagarides: You seem so happy but someone has to tell you. That, is not really carbon fiber.

Pete Buxton: That looks soooo cool :-)

MrUberlyuber: I have lost brain cells reading the comments here D: ...

Nicholas Slaughter: Du-ba-wha-what? Explosion.

utubecomtw13: Hand job.... Done right...

noda. renn: Channel owner soon was forced to have his right hand amputated right after this footage was uploaded.


sdrtcacgnrjrc: I thought this stuff was carcinogenic? (I dont see any warnings on your site about use)

Daniel Ramirez: That's cool as crap! Dip my controller casing for example or hell maybe interior car panels and it will look awesome!

Đặng Phương Tùng: If you dip your hand in it and touch some kind of electric source, will you be shocked ?

Robert Doobay: That isn't carbon fiber. It's a suspended print. 

Justin Long: song name is: Robert Passera "A Place In The Sun" idk how I remember all this time

Jonathan Suarez: Does this work with a left hand?

g43654: I actually, for once, think that painted-on clothing is actually a pretty good idea ha ha. "Spray it on me! Black suit and blue tie, it will be! 3D printer, please!" XD lol

horaxtax: BUT thats not an carbon fiber film,... -.-

Willy Wonka: So basically a giant version of those crapty "tattoos" you get at the doctor's office that never goddamn work.

Hideoshi Probe: anyone remember this video being nonstop bcoz of the music?? :o #nostalgic 

ColorXplosion by Rosa: pretty freaking cool

Main Lander: I would carbon fiber by bellend. Just make a hole for the hog eye. 

Zee Yusingbo: Lol dip your body in it then now you will look like you are in a nano suit

Fatih Fidan: league of legendds ten buraya geldım mk..

Drew Thompson: 3 words CARBON FIBER BODYSUIT.
Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoating.com 4.8 out of 5

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Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film-  elpasopowdercoating.com