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Bartek Janicki: Is this toxic ? dangarous to eyes ? harmful? flammable ? shouldve filled the description idiot....

thelatiosmaster: well, that's cool but... how do you remove it now?

Don Julio: puuutt.. p... puuu... pppppuuu.... Put, Put yo pickle in it mang!!!

osu5inarow: Put....p.....put your pickle in it

HoobaMusic: Are there any liquid condoms to.......?

Kn1te: is that permanent?

Rjsh Hooba: Is it bullet proof? Than make it bulletproof!!! U know with kevlar or something mixed....

iLigfe: Back in my day, this video went on forever..

Jordan Pringle: Before... This video used to keep playing forever.. Now it stops. WHo remembers that?

mitchell gaul: reminded of crysis.....anyone?

wolfgirl animaljam: and just like that im on the weird side of youtube. :T

lelex1997: He's using haki

Eric East: It's the Matrix. He's going into cardiac arrest!

Chris Mahar: Does it come off easy? As in too easy? I have costuming ideas

Rocky Cadena: Looks like chocolate.

starmax1000: song lyrics: un do tre cuat {blap chchchblabck}x12

ALI MUNTH: How you make it

beastsumo: do it to your face. then i will think your cool. 

joeyjames223: Does it feel any lighter?!

Awesonymous RC: Just make sure the boss isn't around before you do it :D

Zachary Hardy: Where can I do this at?

hanz cruz: E-Z condom....

Kendall A: The song: Robert Passera- "A Place In The Sun -Thank Justin Long from the comment section.

jstered: I want to do this so is it posionus, bad if you put ot on your skin, and easy to get off? Reply please.

Justin Long: song name is: Robert Passera "A Place In The Sun" idk how I remember all this time

Erik Hammarström: RIP Endless video.

osu5inarow: I'm just laughing at the hate you people have given getting all mad about a repost 

nguyen quoc bao phan: And how exactly would you get it off???

Steven Allen: i wanna carbon fiber my pickle :D

Anthony Navarro: How is this possible?

kipparimies: What's the music at the background?

brian beast: i can feel the pain... taking it off

Steven de meer: hu: Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoating.com 

Alan Parker: Would be awesome if you could dip your whole body into a Spiderman costume.

tealmerbean: Anyone who knows about water marbling knows how to do this, it's something nail artists sometimes do in a smaller scale - Pretty cool crap.

Roz Abdullah: is that bad?

jc troncoso: i wonder how much that film cost

AndWhoAreYou: any horse power gains?

zay Gregg: Awesome but does dat comes off

Adolf Hitler: So just 5 more bloodthirsty medals and you get a gold hand!

Tayton Ritz: Looks like prophets armor 

Mariusica: Now try that with your di.k

ShiftY_: How they made the Nanosuit in Crysis- GG wellplayed

Jan Zkan: Prawie jak matrix.

Ozgu Cilfaoglu: How do you get it of

Calista Hazelip: All this is, is hydro dipping! My uncle does it, not recommended for your body parts, that is why they use gloves.

h3rbanlegend: I wonder if that's healthy

DreadNawght: y u do dis

Zack Silver: 9/10 people would try fapping with a hand like this
Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoating.com 4.8 out of 5

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Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film-  elpasopowdercoating.com