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osu5inarow: Put....p.....put your pickle in it

Cra4t: anyone else remember this being a nonstop video?

beastsumo: do it to your face. then i will think your cool. 

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Brock.: pu...pu...put your pencil in it

Rich Hole: Is this stuff toxic? My wife is so demanding and at 35 she always wants sex, but I'm usually to tired to after work to put any effort into it. If I coat my hands in this stuff, how long will it stay on? How much does it cost and what do I need to apply it to my hands? I'm thinking I can use it to get out of the after work, before dinner, after dinner, before bed, during bed, in the morning, before work and at lunch sex she's always demanding. A man can only screw so many times a day!!

Don Julio: puuutt.. p... puuu... pppppuuu.... Put, Put yo pickle in it mang!!!

MrUberlyuber: I have lost brain cells reading the comments here D: ...

I see that you are taking time out of your day to read my completely unnecessarily long username.: Anyone remember when the song to this video would keep playing after it ended?

Bartek :3: Is this toxic ? dangarous to eyes ? harmful? flammable ? shouldve filled the description idiot....

Naruto Uzumaki: Congratulations! You have now a cancer.

Willy Wonka: So basically a giant version of those crapty "tattoos" you get at the doctor's office that never goddamn work.

FlamesToonTown: k how did i get from ttr lets plays to this.

DotosFX: wtf YouTube added a weird sound when you like comments...

crichton55: Friction decreased. Fap speed now borderline dangerous.

Zimberlist Hester: 11111011110000111001000000100000 00100010001001000101000000100000 00100011110001000101000000100000 00100010001001000101000000100000 00100010001000111001111110111111 Press Ctrl+F Press 1 Hee hee...

HoobaMusic: Are there any liquid condoms to.......?

Mayur Patel: This is not real carbon fibre these are just hydro graphics

Agent Stark[Ielin]: What happens if you eat it?

ikars melnalknis: sombody has played crysis too much xD

horaxtax: BUT thats not an carbon fiber film,... -.-

Creepopolous: I think this is pretty cool! And no, it's not carbon fiber. That's just the name of the design. I'd like to dip myself in their crocodile film.

Ryan Karuna: can someone explain how this works?

Herp Derp: Coat your phallum.

Playeroftheworld: So... this is how they get their rave on at rave parties

Aether Cake: is this how robocop was conceived?

Michael Nyholt: And now you have an indestructible hand.

AnimeMangaDE: And that is cool why?


kj walton: Woah...I can become the man of steal. 

zoe Smith: The thing is how so you get it off 

Sean Wilkinson: The coating makes your hand look like Mystique's or Nightcrawler's from the X-Men movies.

Dan Wilcox: Nanosuit engage

SytreFFA: WHAT JUST HAPPENED(sucribe please)

Phyankord: kinda reminds me of that nano skin stuff in captain america 2 that gave leather boobs a old person's face

23pyromaniac: Put a naked chick in it, lol.

Jeffrey Harris: How did you get it off?

thelatiosmaster: well, that's cool but... how do you remove it now?

Sui Yo: ze original vid: http://web.archive.org/web/20140309034819/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP7BKHU4WUc 

ik tom: roooh le débile mental!! bois le aussi conio, tu chieras du caca en carbone!

Hozzy TheAnimalLover: Is that poisonous 

AceTheDragon3: Could you imagine dipping your fist in there, then getting into a bar brawl? Sweet mother of jesus.

TheCoolStuffHD: 13,000,000 views?? I need to get my hand in something now. 

Axem Ranger: Can it just peel off or do they need some random chemical to remove it?

TheSnowballTV: Spider hand! Spider hand!

Garrett Hopkins: Will he become more aerodynamic? 

Jake Hamilton: Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoatin...: http://youtu.be/iP7BKHU4WUc

NexisFilms: The song gave me brain cancer ...

Marco Rossainz: Ok; Now bake it..!!!!

ashley price: That is really cool 
Hydrographics- Dipping my hand in carbon fiber film- elpasopowdercoating.com 4.8 out of 5

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