Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna

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tyrion stark: What's a good antenna for 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters?

Greg: Used this to add 80m to the 40m portion of my fan dipole, worked well. Thanks.

victor manuel quezada vazquez: Hello Dave 73,may english is bad sorry but ...how many turns are for 80 mts.in your tramp? 78? tanks for your atention,and congratulations for you page¡¡

Michael Francis: Great video. Thanks for the time and effort you put into it!

Norbert Stepien: Excellent videos. Thanks Dave, I'm in the process of building my 80/40 and your instruction is essential viewing.

Tommy Schales: Dave, my name is Tommy, W5TGS, I would like to know if you could tell me what length of wire i would have to use for freq. 3.900. See Sir, i donot have a Analizer, I know the formula for this freq. 468 divided in the freq. it would be 120 ft. but what i would appreciate is the exact feet it would be resonant at to the freq. 3.900 mhz. Could you help me with this sir.

Ed Wymer: Dave.
Does the wire have to be 18 guage.?

BRAVO WAVE: i have same design dualbander homebrew. ..good job ..same hobby in the world..73' dave ..KG0ZZ...9W2LI.

buzzsah: Did I miss the leight of the mag wire? and ga.?

jeff morgan: davxe, is 33"3 1/2 from the end of coil or total wire

RAMM GARR: Master Tadlock.,what is the best and simple as way to make antenna just for listening the 40meter range frequency's..i am not ham radio operator just a big fan .,i got a pretty good size yard do i need to erect a tower of some kind

Qasim Seeha: WOW great job Dave !!

Dave Mitchell: Dave, is this ENAMELED wire we're talking about?/ I didn't catch it if you said it was jacketed, but it would make sense. But I need to know before I mail order the wrong thing.
VY 73
de Dave AJ5F

Brian Bowling: Dave - Another great video. Please keep making them!
Quick tip: For a piece of pipe you can wrap a strip of paper around it and trim it so the ends just touch. Fold that strip in half for the mark on the opposite side. Fold it again to divide into quarters. Wrap the strip back around the pipe and make your marks.

Anthony Capino: I have a 12 in metal antenia and want to wire it up on a so cone ter how do I do that?

TheMidnightrdr: Thanks for putting these videos up! I am a new Ham and looking for antenna options. Your information had been invaluable. I have a few ??"s.... Will I be able to use the built in (limited) tuner on my FT-450D to cover all of 80? Could this 40/80 dipole be built as a "fan dipole", adding another set of legs for 20 meters as well? I have a vertical up right now that covers 10-17, and would like to find a 20 through 80 solution that works with my rigs built in tuner.

John Jewel: Hi Dave. I built this dipole system last Winter after passing my General license exam. I just had my 64' DMX tower set up and want to know what you recommend for feed line from dipole to base of tower. My shack is 150 ft from the tower and I have LMR-400-DB buried in conduit. There are so many types of coax and considering the cable is hanging in the wind and such it might need to be more flexible than the more rigid LMR 400.

Daniel Horvat: Stay away from these only "Coil traps" they have a lot of loss on both bands. Google for COAXIAL CABLE trap and build it from RG58, RG59, Rg6 or RG316 or RG142 for high power.

joseph kopeczy: if you got the yard room you want a antenna for 10 20 40 80 160 meter antenna build your self a maypole also known as the fan diepole and your able to do them into a inverted v antenna one coxal feed 5 bands the coil make the antenna shorter so you can use it in a small yard if you have a 40 meter diepole dont think you can put up a 80 meter diepole full size  make the 80 meter diepole full size and turn it into a 80 meter Z antenna you need 4 or more 1/2 12 inch long pvc pipe drill hole in the ends on both side of the pvc run the wire thru it hand the antenna from a pole come down run the wire thru the pvc run it back up to the pole then back down about 2 of the pvc you need for each side of the antenna

Christopher Larwood: I would like to build this antenna and had a couple of questions - how critical is the height above ground for the ends of the antenna near the traps?  For portable ops I have a 9 meter mast ( 27ft) and tie off points for the antenna ends are not always available and resorting to a steel tent peg in the ground and the ends/traps being quite low to ground.
The resonant frequency would need to be more like 3.600 so should 3 or so turns be added?
How many meters of 18 AWG magnet wire is needed - seems 200 grams is 30m or .440 pounds.  Don't want to run short!
A video on fine tuning coils would be great.  Thanks for your excellent videos Dave - so well explained in clear terms and even with mm for us that work in metric! If you could host higher resolution version of videos on your site even better.
Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna 5 out of 5

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Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna