Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna

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Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna
Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna
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Ham Radio 40/80/160 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna
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40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build. Tune & Test!
40 Meter Inverted V Antenna - Build. Tune & Test!
Inverted V Antenna 40-80-160
Inverted V Antenna 40-80-160

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John Allsopp: Interesting if you are new to Ham Radio

Gary alan Newsome: Dave ,i am inter rested in making a inverted v for 80....would i have to make coils for this?ooo you do a good job on your vidios.....thanks...73

Jack Knight: Could you apply the same principal to the 10 meter band and build a 10 Meter Stealth antenna?  If so, I would be interested in seeing that video as I am an apartment dweller.

joseph kopeczy: if you got the yard room you want a antenna for 10 20 40 80 160 meter antenna build your self a maypole also known as the fan diepole and your able to do them into a inverted v antenna one coxal feed 5 bands the coil make the antenna shorter so you can use it in a small yard if you have a 40 meter diepole dont think you can put up a 80 meter diepole full size  make the 80 meter diepole full size and turn it into a 80 meter Z antenna you need 4 or more 1/2 12 inch long pvc pipe drill hole in the ends on both side of the pvc run the wire thru it hand the antenna from a pole come down run the wire thru the pvc run it back up to the pole then back down about 2 of the pvc you need for each side of the antenna

Christopher Larwood: I would like to build this antenna and had a couple of questions - how critical is the height above ground for the ends of the antenna near the traps?  For portable ops I have a 9 meter mast ( 27ft) and tie off points for the antenna ends are not always available and resorting to a steel tent peg in the ground and the ends/traps being quite low to ground.
The resonant frequency would need to be more like 3.600 so should 3 or so turns be added?
How many meters of 18 AWG magnet wire is needed - seems 200 grams is 30m or .440 pounds.  Don't want to run short!
A video on fine tuning coils would be great.  Thanks for your excellent videos Dave - so well explained in clear terms and even with mm for us that work in metric! If you could host higher resolution version of videos on your site even better.

rzimmer1: awesome videos thanks for sharing. i have a question to ask if you can help me. i want to get a shortwave radio and wanted to know what kind of antenna that can be made to cover most bands in general. any help to me making my own antenna that would be great. i liked and subbed
 oh i wanted to tell you i am limited to a lot of space.

W3LDR: I got my ticket Oct 2013 now I am a Extra Class however this was one of the first antennas I built from Daves youtube videos. My SWRs are flat on 40 and 80 and I get excellent reports on both bands all the time at about 35ft in the air.

Keith Rodgers: Great Video..  Like all Ham's you just had to talk about the WEATHER! Damn!


Vince Loschiavo: This would be good for how much power?  1KW? or just 100w?
de N2AIE

K9Handler521: Thank you for the video, greetings from New York- KB2GQZ 

Richard Lawn: I followed your helpful construction video exactly and the antenna works perfectly!! Kudos! Now I'm wondering if I can add a 17 meter element? I have a feeling that since it doesn't fall as a harmonic it won't work well. -Rick w2JAZ


JillmanVideo: Plasti-Dip is also great to coat the coils with.

Luiz C Balista: Dave, I do appreciate your technisc for making coils. From now on I will save time and improve my coils. Tnks and 73. PY2CN

WX9DX: How did ya do with the DX window? :)

ColonelK0rn1: Those are amazing SWR's right out of the workshop!

Mike Erstad: Dave,  
What the heck is all that noise outside... Sounds like locust attacking.... 
Hey, fantastic job on all your videos. 

James Lollar: Dave, you do a great job of making videos of your efforts.  It is very helpful to anyone interested in Amateur Radio Antenna's.  Keep up the good work.  A lot of people who post assume people watching on you tube have as much antenna knowledge as they do.  Not so all the time.  You can impart your know how without talking down to us Amateurs.  Thanks a lot you have really helped me.  James k5gkr

Kenneth Burdick: very detailed  good work'
73 Ken KB5T
Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna 5 out of 5

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Ham Radio 40/80 Meter Inverted V Dipole Antenna