Minecraft - Scoreboard Commands Tutorial

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DiamondStick: How do u clear a sidebar with /scoreboard objectives set display sidebar?

TheRallyGamer: how can i make a click tester with this? is it possible?

M E: how to turn it off


Brandon Jacob: Is that Oblivion music????

bigbrink henwood: thanks a ton i was confused about scoreboards and now im even more confusedĀ 

Guapamolee e: Thx this is helpful

rodentlover100: ... i dont see how this is spam or a virus just someone asking for help

Ahmad Sawaed: it says deaths is not availble,..... PLEASE HELP

Nether Serge: ok

aboodi Abunasif: thanks dood

KobeKey: Guys, PLEASE HELP ME, How can I make it so i someone kills a player, he gets 10$ ?

XYZStuff: can i have my viurus in bule?

Juzzy1005: Help I don't get it and I am trying to do it for deaths on command blocks with a setdisplay as the sidebar

fourshallow: How do you remove someone from the scoreboard?

gofferman: this isnt scoreboard, dumcaugh

Kieran Knoke: love the intro song.....oblivion for life.

madysenlover: i wish i could just have someone come over and do this stuff for me!

Stump!: Or First type /scoreboard objectives add deaths deathCount And then /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list deaths A Lot easier. :D

gingernator1: Do you know how I can make each kill worth an "n" amount?
Minecraft - Scoreboard Commands Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Minecraft - Scoreboard Commands Tutorial