How To Get Google Play Store On The Kurio 7 Tablet

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How to Get Google Play Store on the Kurio 7 Tablet
How to Get Google Play Store on the Kurio 7 Tablet
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How to get Kurio 7s App Market
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Kurio Motion 7" 8GB Quad Core WiFi Tablet w/ Parent Controls & Google Play with Dan Hughes
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Google Play installation
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Kurio 7S from Techno Source

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wayne: can this tablet be turned into a normal tablet by installing the same operating system as my phone

gabriela Roldan: el link esta mal

Badboy DCX: does this script work for any device cus i have this tablet doesnt have google play

Austin Wagler: THIS IS NO USE

Autonomous Meme: it wont let me open the file

lydia jones: thanks a lot very helpful.

Iain Kel: Nice load of old spam on the links, thanks for NOTHING

leonphert: Thanks a million!
Just so you know, Kurio never provided an update with Google Play for the Kurio 7, only the 7S, so this video and the links are still relevant (just so you can remove the announcement on the screen.
In answer to a question someone asked a long time ago, I got stuck at the "daemon loaded successfully" stage too. I restarted the tablet, reticked the USB debugging checkbox and then reinstalled the drive on my computer, but in the device manager rather than through the device's property screen, which seemed to make a difference. Hopefully this might help other people!

Carlos Escalona: Gracias/ TYSM!

Umi Oshi: Thank you very much, this video was very helpful! ^_^

Evelyn Cruz: Hello, I don't see developer option on my settings, can you please please help me.? Thank you.

Christina Jordan: Hi PLEASE tell me how you get the GP folder and read me part to your computer in order to transfer it to your tablet?  I just purchased a K7 for my son for Christmas and just realized it didnt come with the GP store :( .. Super bummer as Minecraft was the main reason for this for him.  Im running into walls and hoping you can help.  

karleen tomlinson: I dont c developer options when I open up the settings...would it be in another location

Sonya Montgomery: What-if you are using a phone and not a computer? Does it work the same way? Thank you!!😄

Chris Allen: This is bullcrap, Play does not come with any Kurio updates!

Mea Francis: Super easy. Thank you! This is the third time I have used your video, and we really appreciate it.

phillip deschamps: I don't have developer option on my kurio 7s 

Damian Savage: Please help me!! I don't have a computer I'm trying to get google play on my kurio 7s it says can't open file when trying to download kingoroot

Blake Simonson: Hey I'm confused wish I could talk to you about this I'm so lost

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How to Get Google Play Store on the Kurio 7 Tablet 5 out of 5

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How to Get Google Play Store on the Kurio 7 Tablet