Voltz - Gun Turret Tutorial

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Nicholas Michael: You do i make it face other ways it onley faces south for me

Bobert91: time for me to complain. Voltz is supposed to be a war modpack, with missiles bombs mech suits and lasers, but one thing that is is still missing is guns! voltz needs guns!

Zeppelin lover: In my version, i cant find that wire yr using

KrazyLemming: How would you use the "target" command? I tried to get it to work. No luck.

Chase Morgan: you can put an infinite battery in the ammo section

jelle gordebeke: that cable is not in the freaking game

william pierce: How do u get this ??

parker stofcheck: can i target a player?

Jack Posey: wheres the insulated wire?

pida123456789: how to set turret on targetting a players?

all_pro123: upgrades?

ZachFraser: Honeydew!!!!!!!:)

Gixbit: Thanks for telling us how you dismantle them (Sarcasm).

Igel rhille: TIP : put hoppers all around in the era where your turret is so u can get the shells without them flying around ! :D

Igel rhille: u can ALSO put the battery INSTANTLY into the gun-platform and it will power it too! No need to hook up

pustareth phengmany: what mod is this from

WonderWaffle01: wheres the hv wire?

Igel rhille: U can also use the invite-bullet!!!!! like the infinite battery !

GamingThingy: Perfect for Aegis Cruisers in minecraft!

jeff capes: is this a multiplayer thing or a singleplayer thing?

MrHeyman333: Well you spelled stupid wrong

shadowhawkk47: So, would that be development build or...

Javster: Lol it spelt "unknown" wrong

DarkShadowX: it wont shoot hostile mobs for me like in the video even when i tell it "target hostile true"

legofreak88884444: when are u going to be playin KSP again?

Surms41: Yes they do. Iv'e played on them 3 months ago. They are just hard to find because its a bad build for servers and the developers of VOLTZ stopped production of any further patches.

Gunner1641: is there a way to turn the turrets against u? im making a large underground singeplayer base and my friend will test it out (going to have extra copy so im not stuiped hahaha)

Laith Assaf: how do u programme it to not attack players

Holy Poop: what build are you using

TheMattDennis16: I'm using the latest pre-release build.

David Stephenson: i dont see HV wires in there :S

TheMattDennis16: I solved your problem previously, you just didn't read it and I'm not going to repeat it. Look, just because you can't get it to work it doesn't make it a fake. It just means you can't get it to work. Everyone else got it working fine.

edwin500931: thanks,subed

Brandon Addison: How do I rotate them

Da da: Found problem I must have installed mod incorrectly Supplying it with the power from a biogenerator and superconductor wires and also giving ammo to the turret does nothing Only change i notice is that it has more health than it did without power or somthing

gealex99: How do you put power in batterys?

joe barry: how do u make them attack players

Surms41: Omg... Can everyone like this so this guy doesn't have to keep commenting? The turrets are in the latest pre-release build! to get it, choose the latest unstable build on the launcher!

Chanchan Paguio: what the freak i want that men how to download it

origamiboy122: I am dave yognaught

Chris162354987: Eighth

lgmarrick: i have done the same but my gun thingy wont get powerd

Da da: Removed both comments because im stupid

RunningManFilms: im using the beta build and its not showing up

TheBigdawg0811: what about on a server it isn't there either

TheMattDennis16: It hasn't been removed, it has been updated though.


mastin buyl: hop hop 4

YOLO Cookie: That's why you have to add the user to the turret

Dizzyboy: i can't find this in the creative menu, where is it it. I've tried searching for it but it's not there
Voltz - Gun Turret Tutorial 4.7 out of 5

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Voltz - Gun Turret Tutorial