Dodge Ram 5.2 5.9 Magnum Water Pump Fan Clutch The Easy Way

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MONEYBAGS603: way more easy to pull radiator and shroud

Elizabeth Devine: Don't freak around bees Cum! 

Ali Abdur-Rashid: Can you redo this video when its not pitch black out?

daddyoca69: @railroadbambi you know off the top of my head I don't remember.. it wasn't that much but the gauge has it all on it marked in green then yellow then red .. goto ebay dot com and search " 280713927728 " or " 200633135554 " or this one.. this is in UK but I see these in stores here even walmart " 300580511972 " Don't wait for shipping just buy one local they are about 10 to 20 bucks and maybe some part stores will loan you one.

daddyoca69: @daddyoca69 it could also be a bad pump that never was fully on before so you didn't know. All AC setups have a low pressure switch that if there is not enough freon in the system it will not allow the pump to kick on. You may have added enough to kick on and now its coming apart ... Also if its a part you can wait on then try ebay or autozone to see if you can get it cheaper.

biggunzcdb: i just hold the belt tight to the pump pulley with 1 hand while lossening the fan with the other but im a 275lb gorilla good advice on the short hose it is alot of work to do over for a small peice of hose

daddyoca69: @Yung5499 depends on your foot.... anywhere from 14 to 19 mpg

Alex Hill: i heard hylamar is the best for waterpump gaskets i usually use tack gasket though

baychecks100: do you put snot on both sides or just under the gasket?

railroadbambi: oh no.. lets hope its overcharged,lol.. ty again, your very sweet to help me so much.. I had a 67 f250 w 352.. best i ever had.. everything easy, could lift the hood and practically step inside,lol.. I miss it so, had a friend supposedly rebuilding when i went Cali to work for several months, didnt tell me, but got it towed and kept for being abandoned when I didnt know it needed claiming.. suxs.. you live you learn.. hopefully :) and one day I'll have again, hopefully :)

krivver2: its a 2000 dodge durango 5.2 if that helps

daddyoca69: @railroadbambi yeah my guess... go buy a gauge and check... they have one like a tire gauge thats only a few bucks.

wafrederick: That fan clutch nut is on very tight from the factory and there is no way a strap wrench will loosen it up.My way works the best.I ment hit the trigger on the air hammer with the tip on the edge of the fan clutch nut and the fan clutch off.Removing the radatior is not needed.I have done these without removing the radatior.Alway replace the bypass hose and the metal tube on the 3.9,5.2 and 5.9 waterpumps.The tube is seized in that it will not come out.I turn wrenches for a living.

wafrederick: Them people on the Dodge forums are full of bs.When that fan clutch was installed at the factory,loctite was put on the threads.I was taught the air hammer metheod which works better than the lousy strap wrench.I even tighten the fan clutch nut with the air hammer too being careful not to overtighten it.Ford and GM use this too

daddyoca69: @amermuscle well first look down your throttle body and inside your intake to see if there is any oil in the bottom of your intake.. I am right now redoing my intake gaskets because its filled with oil... major vac leaks... I will have vids up this week.. its a known problem with 95 to 2002 with 5.2 5.9 dodges where there is a steel plate on the bottom side of the intake and over time it blows out.. a few places even sell a kit with a alum plate to help and some people weld theirs.

daddyoca69: ok well you need to find the leak and if its behind the pulley then 99% its the water pump.... there is a little whole in the case behind the pulley where it starts leaking when it goes bad.. otherwise might be the rad. hoses and you should be able to follow them to see if they are leaking

leoffensive: haha magnum condamns!

chihene: I replaced my waterpump on my 00 1500 a while back...actually the most pain in the rear task was removing that fan nut....I took my time and was done in 5 hours...I am not a mechanic and was pleased with my effort and savings....your video was informative.

Chris Kennedy: Excellent video on magnum water pump.

daddyoca69: @countryboy11855 ahh look the little baby thinks he knows everything... I have worked on more dodge trucks than you have cars.. but keep thinking you know it all.. you will figure out that taking shortcuts doesn't always work... maybe one day you will leave a wrench on top of the motor and it slides down and hits the back of the alt.. so go wash your face off and get back to what your good at.. make me some money little bitch

amermuscle: how hard is it too do timing chain and gears ?

baychecks100: lol "dont freak around" true

wafrederick: I have my own fan clutch wrench,called an air hammer with a long bit that has a chiseled tip on it.Hit the trigger on the edge of the nut on the fan clutch and the fan clutch is off.The special tool is a huge waste of money,too thin and will break.Best place for the fan clutch wrenches is the scrap metal pile.

71mvara: I don`t know why people are bad mouthing you, but they need to realize that not everyone is a mechanic and sometimes we go to you tube to find something that someone has done that might help us with our projects or something that we are working and we cannot find the solution.

bisquik3006: According to DaytonaRoadster if you bought a Japanese car, you would never have to replace any parts. EVER!

jon o: @Wolvzblood If your getting 8-10mpg, you most likely have a plenum (air intake manifold) gasket problem.. Which is common on these 5.2 and 5.9 magnum engines. Basicly when the gasket goes bad oil gets into the intake and you start to burn oil. Causing poor gas mileage, fouling o2 sensors, spark plugs, ect..

jon o: @Wolvzblood Continued... rear end vibrates above 60mph .. differential gears looks great.. wear pattern is excellent. yesturday in fact im leaking engine coolant.. I found the source and it seems to be coming from the timing cover gasket.. (coolant flows through the timing cover) so yea this blows... so since im forced to fix that i gatta blow money and replacing the timing chain while im there. Can never seem to save up money for performance upgrades... always gatta fix stuff

krivver2: Yup, it was the water pump. Thanks!

Wolvzblood: @1ownjoo2 No it's fine. It just has a lot of miles and I have a heavy foot. These things are terrible on gas but great to drive =)

John Poulos: ok I have a 2004 dodge ram 5.7 liter 1500 and they took the original fan blade ect. off and put a electric fan in and the fan has been shorting out on me and i had to change the water pump. We hard wired the fan to the battery andthen ran wires for a switch to be put on. How or WHATS the difference between the two? Im not able to find the blade and the nut to put back on so im going to get another electric fan and put that on. What do you think about that. I need HELP ASAP, THANKS JOHN

Wolvzblood: @Yung5499 I only get 8-10 MPG in my 98 1500 with the 360. I cant speak for the diesel.

amermuscle: @daddyoca69 ya i know you have to replace all, i bought the comp cam double roller chain read alot that ours are streched after 60k and makes a major diffrence when changed out, think im pinging a bit because my timing is streched. some people on the forum says its 2 bolts on the oil pan, doesnt need to be dropped.only thing im worried about is not lining the new gears up correctly

jim dandy: I made my own spanner wrench to take off the fan, small hose is called the 'bypass', it's a PITA to get off the intake manifold

TopSonny74: OH and I was working on a Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 pick up

daddyoca69: did the 2004 come with a electric fan? and as for shorting out was it just stoping or blowing fuses etc? you know I will make a quick vid on electric fans because they can be a pain.... look for a vid attachment here in a hour

daddyoca69: @TopSonny74 nice glad it helped!

daddyoca69: @railroadbambi umm lol... ok not sure what to say lol..

gibsonguitar11: this also works for the 3.9....

jon o: @Yung5499 I know your question is old, but getting 14mpg on a 5.9 is pretty hard.. if you live in a city mostly suburban with lots of stop lights. You wont be getting any better then 12-13mpg.. I have a 98 Grand Cherokee with the 5.9 V8 and it needs 93 octane (due to the computer and camshaft being diff then a dodge 5.9. I get more HP and torque then they do.) I only get 12.6mpg on the overhead computer and around 13 to 13.5 measuring from the tank

Nick Till: Way to do a cool, entertaining, and intelligent "how-to" with good lingo...a nice break from some of the boring versions, though some good, we need more of your approach...just did my 2000 durango water pump and still have the compressor to do but need an R134a guy...but this Durango is a POS, period, prefer Chevy and Ford...although just test drove the new 2012 Durango...problem is they go from $25k to $60k. Anyway cool video....

MadBadVoodo: ★★★★★

jon o: @Wolvzblood True dat, have you checked you plenum tho in case ? Its easy grab a flash light look down in the throttle body for oil. My problem with my Grand cherokee 5.9 is like its low miles 123k for its age, but it has sooo many problems... more then our 4.0 98 with 171k lol. I've owned the 5.9 for 9 months and i've replaced both front CV axle's, both sensors on the tranny were leaking a quart a day.. the viscous coupler i've repalced in the tc..

Douglas Dixon: Whoa! I just wanted to get an idea how tough this job was gonna be since I have one to do. I didn't know that I was talking into a postal area! or a movie-theater massacre!

daddyoca69: @daddyoca69 my money is on the intake gasket... my pings going up hill... etc...

daddyoca69: @alexzanderhill there is a lot of new stuff coming out.. I seen the hylamar rtv and looks like the rest but I like using the gasket glue because 60% of fails was a gasket moving.. rest is over trq.. I don't care for using rtv to glue but there are a few new glues I like to try

daddyoca69: just to glue the gasket to the block.. most gasket fails are do to them moving before tightening and then over tightening.. this really helps out good with old cork gaskets for valve covers..

TopSonny74: Thanks big time for posting this video ! As usual I did not look for help till I ran into trouble and you were spot on with your analysis and instructions. I was able to get all the bolts out of the water pump but could not get it out. Duh, I had to take the bracket for the ac and alternator off still. You did me a great service and I like your every day man's language approach the best!

mike081283: h t t p:// ventura.craigslist.o r g/ rnr/ 3264928939.html were there's a slash they go together

krivver2: Hey Im having issue w/ my water pump or a hose I cant find what hose it could be. but ive also been told that the car wouldnt leak a whole lot if it were the pump when the car is on. any advice would be great. Thanks

daddyoca69: @wafrederick a strap wrench for 13 bucks doesn't cost to much plus I have used it about 10 times since.. including right now because I had to do my intake..
Dodge Ram 5.2 5.9 magnum water pump fan clutch the easy way 3.8 out of 5

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Dodge Ram 5.2 5.9 magnum water pump fan clutch the easy way