Dr. Colorchip Review & How To Apply

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Dr. Colorchip Review & How to Apply
Dr. Colorchip Review & How to Apply
Dr Colorchip Review
Dr Colorchip Review
My Thoughts on Clear Film & Dr Colorchip Application
My Thoughts on Clear Film & Dr Colorchip Application
How to use the Dr. ColorChip System to fix rock chips on your car!
How to use the Dr. ColorChip System to fix rock chips on your car!
Fixing paint chips on a Ferrari F430 with Dr. Colorchip
Fixing paint chips on a Ferrari F430 with Dr. Colorchip

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Bad Driving Habits Of Australia: Hey mate you wouldn’t know if your car isn’t metallic? Would you? And if it is a 2 paint layer system?Like has the base colour below with a translucent paint over the top? I’ve got a red candy and I’m hoping I could find some people who have tried this product with on that type of paint.
Let me know and great video

Paint Correction Officer: You should have watched The Rag Company's episode 37 about Dr. Colorchip before doing this. 😅😅😂😂😂 And I hope you recording when you were installing the light in your garage so we can all see it fall

G M: freakin’ black

Bart Majic: Thx so much for uploading you video. I have a pearl whit paint job on my car with those little sparkly bits like yours and I was wondering how it will match. Love you work brother.

Krytron Cinematics: I scratched my GT86s front lip bumper on a curb when I was parking. I have autistically screeched so loud when I did that. Gonna try and buy this tomorrow and pray to god it helps fill in the chips.

Tutoring Kewallal: Lolz dude, you got a thumbs up just for the sheer fact you were peeved while using this product lol, loved the foul mouth :p

Ghosty: Thanks for the video! Son just got 2016 Ecoboost Premium PP with same color. Looks like Colorship worked great! I'm regretting the XPEL Ultimate I got on my Tesla - paid 2,000 bucks. Could have just paid 50 bucks for this and touched up any chips. Ugh!

ERVARGAS NYC: Nice is this the a Mitsubishi Lancer/Evo ? If so it looks like the color i have on my car, AO2 Which is refereed to a Charcoal Grey or at DR ColorChip calls it, Thunder Grey Metallic. If that is the color you have can you please tell me how did it match your paint? I want to order one of these, but i hear that Metallic Paint is hard to match. but since it's darker Metallic paint it should match easier. ? Please let me know how it went for you , Matching wise.

FP2000: I used drcolorchip and i was impressed...i have a black car and its hard to maintain chips and other scretches...but i came across this product and im glad i did IF YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE THE REVIEW I MADE COME VISIT MY CHANNEL FP2000 and look for dr colorchip video....u will see for your self how great this product is ...please stop by

prototype3947: On my drive to work I was stopped at a red light when a dump truck came though the intersection and speckled the side of my Dodge Ram 1500 with about 10 small little chips and one of them is starting to rust. Great.

FP2000: very nice bro ..im doing my review of this same product in the next few days ...lets hope everything goes well like in your video ...lol

Brandon Davey: i laughed at the first chip😂
i get those out with turtle wax clear coat safe compound and a wet cotton cloth rag, polish then wax.

Nicset Official: im ordering this, the product is like 30 - 40 bucks and shipping is 80 bucks RIP haha :P

emericaman16: Hey you should check out ChrisFix's channel. That first chip you had was only the clear coat and you verified that because it goes away when when. Chris fix has an excellent video for clear coat scratches.

Dr Jones: The first big chip temporarily disappeared when you put the alcohol on it. When this happens it means that the chip is in the clear coat only. You could have just buffed or even wet sanded it out. Much easier, a lot cheaper and the result would have been perfect. It's a lot better to just fix the clear coat instead of trying to put base coat in the clear.

gustavo licea: thanks for sharing! I've used in past and had some frustration at first. glad to see it takes a few tries.

Sheryl Easley: I love the F bomb lmfao!

Anthony N: I am not there to see the car but most of those look like they can be wet sanded out. 2k then 3k then cut compound then polish.

Boodieman72: That first chip, your technique was not correct. I think you pressed down rather than gliding over when use Sealac and the mf towel.

Ray Gunn: You reckon this would do the trick on some nasty scratches?
Dr. Colorchip Review & How to Apply 5 out of 5

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Dr. Colorchip Review & How to Apply