DIY 2.0: How To Make Your Own 12 Volt Power Supply

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DIY 2.0: How to make your own 12 Volt Power Supply
DIY 2.0: How to make your own 12 Volt Power Supply
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Vandwo: Would advice the same as Tom Smith, resistor on the 5v rail if its ATX 1 standard with powerful 5v rail or resistor on the 12volt, if it is ATX 2 standard. So you can place the switching power supply in nice smooth working mode.

James Gore: How to make your own power supply. First you'll need.....a power supply. LOL sure. 

Tom Smith: Hi - should connect one of the red 5 volts wires through a 15 watt, 10 ohm, wire wound resistor to a black ground wire to make it work properly apparently Fred in UK.

Ricardo Garcia: Greetings; Can anyone help me accomplishing this? My stuff: 700w Blaupunkt Amp 500w Power Supply 1 x 40 Amp car fuse 2 x 140w Speakers I will probablt add a sub Woofer I am aware that i may not be albe to get the volume to it's max. Since the power supply is just 500w only. I've cut 4 yellow (Voltage) wires and 4 black (ground); Joined them toghether (yellow with yellow; black with black). My questions here goes to: I am using a 40amp car fuse. Can i leave it on as security measure? Are both 4 cables (ground and voltage) enough? Thanks in advance 

pooya payvar: thanks ... but you can do it in 3 minutes not 23:48

Auckland M. Zapata R.: hey nice video, i have a question, can i connect two of these modified power supply in serie to get 24v?

Jan Venter: I am glad he does not work for me,because what he did,any halfwit could have done in 3 minutes

William Wynn: KC9WAE had asked if this would work for a CB radio. The answer is NO it's only pulling 0.4 amps. Depends on your radio, ex.. say a Cobra 29 may needs something like 4.0 Amps A high end radio may need 7 to 10. JCarrot Selby asked about the music at the start. Its a Swiss band, Yello and the song is, Oh Yea. 1985 - 87 something like that. 

Cheese Stinky: Step 1: Pick a decent PSU worthy of the project instead of that junky one, unless you only need a single digit # of amps current and don't care if it is very dirty power.

Norman Waithe: thank you very much you are great

Jose Laboy: Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this video. I was able to make my own power supply to juice up my car amp at home. 

prince ace: need help asap i have 2 wires that are half black on side and half yellow in the other what shall i do with those ?? anyone

Loco Llama: this is not "your own" power supply your just wiring it how hard it is to find a simple video that explains the does and don'ts about making a 12 power supply

Mattje Jonas: who can hear

andycharger: I have a quick question that im sure you will know the answer to! I have cut my wires and twisted together the green wire and a black ground wire so it is always on when i plug it in.When i plug in the mains cable, the fan on the PSU spins up quickly then stops instantly. There is no power getting to the device i have attached. are there any other wires I need to attach together other than the green and a black?

Sandy Rivera: OK so I am done with everything, I now have 2 sets of yellow wires and 2 sets of black. What do they go into? What I am trying to get is a 12v power supply. Do I connect all the yellows into one and the blacks into one then attach to item? I need it for my robot! Thanks. 

321reh: A Most Excellent Video...Time Well Spent....Thanks!!!! 

KC9WAE: could you use that for a two way radio or ham radio

PowerTech: no there are not

superbawlz: What a tard!

Markko: hei , if i have six yellow 12v wires , , i can get 12v to 6 different items at same time from each wire 12v or , is 12v for all wires at same time , like if i take 7v from one yellow12v wire then otherone can give only 12-7=5v ??

joe miniclip: long and freaking stupid.X(

rcflyboynj: Make sure that all the unused wires are insulated, and that the power supply is unplugged when you are connecting wires.

kevin james: Am I the only one that wonders if he burned his parent's house to the ground yet?

MCm0u5e: Good vid! Thx

Frend Zii: get of the dudes nuts . if u dont like it why did u watch it ?

rcflyboynj: Make sure you have the green (power on circuit) wire soldered to a black (ground) wire. That will allow you to fool the supply to thinking that it is in a computer and to turn on and remain on. If that does not work, go through and make sure that all of your excess cables are insulated and not grounding out to something. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :-)

Dan Nixon: A couple of points, you could have put some kind of end termination on the +12V and Ground rails, like screw terminals or something, would have made it so much easier to connect to, and why not make it so that you can use all the power rails, not just +12V, you never know when you may need one of the other voltages, I did this a while back and included all of the power rails and it is such a useful power supply.

tramjoemerin: "To make your own DIY power supply, you need: ..., ...., and a _power supply_".

NationalCrafter: GRAN TURISMO 4 MUSIC

wildybill: the device will draw what it needs, there is no too much when it comes to supply, only too little.

raymond detz: hi i have a rc hobby and I have a 12 volt power supply of the PC 15 amps but that with every model I have now are a q-tec modeladt-300 can also

FanArtist25: yea, but instead of powering a CPU you can power anything that uses 12V. ie. most 10-15 inch TVs, a USB to charge your phone/mp4, or take a 12V step down and charge a portable game system.

מרים פרץ: theanks dude you are awsome!!!

rcflyboynj: If you are not going to be using it, just cut it short and insulate it with tape.

Jamie Oliva: Thanks for the demonstration. Keep up the good work!

Carey P: Hello I have a hipro model HP-D2537F3R that I want to use live a variac by adding a knob to control the voltage but I also want to add a switch so that I can still use leads coming from it as presets like my +5,3.3 and 12 is this possible

bpiper122: The use of a resistor is for switching power supplies, because they won't work without a load. The resistor acts as a load, of sorts, and the current used is wasted as heat. Continuous power supplies will work simply by grounding out the green PS ON wire, as shown in the video.

chamuco90255: Dude I have the same problem. Im trying to power up a car amp. Before I cut everything I was able to get it going, the music was blasting :) But once I cut everything(to make it look clean) the stupid thing wont work. I dont get it??? Runs for like a second n then it dies. I feel like I just ruinned a perfect psu, n washed money down the toilet. Can someone please help!!!

Darrius Reed-Lockhart: Could the power supply catch on fire after u do this.

Frend Zii: thanks for your knowledge, but why the hell did you use time lapse when you collected the yellow wires, but didnt use it at all afterward. have you ever heard of editing the clip

Shimshar Ramraider: mislabeled video, this is not a diy power supply... this is a re-purposed power supply.

biffy7: I strongly recommend you out a fuse on the DC side of the power supply.

aidan kenny: i tried to watch it but fell to sleep round about duct tape . . .?

Joe Gagliano: 13:18 hes finished stripping wires

les wheeler: this blokes a prick i was in the game for 40 yrs i dont need showing how to strip wires and them strippers would never be allowed on mod work

deadmaufreak5: will this run a light bar? (emergency lights/ police lights)

rcflyboynj: You might need a better power supply. Also check that you are plugging the charger into the 12V rail.

Charles Westover: useless

emanuel cami: i put it on power and i think i burn a capacitor !!!
DIY 2.0: How to make your own 12 Volt Power Supply 4.1 out of 5

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DIY 2.0: How to make your own 12 Volt Power Supply