Whisky Review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon

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whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon
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Mike D: Having trouble finding this stuff, who sells it in the states?

cantbendknee: Definitely a nice mixing bourbon. A shot and a dash of Dr. Pepper.

Extempori: Christmas 2013, Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey 6 Years Old, Black Label.9,99€

stefan0325: Jeezus, people! Is it really that hard to understand that U.S. Law doesn't apply outside of the States (and vise versa)? The EU has its own laws on Bourbon and here coloring is allowed (must be stated on label though), straight bourbon is not a protected term (you can sell a 6 mos old bourbon as straight bourbon). This is mostly for political reasons. The EU refuses to restrict American alcohol because the US refuses to restrict the us of Champaign for just any bubbly wine and also sells Kölsch beer that was not brewed in Köln (Cologne). 

Finq08: I don't think there's E150 in there either. The color is not unsually dark, they need to use fresh casks anyway. It's just being sold in Germany and the regulations can be confusing over here. Many Single Malts are sold with the disclaimer of containing artificial coloring, allthough they don't have any in them and they don't have that disclaimer when being sold in other countries either. Not to mention that a Kentucky Straight Bourbon (which WG is) must not contain coloring or it can no longer be sold as a Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Same goes for Tennessee whiskeys.

Finq08: The 6yr old definitely tastes different than the Jim Beam Triple Aged. The JB is better (only slightly), allthough I prefer the WG because it's half the price. The JB Triple Aged in general is not worth your money. I just don't think that there's Jim Beam hiding behind that Western Gold label. One day I might get a white label of each and compare them directly.

valuewhale: @chrish12345 Actually, there is E150 in that! I looked it up on the bottle... too bad!

kid18522: Bourbon must have originated in Bourbon County Kentucky to be called Bourbon. This is the reason Jack Daniels and George pickleel are not allowed to be called Bourbon. Bourbons produced in St. Louis all have their origins in BC, Kentucky.

valuewhale: @myself Well I was wrong, had a sip of western gold at a friend`s last week, and there is E150 in that one, although it is forbidden by american law (Wikipedia) - weird!

LMDKEWL: Also another interesting factoid is that most bourbon companies resell the barrels to whiskey companies abroad. Wild turkey(101 is my favorite...yum!) sells a large portion of it's used barrels to Jameson.

Fetz17: Running low on Whisky/Whiskey and am on a budget at the mo, thinking about giving this a go. Have you tried Aldi's Clarke's Bourbon Ralfy? If so is it any good, or any better than Western Gold?

Kuba S.: @zakret19 za 35zł dostaniesz w Lidlu

shuboy05: Woah, as soon as you mentioned a bourbon enthusiast, I knew you were going to say Chuck Cowdery. In fact, his most recent blog was a big shout-out to your videos. Any chance of a Woodford Reserve review? I'm about to break open a new bottle and giving it a taste. I've already gone through Jim Beam and Maker's Mark so I'm onto the next rung of the bourbon ladder.

Simon G: Awesome. I just bought a bottle of this. Nothing like what you would expect from something in that price range. Thanks for the recommendation. How do you find stuff like this, Ralfy?

Jacek Kuzminski: Chciałbym sie dowiedzieć czy w polsce jest dostępne te whyski i za jaką cene !?

LMDKEWL: @HildebrandJohnson I live in Kentucky and have toured 7 of the bourbon distilleries here, have drank many more than that, but never heard of this one. I would like to hear who makes it also or if it's even available in the US. I disagree with your 'don't ship it in glass' theory. I say either ship it bottled or in the barrel makes the most sense. Anything else you ship it in could change the flavor.

UisgE3: Interesting seeing what is available in other markets, Ralfy. That said, while I agree G T Stagg is not worth $200 (or the equivalent in GBP), it is worth getting one's hands on if possible. I'm kind of surprised Wild Turkey didn't make your list, especially the Rare Breed (yummy stuff, that).

shuboy05: Ralfy, you forgot to mention that a bourbon that has already been labeled Straight but is under 4 years old must have an age statement (i.e. bourbon between 2-4 years old must have it's age mentioned). This requirement is probably rarely invoked because the majority of bourbon producers simply age the bourbon to 4 years before bottling.

Bryan Usrey: Could also mentioned that those oak casks are typically only used once and then sold off to Canada, Scotland and so on.

telcomun: I think it's the same as JimBean I agree with you. More I can say is: it's a good one in this price better than similar ones. I do recommend it. Do the shots and enjoy it. cheers

chrish12345: @Futre4 Yeah did buy a bottle of it in the end and did find it a lot better than the White label, but I have to say after trying the Rittenhaus Rye the Jim Beam Black seemed a bit rough, although with perhaps more going on flavourwise - I think there was an interetsing hazelnut thing going on in the Jim.

Jovac7: Picked this up today for only €6,99 and it's great value for money. I especially love the nose; it really does have hints of strawberry/cranberry/cherry coke, which is great!

Myneighbour Tortoro: The late Mr. Michael Jackson described it as a Clint Eastwood of whiskeys. Do try when you can! Do love your reviews!

Nikhil Malik: Keep it up! Oh I guess here's a fun Malt Mention: "Hello there, you malty, multipotent members of the meritocracy" -Nik, from Norfolk, Massachusetts

lqprimetime: Still a little short on the review time, but i suppose because you have some educating to do on bourbon first, perhaps more in later reviews. Some reviews you will take a sip and comment and even go back for 2nds and 3rds, adding water the 2nd time. Almost as if youre reviewing on the fly when you pick out flavors.

rbhiphopsux: Ralfy...I think this is a Beam whiskey,as well..But I don't think it's the standard White Label.I think it's probably the 3 year old Old Crow sold under a different name in Europe.Beam owns the name(they also own Old Grand Dad) because they bought all the old National Distiller brands after National went belly up back in the '80's.Old Crow is basically a 3 year old Jim Beam.By the way,it's a very good value bourbon.I'm thinking this is Old Crow for International export..

chrish12345: Sorry Ralphy I couldn't work out what you said at 9.32, sounds like 'water with 5 per cent' ?

Goodmak02: LIDL! Amazing stuff! With coke neat on ice or just straight

vigil12348: Hi Ralfy. Me too I found Western Gold to taste just like Jim Beam, after you put it out. But my Western Gold bottle states that it contains E150a in it. As I remeber, artificial color is forbidden to be added in Jim Beam by law. So do you think WG is a European version of Jim Beam, branded with caramel while not bearing the same name?

valuewhale: No E150 in bourbon - awesome!

Zach Robinson: thanks for this review; I'm always checking out the economomy bottles, knowing that the big companies bottle them up right beside their more expensive products, and to save a buck as prices continue to go up for everything. I also think this is a Beam. -z-

vigil12348: @ralfystuff It really isn't. They should forbid it to be called Bourbon if it's bottled outside of the US. Just like Scotch does.

Eds UKGamerz: They still do this at lidl although the label has changed but they've also introduced a 6 year old version... Very tempted to try a bottle

shuboy05: @WhelkDoctor1 There's an interesting article on the Malt Maniacs site that concludes that high humidity draws out and evaporates the water in the barrel. When that water evaporates, more alcohol is left behind and ABV will increase. This is why George T Stagg can be over 70% alcohol by volume.

MarquisSmith: Fantastic review. I've grown tired of being the boring teetotal guy at social gatherings so have decided to give spirits a go. I was browsing youtube for tips when I came across your fantastic guides. I've spent the last hour watching your videos and have enjoyed each and every one. As for the drink at hand, I am on a tight budget so this tipple sounds fantastic. There is a Lidl not far from me so I'll be sure to pick up a bottle on monday. Keep up the good work.

Gerard Szare Drzewo: Aaahh! Western Gold! My old, good buddy. Nice to see him in the review. 85/100 is a fine note. Cheers from Poland!

Nikhil Malik: Dear Ralfy, I must say, I am a huge fan of your videos. This is my first comment, but I have seen almost all of your videos. Keep doing your thing. You present your reviews in a well rounded fashion, leaving us with a good amount of information. Im a big single malt guy but am getting more into bourbons. Id love to see a review of Wild Turkey, both the 101 and the 81. I think you may really appreciate the flavor to cost ratio!!

Dan Mowry: I like ANY Ralfy review - but I love the longer ones best. The more the better.

omarfrancis: I'm skint but I wouldn't bother with £10 bourbon especially if it's some Jim Beam derivative. My personal opinion is that Jim Beam is not very nice. Would rather spend £17 on a bottle of Bulleit which is as good as it gets for cheap bourbon

skarbu: This is very cheap in Lidl. It's something like... 14 euros in my country. Very good Bourbon

David Markle: Damn Ralfy... $200 for Stagg! That is, in no way, shape or form, worth it. I shudder to think what you pay for Pappy van Winkle over there. If you can even get it. I paid $52 for the last bottle of Stagg I bought, and while it was good, it was about $52 good IMO. It's too bad that they do that to you in Scotland... You should do some research on that if you're looking for something to talk about in a future review. I mean, how much does it cost to put something on a boat??

jlim2397: @WhelkDoctor1 Bourbon does indeed enter the cask at a maximum 62.5% by law. However, in warm climates the "angel's share" is mostly water. The cask strength of a bourbon therefore can increase rather than go down over time.

SturmUndDrang13: So you think this is just Jim Beam?

chrish12345: Ralfy any thoughts on Jim Beam Black?

dogmaticusVSfilosoof: I bought a bottle of Western Gold bourbon today in a local shop and i have to say its pretty good for the price , i gave the name in on youtube nd i found this , good review cheers

JackCooksonMusic: Weird question but is "ralfy.com" written on a Dulux paint mixing colourcard by any chance?

donViehos: true that it contains caramel (i.e. E150) and it does not comply with the US law on bourbon, but considering that it's a good AND cheap whisky, one should not bother too much, to me it doesn't matter since its a decent booze. salute!

rab631: You should try Jim Beam Black label the notes in that are V good

mnfghdjghjdghdj: Those are 4,99€ in Berlin at the moment.

thereagauze: never looked for bourbon in europe, just end up getting a Liter of Wild Turkey 101 8 Year at duty free and drinking that usually. Next time I'll explore a little.
whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon 4.9 out of 5

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whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon