Whisky Review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon

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Rallerboy888: Seems like Ralfy had to pee near the end

costa russell: 9.95 euro's in Cyprus

ThomasWhatever: Have they changed the content recently? Tastes very much like Beam, but more bitter, like some strange kind of wood and the label says E150 added. First impression: I like beam more. It's like you can taste the 3,50 to 6 € you spend less on a bottle of beam. Would not buy this again.

ken ken: The bottle is empty,,

cantbendknee: Definitely a nice mixing bourbon. A shot and a dash of Dr. Pepper.

CrankCase08: I noticed today that the Western Gold with white label (70cl) was being sold (if I remember correctly) at about £11.50, and the Western Gold (black label) at about £13.00 - yeah they put the price up. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Being someone who much prefers Jack Daniels to Jim Beam, would I prefer the black label?

Also, has anyone done a taste test on that bloody awful Sainsbury's bourbon?

stefan0325: Jeezus, people! Is it really that hard to understand that U.S. Law doesn't apply outside of the States (and vise versa)? The EU has its own laws on Bourbon and here coloring is allowed (must be stated on label though), straight bourbon is not a protected term (you can sell a 6 mos old bourbon as straight bourbon).

This is mostly for political reasons. The EU refuses to restrict American alcohol because the US refuses to restrict the us of Champaign for just any bubbly wine and also sells Kölsch beer that was not brewed in Köln (Cologne). 

Mike D: Having trouble finding this stuff, who sells it in the states?

Extempori: Christmas 2013, Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey 6 Years Old, Black Label.9,99€

Mistr AznDream: du bist scheiße

Eds UKGamerz: They still do this at lidl although the label has changed but they've also introduced a 6 year old version... Very tempted to try a bottle

Bryan Usrey: Could also mentioned that those oak casks are typically only used once and then sold off to Canada, Scotland and so on.

Abberadon: Good review. Not sure it is Jim Beam though, it seems to me that it is more akin to Heaven Hill. Western Gold has 'colouring' added, which is caramel - hence the heavier caramel notes that change the flavor profile. Still a lovely drink for the money though. If you can get it, I recommend W H Harrison bourbon from Indiana - very new and very nice.

Gerard Szare Drzewo: Aaahh! Western Gold! My old, good buddy. Nice to see him in the review. 85/100 is a fine note. Cheers from Poland!

Stephen Dedalus: I feel like he's slightly drunker than usual in this review.

thereagauze: never looked for bourbon in europe, just end up getting a Liter of Wild Turkey 101 8 Year at duty free and drinking that usually. Next time I'll explore a little.

Nikhil Malik: Keep it up! Oh I guess here's a fun Malt Mention: "Hello there, you malty, multipotent members of the meritocracy" -Nik, from Norfolk, Massachusetts

Nikhil Malik: Dear Ralfy, I must say, I am a huge fan of your videos. This is my first comment, but I have seen almost all of your videos. Keep doing your thing. You present your reviews in a well rounded fashion, leaving us with a good amount of information. Im a big single malt guy but am getting more into bourbons. Id love to see a review of Wild Turkey, both the 101 and the 81. I think you may really appreciate the flavor to cost ratio!!

Myneighbour Tortoro: The late Mr. Michael Jackson described it as a Clint Eastwood of whiskeys. Do try when you can! Do love your reviews!

Myneighbour Tortoro: Ralfy, how come your reviews on Bourbons does not include Wild Turkey 101 especially the 8 y o?
whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon 5 out of 5

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whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon