Whisky Review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon

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SnowCoveredPlainswalker: George T Stagg is only $45.00 at my local store here in Texas. I guess some bourbons are marked up in the UK just like most scotches are marked up here in the US

Ziga Badoo: Great review, thanks! I ve been flirting with Lidl Western Gold for some time but never bought it.. Now Im gonna!.. Can you please do a review of Bourbon CLARKE'S which is being sold in ALDI (HOFER)...

James Haggie: my God it's embarrassing listening to this plastic jock trying his hardest to sound like a scot. hawhae ya wee fukin jesse! keep tryin tah be eigh. stop embarrassing yahsehl eh

JASON BLAHA BULL-PREPPING ENTHUSIAST: Just bought a bottle in LIDL Portugal for 7.59. I have poured a glass but haven't tasted yet.

EDIT: It's been a few days now... Would definitely recommend to anyone. Not the best whisky but it's VERY smooth and it drinks well. Would give a 7 out of 10.

jeetu gill: it is 6.49 euro in lidl in italy

simo lad: have / can you do a review on the 6yr old western gold ! Thanks

Tatty Fowl: Lidl still sells this so it's liked but I'm mixing my bottle with vermouth.
The label says it's made in the USA and bottled in Germany so I suppose the colourant is added then.

Mr. R: Allo mate,seen a few of yer vids,whisky and cigars. Would love to hear your review of Lidls 28 year old Ben Bracken at £49.99. I've bought a bottle but i'm no connoisseur. Lidl does some good ones apparently as a few years back they had one for £39.99 and the experts were rating it worth over £100 a bottle. See what you think :) Cheers.

petar petrov: I bought one bottle of this spirit in Germany and on the back it's written: Bottled in Minden (Minden it's a town in Germany) and very important thing, contains Colorings E150. How they can sale this spirit as a straight Kentucky Bourbon? And they sale scotch which is also Bottled in Germany?

Rallerboy888: Seems like Ralfy had to pee near the end

kaseyjoneswwe: 9.95 euro's in Cyprus

: Have they changed the content recently? Tastes very much like Beam, but more bitter, like some strange kind of wood and the label says E150 added. First impression: I like beam more. It's like you can taste the 3,50 to 6 € you spend less on a bottle of beam. Would not buy this again.

ken ken: The bottle is empty,,

cantbendknee: Definitely a nice mixing bourbon. A shot and a dash of Dr. Pepper.

CrankCase08: I noticed today that the Western Gold with white label (70cl) was being sold (if I remember correctly) at about £11.50, and the Western Gold (black label) at about £13.00 - yeah they put the price up. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? Being someone who much prefers Jack Daniels to Jim Beam, would I prefer the black label?

Also, has anyone done a taste test on that bloody awful Sainsbury's bourbon?

stefan0325: Jeezus, people! Is it really that hard to understand that U.S. Law doesn't apply outside of the States (and vise versa)? The EU has its own laws on Bourbon and here coloring is allowed (must be stated on label though), straight bourbon is not a protected term (you can sell a 6 mos old bourbon as straight bourbon).

This is mostly for political reasons. The EU refuses to restrict American alcohol because the US refuses to restrict the us of Champaign for just any bubbly wine and also sells Kölsch beer that was not brewed in Köln (Cologne).

Mike D: Having trouble finding this stuff, who sells it in the states?

Extempori: Christmas 2013, Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey 6 Years Old, Black Label.9,99€

Mistr AznDream: du bist scheiße

Eds UKGamerz: They still do this at lidl although the label has changed but they've also introduced a 6 year old version... Very tempted to try a bottle
whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon 5 out of 5

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whisky review 157 - Western Gold Bourbon