Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Custom & Manufacturer Enclosures

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Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Custom & Manufacturer  Enclosures
Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Custom & Manufacturer Enclosures
Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Manufacturer & Prefab Enclosures
Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Manufacturer & Prefab Enclosures
Q bomb subwoofer box test
Q bomb subwoofer box test
Q Bomb 12 VL Single Subwoofer Enclosure Review
Q Bomb 12 VL Single Subwoofer Enclosure Review
What Subwoofer Box Should I Get?   Car Audio Q & A
What Subwoofer Box Should I Get? Car Audio Q & A

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Anthony A: Two completely different boxes is definitely going to be uneven. Totally biased test, should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking this was a fair test.

Sir-Dab-Alot Na: How much for a good dual 12 inch ported box for 2 DC Audio lvl 4s and a box for 3 jl audio 10tw3s?

Baird Carver: damn i forgot how bad kicker subs sounded

DrunkenBass: I have been building professional custom boxes for a good bit now. Always go custom. Manufacture boxes can be very cheap. I have personally seen kicker boxes. Kicker doesn't even use their own labeled brand of wire in their boxes... Pretty pathetic not to mention manufacture boxes are tuned very high just as prefab boxes are, therefore you only have a small spectrum to play. You can build custom PROPER boxes and gain upwards of 3db...

DrunkenBass: If the manufacture box is louder than your custom box you built, then you obviously did not build the box properly haha. Always go custom.

tato good: Manufacturer (124) better than Boxes: Custom (126) look size 50%

mohammad hanandeh: what is the best box design for pioneer TS-W3004D4 subwoofer?

Gary Dean Paul: So your conclusion is louder is better?
Did you test distortion levels?
Did you test frequency response in the bandwidth measured?
Why not measure how many watts were needed per box?
Watts needed would be about as telling as Db levels, which is to say, not the information an intelligent speaker builder could use.
Take a look at $100K plus speakers.
They do not concern themselves with low-brow Db levels.
They consider distortion and smoothness of frequency responses .
Of course, speakers that sell for $100 can still go that route.
As I see it , your tests simply augment the pathetic one-note bass so often heard in cars by people who don't appreciate what makes for quality sound reproduction.

Gregory Steele: Can you build custom boxes for subs sonic electronics personnel ?

Besmir Qerimi: Where can i buy a Kicker original box for Kicker l5 12'' please?

iagogonzalezalvarez: Big box = big sound

quest 77051: Not much of a difference. What was the price difference between the two?

CHEF STIRRY: Still didn’t follow thiele small parameters 🤣

Frank Rivera: Yeah they wer both ported but the custom box i feel should have been a lot louder being how much bigger it was i feel and it's just my opinion but i might just got with the the regular box if im not going to be in a competition or anything wats the point it's just 1 or 2 at most db more than the regular box and it will fit in a smaller space in ur vehicle if u don't have as much don't get me wrong if i new someone that lived close to my area that built custom boxes and they can make it to we're it would fit in my trunk i probably would get 1 built ✌🏼🔈🔉🔊

Tony Kart Racer: That manufacturer box seems to be good right out of the........ errr, box. No need to spend money and time for a bigger box for only a little output gain.

Terry Assary: The last test the manufacture Box kick at 126.1 and now it's lower.....

Grizzly_Hess: Omg I’ve read so many comments talking about how unfair of a comparison this was and how the huge size difference in the boxes isn’t worth it for a 1 dB increase blah blah blah. But there’s sooo much more to it. First of all 3 dB increase is twice as loud to the human ear. So 1 dB increase is like a 33% gain in sound.....not such a minor increase. Also they tried to make this as fair as possible due to the fact that the side ported the custom box just like the manufacturer kicker box knowing damn good and well that the custom box would have much more output being sub back port back. Also with a prefab/manufacture box you can’t put the kind of power to the woofer without bottoming out and disorting. In a real world scenario the person would have built the box sub back port back (if going in a trunk) anyways and also could put a lot more power to the woofer cleaning without damaging the woofer

Bri an: I like how you set this crap on, what I’m assuming, a customers car... I would be pissed if it were my car... I don’t even set drinks on my cars...

Thomas Czartoszewski: Portend box will always have higher spl

bubba wubba: since just about all vehicles is limited by space and the custom box looks roughly 2x as big why not add another factory built box sub and box and do the comparison and do not take the fill out either. I'm looking at doing another install in one of my vehicles and space is my limitation and of course I want loud! I think I'd want 2 of those small sealed subs their instead of the custom box that is much bigger.
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Comparing Subwoofer Boxes: Custom & Manufacturer  Enclosures