2003-2007 Honda Accord Front Brakes Remove And Install Rotors And Pads

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Colin Ireland: Thanks for the video! What was that spray to clean the oil off the rotors, and what were the two lubes that were used?

Steven Serrano: I didn't put those two middle screws back on

blue bird: good vedio

Max Watson: Why do you have to compress the piston? Will the caliper not fit on over the brake pads if you don't?

Jair Gonzalez: i need help somebody knows the size of the screws of the rotor?? please

John Wick: Excelent video!..how about the rear brake?:)

hitman6191: Great Video, but like others have said, i would recommend drilling out the set screw.
3/8" bit and a drill.

Flavio A: are the rear ones the same?

tnywragge: Awesome video! Exactly how it went changing the pads and installing new rotors on both front wheels of my 2004 Honda Accord LX.  Went exactly the way you described it! Literally one side took me 30 minutes and the other side took probably 15 minutes.  Super easy and inexpensive.  I'll probably never have a professional brake job again.  Saved around $400.00 doing it myself and not the Honda dealer.  Honda dealership is such a ripoff! Thanks again for the awesome video!

dfgdfgsdf100: whats the size of that bolt you are using to help remove the rotor if it's stuck?

Hairless Hippy: I'm going to use this video this weekend to change my rotors and pads on a 2006 Honda Accord. I don't have a torque wrench.. how critical is it to use one? can't I just impact them tight, but I know torque ratings are there for a reason.. what do you think?

David: whats the tool you use to press the cylinder back in ?

mogtrader8: what do u docif the rotor screws are too tight. can it be drilled?

Cor66Vette: This is the most comprehensive and no nonsense tutorial on brake pad replacement I've yet to view. Great video. Thank you

Racer P: Man you do the best car repair videos!

peter d: Me I always clamp off the hose to the brake i am working on. Loosen the bleeder when I push the piston back in. It stops the gunk rust dirt from going into system. Abs especially. Then either power bleed them or put a block of wood under brake pedal so i do not destroy master cylinder.(hard knock) Full change of brake fluid. Done..

peter d: If you looked at the pads the inboard wore a lot more then the outboard. Lack of lubrication on pad lube points,Or the slide pins. Also the clips that the pads slide on are bad. they get grooved and worn, the stanless clips are cheap and insure a smooth movement of the pads. Always change those with new pads... For one side to not be equal means something was hanging up. Quick way to destroy new rotor have pads hang up on bad clips... Five bucks for clips do it right... Info, when you look at pads for wear look to see they are wearing equally. If they are not a quick removal and cleaning can save your pads and rotor. Remember to lube the contact point on pads. Change those cheap clips...

Ski Fall: LOLOL if it was that easy to remove your bracket bolts, some half ass mechanic must've worked on it. dangerous

Corkoth55: i notice you didn't mention if you crack open the brake fluid reservoir to relieve pressure when you retract the piston. and i see you didn't put the shim back on the new pads.

kazper2011: What would you recommend if the impact driver doesn't work? I tried it on my 02 accord and it worked for the front, but the back seemed totally seized. What type of hammer would you recommend hitting the driver with?
2003-2007 Honda Accord Front Brakes remove and install rotors and pads 5 out of 5

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2003-2007 Honda Accord Front Brakes remove and install rotors and pads