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Cemal Uslu: Hi,
I opened my damaged drive and saw that the disc was damaged by the head. There is a 0.5mm circle scretch. Is there a way to recover the data from heatlhy parts of damaged disc?

keV Fusion: Can I replace a 750 GB drive head with a 1 TB drive head of the same make and model?

Lilly Wolf: Ok, question, too many comments to read through. When the donor head is removed and replaced into the original HDD, I noticed you didn't use a tool to keep the headers separate. In my understanding, it is vital that the headers can not touch. Your video doesn't prove that theory. Does it matter, if the headers touch during exchange? Or, am I supposed to keep them separate while exchanging, then remove tool when time to put in park?

GokuMcDuck: So is this guy a hack?

AXHEJAZ: i'm computer tech my self, long story short, you people are paying sooo much money is simply because of the Convenience we bring to you! remember this people

Narthimar: Excuse, might i ask a question? Why are you wearing a protective mask while doing the hard disk head swap?

Narthimar: Excuse, might i ask a question? Why are you wearing a protective mask while doing the hard disk head swap?

ACS Data Recovery: @mattbrad2 The video is edited down to fit within YouTube's 10 minute limit. Most recoveries take a few hours to complete if things go perfectly. Some take days, some take weeks, and a few take months.

mattbrad2: So... you fixed this drive in 10 minutes (roughly)? And you will charge the customer how much exactly??

grooveclubhouse: Or run raid 1. its much easier.

suspekt29: I never understood why you had to have the same numbers. I got screwed because nobody was ever able to find my exact model. You would think a 80GB drive is the same as any other. Taught me a valuable lesson though. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP!

steve_333: lol i have a pentium 1 hard drive 2.5 GB with 16 heads 4960 cylinders and 63 sectors, made in 1997.... lol

ACS Data Recovery: This is absolutely false in regards to the platters. A single platter you may get away with. A Toshiba drive, is a bit more forgiving on both horizontal and vertical axis alignments. You can use head stacks that contain more heads than the original source, given that other parameters are also properly matched. Yo don't have to cut them off, and risk damaging the good usable heads. The drive controller won't try to read them so they will just be null anyway.

CSoiretgeFsM: Damn... and that's a hitachi travelstar too... while waiting for my folder thumbnails to load, my hard disk suddenly hanged and started making a clicking sound like the arm tapping on that smaller metal round thing in the center of the gold disk... I immediately panicked realizing, "freak NO, CLICK OF DEATH" and held my power button till my lap shut down... is there still a way to recover my data?

Roger: data is recovarable if u wipe the HD out with one pass =]. You just have to want it bad enought to recover. hehehe

Geed Zia: And what advice has he given us. NOTHING !

ACS Data Recovery: Swapping platters is a much more complex process in most cases. In some drives we do just that. Toshibas for example, are very forgiving. However, we only swap platters as a last resort in cases where the spindle motor has seized or failed altogether. There are too many possible issues with vibration and axis alignments. In short, you can't just take the platters out and put them into another drive. All alignment has to be maintained, vertical and rotational or the data will be inaccessible.

Robert Ark: stop giving people bad advice!

Robert Ark: what imaging ware is that?

Brad K: Even his cotton t-shirt is giving off dust particles. He should have hooded coveralls.
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Data Recovery Head Swap - Hard Drive Crash -