Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video

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Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video
Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video
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How to Install Mortar for a Shower Pan Quick and Easy
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How to install Mud in a shower floor
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Heather Miranda: How did you attach the metal to the curb without puncturing the curb?

Patrick McDonough: What type staples do you use?

Freedom Toast: That’s how you do it . I hope people disregard other videos and comments.Nice job.

ncsr111: The contractor sealed the shut-off valves behind the bedroom closet, unless it is in the crawlspace. How does one shut-down both taps?

ifyouseakaimee: beautiful job!!!!

Chiafade now: I really REALLY wish these videos show the demo aspect. Some customers are so unrealistic on what it takes to prep the area for tile. Especially when tearing out a crapty job. It'll help people realize why a pro charges so much. Not a hack A PRO.

James Mason: Really great video, Mark. Clear and concise on all the steps but One. Can you please tell me how you raised the first flange off of the subfloor one half inch the way you indicated.??

Bob E: Excellent video

scott witteveen: First thanks for the great video, very helpful.
I am doing the same type of shower install but on a concrete floor not wood. Would you recommend doing anything different, namely the felt paper and metal lath?

Richard Diaz: why backerboard backwards?

Maria Constandinou: Could I use a vapor barrier behind the cement board? I am installing a hand bar, so I will also have plywood and I want to make sure no mold gets in there. Any advice?

Greg C: Great video, one question : When you demoed the floor, was there a pre-slope? Did you leave the pre-slope or did you build a new one before the pan liner. If I'm correct, I think I saw a video of yours where you do not use pre-slopes. Am I correct?Thank you and keep up the good work.

Brian Lewis: ...the pebbles. i love it. it's the small details that could make the difference between failure and success. great video!

cfcreative: That looks nice and solid I was at a job recently and they were using a premade system that used a styrofoam block for the curb? I think this system looks much more durable for the long haul.

josh ramirez: i want to build a concrete shower and stain it rather than tile....along with stained concrete overlay countertops i will be working on shortly...can I go with a stamped cement final slope and do the same on the surround walls using 3coat stucco technique using portland cement rather than mortar mix

Hector Garcia-Martinez: Where did you get the wire/metal mesh??

john g: Very professional looking job. Could you tell me how I would go about finding someone qualified to install a mortar shower pan in my area? Do many plumbers do this, or a specialty trade? Thanks, Johnny

Dennis Conners: I don't have topping mortar. What ratio of sand to portland cement would you use? I plan to use and additive bonding agent.

Ryan McGeeney: 3:32: Does the mortar come under the lip of the drain assembly, or simply right up to it? Does it matter?

May Yer Lor: can this shower base done in a upstairs bathroom of a house built in the 70's?
Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video 5 out of 5

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Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video