Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video

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Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video
Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video
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Bob E: Excellent video

scott witteveen: First thanks for the great video, very helpful.
I am doing the same type of shower install but on a concrete floor not wood. Would you recommend doing anything different, namely the felt paper and metal lath?

Richard Diaz: why backerboard backwards?

Maria Constandinou: Could I use a vapor barrier behind the cement board? I am installing a hand bar, so I will also have plywood and I want to make sure no mold gets in there. Any advice?

Greg C: Great video, one question : When you demoed the floor, was there a pre-slope? Did you leave the pre-slope or did you build a new one before the pan liner. If I'm correct, I think I saw a video of yours where you do not use pre-slopes. Am I correct?Thank you and keep up the good work.

Brian Lewis: ...the pebbles. i love it. it's the small details that could make the difference between failure and success. great video!

cfcreative1: That looks nice and solid I was at a job recently and they were using a premade system that used a styrofoam block for the curb? I think this system looks much more durable for the long haul.

josh ramirez: i want to build a concrete shower and stain it rather than tile....along with stained concrete overlay countertops i will be working on shortly...can I go with a stamped cement final slope and do the same on the surround walls using 3coat stucco technique using portland cement rather than mortar mix

Hector Garcia-Martinez: Where did you get the wire/metal mesh??

john g: Very professional looking job. Could you tell me how I would go about finding someone qualified to install a mortar shower pan in my area? Do many plumbers do this, or a specialty trade? Thanks, Johnny

Dennis Conners: I don't have topping mortar. What ratio of sand to portland cement would you use? I plan to use and additive bonding agent.

Ryan McGeeney: 3:32: Does the mortar come under the lip of the drain assembly, or simply right up to it? Does it matter?

May Yer Lor: can this shower base done in a upstairs bathroom of a house built in the 70's?

schooder: What about using that orange Kerdi waterproofing material for the base?

David Alvarado: Thanks @homeadditionplus for the wonderful video. We are using a hot mop installer as the membrane. The installers are claiming that they do not use paper/felt and mesh under their pre-slope prep. Is this accurate? Also, after they install the hot mop, how do I mesh the curb walls for mortar prep? How are they fastened? I do not want to make holes on the hot mopped membrane. Help!

Davina Yau: what kind of mortar are you using?

Yossi Khalon: Hi
I have two questions ?
1. What drain did you use (Otay or Sioux Chif drain) ?
2. If you want to add bench to your shower, should you do it after you complete the sower pan and wall (before tile) ?

Tjfreak: Thats's exactly over kill,rock solid..really nice work..beautiful set up for tile.

Vic male: My shower is in basement floor of shower is not tile it's rough like it had colored sand how would I repair leaks on I. Possibly with some kind of epoxy

MAD King: How do you attach the wire mesh inside the curb? Doesn't it damage the liner?
Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video 5 out of 5

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Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video