Prismacolor VS Derwent Colored Pencils

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Prismacolor VS Derwent colored pencils
Prismacolor VS Derwent colored pencils
Prismacolor Premier VS Derwent Coloursoft! PENCIL comparison and REVIEW!
Prismacolor Premier VS Derwent Coloursoft! PENCIL comparison and REVIEW!
Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil review and speed drawing w/ Lachri
Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil review and speed drawing w/ Lachri
Blenders TEST | Prismacolor vs Derwent | Review
Blenders TEST | Prismacolor vs Derwent | Review
Colored pencils review - Derwent, Polychromos, Prisma, faber-castell
Colored pencils review - Derwent, Polychromos, Prisma, faber-castell

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Hufflepuff Fairy: are you sure these are real prismacolors? the writing on the ligo looks totally off...or maybe those are schollars? I have prismas and coloursofts and the prismas blend much better, also never broke like that with me🤔 maybe thats just the way we colour though...

Debbie Lee: You have a very heavy hand with your pencils in your you think that has anything to do with the breakage issues? That has never happened to me when I use Prismacolor. I don't use them that often though because I use FC Polychromes and CD Luminance pencils almost all the time but I can honestly say I have never had a breakage like I just saw you experience with those pencils. Brutal.....Thanks for the video.

Gordy May: Super helpful! Thank you, Melissa!

Annabel Spring: Well, at least i haven't been getting Derwent's for no reason. I have the 72 Water colour packet, the 72 colour soft packet, some charcoal ones and two packed of grey-leds. Check out my drawings on my Instagram account! It would really mean a lot. I am only 11 so.... I think i'm pretty good, my account >> @drawing_beebie

Christian Lives Matter // Crews: Derwent has good products, everything I have from them so far, I'm content

k sen: thank you for the video! Could You please HELP the beginer.... well, idk maybe im too unprofessional, maybe i don't understand anything buuut... for me derwent colorsoft pencils are too fat, i just can't draw tiny details and also i don't understand how to color so there won't be those gaps, white things :/ i always used only grey pencil to draw but then i bought derwent colorsoft cuz i just wanted slim, solid coloring pencils and yeah i didn't pay attention to "colorsoft" on box uhh im so sad now it would be great to get some tips from YOU! and could you pls recommend some not soft, maybe watercolor pencils?i'm just too stupid in this, thank you!!!!!

Serhat Çakır: My english is not good as well
So can you guys explain me which colored pencils is better?

My Edits! Channel: Wow!!😍😍😍😍

Sprinkleofblossom: can you use a white pencil to blend or is it better to use a colourless blender?

WebBinary: Greetings from another Rodríguez. I learn a lot with your video.

Winnerwinner Chickendinner: Best in depth real comparison review I've seen on this subject good job! Love the detail and critical analysis

Feather ronni: where is the link to the sharpener you like? I just can't seem to find it!

Phu Vet: How is the derwent for softness? I use Prismacolor a lot because it is softer and almost creamy when you use it for a while. The color doesnt change but as you use them they get softer and flow better. I learned this from a Disney workshop. every other brand seem brittle and hard compared to prismacolor. The only one I like as much are the old Berol Prismacolors. mine are all Premier, never seen a plain Prismacolor btw, thanks for the Video.

Starr Patrick: Thank you for the video I have a couple Derwin's pencils I love them i will most defiantly be buying a bigger set now

Linda k: I finally found a video showing the difference between these two pencils. I have a set of prismacolors and same issues that you found. I have a small set of Staedtler pencils which I really like but few colors and small set. I have been trying to decide what to get next. I cannot afford polychromos and I was confused what to try. Thank you for your time in doing this. :)

David Church: Thank you for the review; excellent side-by-side comparison; Good to see the pros and cons of each so the artist can know the best to use for each situation

Tammy Dorn: Thanks so much for the informative and interesting review. maybe it is just my old eyes.. but I thought between the two drawings the prisma picture was more vivid than the Derwent. I own the 150 set of Prisma premier. Yes they break too often which is frustrating... I also find with the Prisma it is challenging to get soft colours. I just bought the 72 sets of Derwent, Lyra and Marco Raffine from Amazon.

Tamara G: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this video! I know I will go with Derwent! :-)

Rutter Mine: Es actuado haces quedar mal a los prismacolors haces mejores los trasos con los otros colores que los prismacolor

Wasim Saiyed: Very descriptive, to the point and useful video! Wasn't sure on what to buy before. Going for Derwent coloured pencils for sure!
Prismacolor VS Derwent colored pencils 5 out of 5

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Prismacolor VS Derwent colored pencils