John Deere 445, Cab, Heater

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John Deere 445. cab. heater
John Deere 445. cab. heater
John Deere 445. cab. heater. 47 snowblower
John Deere 445. cab. heater. 47 snowblower
John Deere X748 soft cab and custom heater
John Deere X748 soft cab and custom heater
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John Deere 445 restored
John Deere 445 with 47 Inch Snowblower & Soft Cab !!!!
John Deere 445 with 47 Inch Snowblower & Soft Cab !!!!

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Benjamin Ward: I think those cabs are a good bargain. Ive got this tractor with a loader and im going to make one of those cabs work some way. With the John Deere cab it not possible. If I re do the crossmember on the loader it should work other wise it would go right through the windsheild. Nice unit in my opinion this is John Deeres last good overbuilt steel framed tractor. In other words GOOD metal. Thanks for the video.

Joe Kiersten Fallon: I thinking of doing a heater as well.  Where are you coming off of the engine for water supply and return?

Dominick Guerra: i have a original metal curtis cab that came off a 345 it has all glass windshield and 12 volt wiper! its on craigs list right now call or text its for sale and beautiful!! 810 347 9598 flushing michigan

foolongtea: My e-mail is if you could spare anytime for a quick how to. It would be much appreciated.

foolongtea: Nice rig. I currently have the JD cozy cab on mine with the 49A JD blower up front. Could you shed some more light on the heater set up. How are you getting enough power to run the fans. I tried with a little ceramic heater before after I made a 12 volt connection but my stator was crying and constantly had the bat light on. I need a little more power firendly set-up such as this.

erdjohn: If you scroll down to my earlier comments, i have some info that may help.

erdjohn: Check out my other video with 47 snowblower

FoxHighShop: I have the 425, basically same tractor. I have a curtis cab, and am interested in your heater setup. Please email at Thank you!

erdjohn: @ccmdvl1960 Sure, 16" wide, 16" tall, 12 1/2" deep. I made a plywood box with 2 angle irons out the front, and 1/2 redy rod on the rear for the support. The angle irons sit on the side of the tractors hitch, and the 2 support straps mount on the upper tractors frame. I drilled holes in the plywood box for the redy rod to slip through, cut out the side for the angle irons to mount through, secured with some wood screws, and poured in the cement. Its weight about 250 lbs. Hope this helps.

cc-pa: Great video! Could you provide me with more info about the concrete ballast on the rear? Particularly, the physical dimensions and the location of mounting points. I have a similarly equipped JD 425 and am in need of more weight in the winter! Thanks in advance!

erdjohn: @catonmtn I bought a snowblower now, but havent used it yet. Think i'll buy a glass front windshield and a wiper. the heater works great! Thats is actually my basement, which is a woodshop now.

Raymond Wagner: nice setup how do u keep the winshhied clean??? like your garage as well

erdjohn: @sirbutchford Butch, i dont see the heater on ebay anymore, however it came from If you search for acc heater the model i bought is part number 20044A002C. Its made by ACC Climate Control, it works great. In mounting in the cab i moved the hardware on the heater to the opposite side, allowing the hose connections to be at the bottom. If you need anymore help, just ask.

erdjohn: Dan, email me about the adapter, i took some pics and where i got the fittings.

brett248vista: @erdjohn That's what I want to hear! :) I really need to get that fan ordered and fab up the new sheetmetal box with the heater vents in it. Should cost less than 30 dollars, the sheetmetal is free, I have to buy the fan and the automotive vents.

erdjohn: @brett248vista The heater will roast me out as well, it was 20 degrees outside and you could easily be in there with just a t-shirt on.

brett248vista: Great video John, and a super nice machine too! So how much heat does it throw? I thought mine would roast me out of the cab. That hasn't happened yet. But like we discussed via messages, once I get a new fan in there that covers more surface area, and pushes through the core, I think I'll be set!
John Deere 445, cab, heater 5 out of 5

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John Deere 445, cab, heater