Niwalker 750N1 720 Lumen LED Flashlight

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Niwalker 750N1 720 Lumen LED Flashlight
Niwalker 750N1 720 Lumen LED Flashlight
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Olight S10 Baton LED Flashlight 300 Lumens EDC
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joash480: Cool another "assault flashlight" review :))

babbyglock: man I love the nitecore mt40 900lum on low it go`s for almost 5 days

run4jc: I torture tested an early sample of one of these a year and a half ago. Search "Niwalker NWK750 Real World Torture" over on Candlepowerforums. Nice light - can put up with a lot of abuse.

bigpoppa578: Big light for the output. My pd32 ultimate edition is smaller and brighter.

catangen1: 5:10...impact resistant up to 1-1/2 meters ??

LucifersHydrogen: xml t6 or xml u2?

jimbog1776: What, no drop test?Looks sweet though,like that sign too.My sign says We Don't Call 911,and has a gun & shovel xed.

gunlover067: Good looking light reminds me of the jet beam 830 lum light wich I bought watching sootch videos wich is a good light !!! Guess I will be buying this one it has the strob and the jet beam doesnt, but still a great light!!!

Knives n' Gear: i love that sign at the end of the vidoe

Centex6b: Cool stuff

UnitCrane514: Wow thats a nice light!

NCHeel: Sootch which light would you choose between the Niwalker 750N1 and the Klarus XT 30? You have reviewed both. I love the Klarus.

newyorkairsoft: Maybe I do need a 700+ lumen light after all.

Gdick1193: That means you can drop it from 1.5 meters and it will not break.

clamum: Sootch is so HARSH CRENULATED

joed596: Thanks again for another great review, Don :-) What an AMAZING amount of videos you have uploaded! Thank you so much for all the efforts you make for us out here! :-) Jersey Joe :-)

Michael Pace: Looks like a sweet light saber :)

aksuperhero: Sootch try the Fenix PD32UE with 740 lumens. For its size it really handy.

goodinsrt8: focus that beam and you got yourself a lightsaber!

mattyelle1: This sootch doesn't f*ck around with his vids! Want good lights with most advanced LEDs? Search Aliexpress, chinese companies selling on there CREE flashlights cheap, some even as powerful as spotlights (over 10,000 lumens)!

PC Lotion: great for looking to zombies

bigpoppa578: Correction: as bright. Thanks for the review though. Keep up the great work!

jwash3rd: Good review. Glad to see the price of these lights is coming down some.

docwilkey: Nice review, I'm going to look into one of these.

videosbymike: Come to the light Zombies. Glock n Load, Mike

mattyelle1: For it's size & battery it uses, it is very weak. You should be able to get one for cheap that tops 2000 lumens easy.

Qualcuno Nessuno: 5:54 aaaaaa it looks like slenderman!!!

Patriot36: u2

maalaea: it's like a head light.

uberlupe1: Very good review.

Jailhouse Bradley: Yeah, this one totally looks like TrustFire 168A-T6 XM-L T6 5-Mode 1000LM Memory White LED Flashlight

beldotti85: I would say the gun is number one

dawgstar01: sootch00 , that's not a darn flashlight that's, Darth Vader's light saber!!! Both in looks and that amazing being that it puts out. I was half expecting you to cut the tree LOL

w2dn: Make your own flashlight. :) Check out our video.

isaiah gaytan: cool light your going to blind whoever is in a two mile radius

LMO MechTech: Nice job, sootch00...nice lite also. Thanks for presenting it.

bigpoppa578: Lol correction to my correction. Pd32 is 740

Phat Cat: UltraFire WF502B CREE T6 XM-L 1000 Lumens LED Flashlight by Ultrafire. $8.39 on amazon.
Niwalker 750N1 720 Lumen LED Flashlight 4.9 out of 5

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Niwalker 750N1 720 Lumen LED Flashlight