Thompson M1 A1 SBR

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Powder Hungry: is it weird that i can see the bullet flying from the thompson? did the bullets really travel that slowly?

Todd Shepherd: That would go perfect with my RockIsland 1911 acp.
I've looked at those for a couple years now.

Mr. Derp: Was I the only one that noticed that empty Cartridge stand up by itself at about 5:38?

Robert Johnson: Was he in the war

Angelo Eduardo Simonetti: I like this vídeos, congratulations, i have pistol model 1911 .45 Taurus, excelent gun, my name is Simonetti, good Luke my brother...

ssgmansurs70: Was he really in ww2??😂😂

Neo Frisk: Did he say that he carried one in WW2??

Sotis175: The mp-40 is way more beautiful

Hunter a: They swear the Thompson is inaccurate

Andreas Romanov: я вижу как пуля летит.значит очень слабый патрон

Kriss vector: Is he WW2 veteran ?

ChemicalFX: "This looks a lot like the one i carried in WW2" xD

andreas14536: very ncie i like

Manu Boreali: Sir, are you a gun-toting vampire?

chef061: Damn that's some great shooting.

Dot Warner!: This man sunk the Lusitania, The Bismarck, Destroyed the entire spanish armadda fleet, fought off the mongols and ended the bronze age with nothing but a mp40, a mosin and a Glock 40

Anton H: I thought he Did at first

AstroPictures: M1A1 vs MP-40? Anyone?

the daily driver: All due respect and I watch a lot of your videos but why would you say that you served during WW2 even jokingly with such legitimacy considering the humor? There were millions of people that gave their all, their lives during that war in order to make the world a better place for all. I don't see how that's a joke to speak of. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I had a grandfather that died parachuting into Normandy and one who almost died after being shot three times in the chest in Vietnam who sustained permanent nerve damaged the rest of his life until his death. I appreciate all Americans who have put their lives in danger for country and family. I don't just don't get the humor and I think many can attest to this fact. P.s. keep up the great videos!

Power Armored Guy: The Big Bang was actually the grenade of hickok
Thompson M1 A1 SBR 5 out of 5

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR