Thompson M1 A1 SBR

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M1A1 Thompson Review - Airsoft
M1A1 Thompson Review - Airsoft
our homemade replica thompson m1a1 ww2 machine gun
our homemade replica thompson m1a1 ww2 machine gun
TV reporter Works Out in Sweat Proof Thompson Tee in 150+ Temperature
TV reporter Works Out in Sweat Proof Thompson Tee in 150+ Temperature
Thompson M1A1  FullAuto
Thompson M1A1 FullAuto
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James Smith: u r my hero dude

john k: God, I'm living in the wrong state.time to move.

Catchablfoil: He was in ww2

Sandie Fyson: u can see the bullets at far range

420 Maryjane: gotta get me one of those

Chance “Solegide” Collins: 25k-30k? Wow, so affordable! Just put away like $2 every pay check, and you'll have one in no time.

Ben Humphreys: So sweet!😃

Jaime Maciel: I just love this gun! Man... you are a WW2 veteran! Where did you fight?

Adam Smith: Your videos are great, Hickok45. You're a damn good shot as well! Probably all the practice from all the wars you were in! Keep the videos coming, please!!

FeliSC00: How old is he?

Sam Dixon: Nice video. If you look carefully on the part where he is shooting the cinder blocks you can actually see the .45 bullets flying pn camera.

Camythecamel !: wait, i didnt know hickok was a ww2 vet.. interesting

Gasak Sakti: can somebody explain why the bullet velocity is so slow? even I can see the bullet travels before it hits the target when he shot that block

LEOPARDTWO: Will you fire a full auto model soon? Thanks.

You Suck: This guy is a deadeye.. I think the only time he missed his target was when he started shooting from the left shoulder

SnakeMGS88: Look how green is his yard! He feed the plants with soda every day!!

Average Asian (Mr. Sushi): I think this is a fun fact, US GI officers were only allowed to carry the M1A1 Thompson so in CQB, there were more dead and wounded officers than grunts...They also were only allowed to carry the Colt .45...That changed lol

Tom Mot: In 2013, Serbu Firearms,
despite the fact that NY City Police never placed a purchase order,
refused to sell their model BFG-50A semi-automatic .50 rifles to the New York City Police Department after the passage of the NY SAFE Act that classified their weapon as an assault rifle.[51][52]
Kahr Arms has stated that they are moving their headquarters as well
as a manufacturing facility from New York to Pennsylvania after the
passing of the NY SAFE Act.[53]
American Tactical Imports (ATI) is moving their headquarters from Rochester to Summerville, South Carolina.[54]
In February 2014, Remington Arms, which also scouted locations in Tennessee,[55] will do a planned expansion of its operations in Alabama, rather than at its Ilion location in Upstate New York.[56]
Remington has not given any public indications that it is planning to
move out of Ilion. In fact, it has spent more than $20 million on new
equipment for its factory in Ilion and added 560 jobs at the plant in
the past few years. Local union officials blamed Remington's decision on
New York's SAFE Act restrictions on assault weapons.[57]
On May 15, 2014, Remington announced it will be moving its production
lines of its popular Bushmaster semi-automatic rifles and R1 pistols
(Model 1911) from Ilion, NY to Huntsville, AL.

Tom Mot: Auto Ordinance was located in West Hurley, NY (about 15 miles north west of Kingston, NY). It was purchased by Kahr Arms in 1999. Since the passage of the New York State SAFE Act in 2013, Kahr Arms has announced it will soon leave New York State. Several other arms manufacturing firms will do likewise, including Remington Arms and Dan Wesson Inc.
Thompson M1 A1 SBR 5 out of 5

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR