Thompson M1 A1 SBR

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR
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bulbinking: Hate to say it, but much like most of the german weaponry the MP-40 was better.

ewen soley: He's too young to be a WW2 vet.

WomackNLD: You should really get a better sound recorder... every gun sounds the same in your videos

GunsNRoosendael: didn't the thomspon fire with an open bolt?

Nicholas Minos: Wait, what. This guy fought in World War 2????!??!?!

drv30: This man is a WW2 veteran? Or is he joking?

brohem03: that really is a beautiful gun, it would be interesting to see a actual full auto ww2 model

Baby Inuyasha: you fought in WWII?

Stark Lax: thats so cool that u can see the bullets hit the big propane tank

Sweden: Hickok45 army vet?

SuperDosel: A brand new thompson costs 30000 dollars? Wtf thats cheap??? Thats a nice car or a cheap house. The irony of a device that is supposed to protect you and youre house, also costs as much as a house

boogyman489: Ashame its not fully auto

Mr1987Joe: The cool thing about .45 ACP is that it's a subsonic ammunition. If you watch carefully, you can actually see the round in flight. That's why it's so much easier to suppress the sound of it compared to 9mm. It doesn't break the sound barrier, so there's only the sound of the combustion from the propellant. As far as the Thompson; great gun. I prefer the M1928A1, personally.

Dark falcon: I love ww2 weaponry and this gun is my favourite

vattumies: Funny that you can see rounds when he shoots at the block

PkNess97: Would love one of those

Freddy Siqueiros: Great gun 

Legion640: MURICA!

Sjukvårdsman Anders: 20 to 30 usd cheap...

0sheldm: i just bought the A1 long barrel version of the thompson, and i have found that the return spring is just obnoxious strong. I know it is a brand new gun, but it takes me both arms to pull the bolt back, and before you say anything, no im not weak, and i have not gone out shooting it yet. is it normal for the return springs to be so strong?

CSLFiero: For someone so gifted in the art of gab, Hickok is a little remiss to exclude the more exciting history of this gun during the prohibition days. I realize a lot of firearm advocates don't like to shine any sort of negative light on guns, but let's be honest.. The "Tommy Gun" is desired by every 9 year old in America for one very specific reason, and it isn't because it served in WW2...

perikaveera: The 1928 in the Tommy M1 A1 looks so much sexier. And yeah, I've been wondering too about the WWll stuff that he even mentioned in an earlier video. It ended 69 years ago, that is 1945 which should make him around 90+ even if he served during the last years of WWll unless he was joking, of course. The British Sten was a beautiful firearm also still used in many parts of the world but at 9mm, a tad bit underpowered when compared to the .45ACP Tommy. Jackson, Mississippi.

Aaron Dawson: Is this M1A1 modified to fire closed bolt? I've seen a few Thomsons fire open bolt; they were all full-auto. 

MrStr8shooter: he would have to be in his 90s to be a ww2 vet LoL

RoboTHUG2: "It looks alot like the one I carried in WW2" You gotta love hickok

Prince Noah: It's better than the MP40 because it doesn't use the silly kid's 9mm

walterbeech: Great vid, I really enjoy seeing what you put on here, good work!

SuperDosel: ww2 was about 70 years ago, So how does this guy look so young for someone 87-93 years old?

Guns Cars and Digits: That seems like an absolute blast. 

Bill Broder: No, he is joking, if you watch more of his videos you will see this is his type of humor

Merich Djelil: wait. he says these guns are cheap. 25 000 dollars?????? ive culd buy a 50 cal barret instead for 12 000 dollars

Tyrant Dancer Megaman: Does the Thompson utilize the same ammo as the M1911? 

Ross Salupo: hickok you look mighty young to have been in world war 2 you sure you didn't mean vietnam just curious here my grandfather would be 87 this year and he was in 1944 to 1946 to the best of my knowledge and he was born in 1926

Ettoredipugnar: WW2 ? You're not old enough.

bldlightpainting: Did I hear right, you were in WWII?

BrothaJeff: Weird. I always thought the Thompson was an open bolt system. 

djay6651: My granddad carried one in WWII and he said he hated it because it was inaccurate as hell.

Alex Lott: Does anyone know how old he is?

Matthew Latchem: Do they really cost 25 to 30 thousand? or did you mean hundred?

bricksquad9552: 2:21, you can see the bullet! That's awesome!

Jared Spencer: If he was in WW2 for just the last year, and enlisted at 17, he'd be at least 85. Has he found the fountain of youth or did I miss something?

oSyntheSiso: "They're cheap." They start out 25-30 thousand...LOL

Justin Bell: Then Thompson is sexy but the Like many others say mp40 is better

salame462: I like watching this old timer shoot. He's so outgoing and non serious about it all and has a good time. I also like his sarcasm. These videos are fun to watch.

이준용: oh tompson~ if can you automatic fire with this?

Mohamed Magid: 1 comment 

James Donohue: You don't seam that old to be 70 years ago, i mean even 18 at the age to go you would be 88, posibly 90..... you look well for you're age.

Peyton: You fought in ww2 how old are u

Brandon Elliott: Auto ordinance in my opinion one of the best gun companies ever

Linkin Owshan: man your lucky i'd love to try out the weapons you try 
Thompson M1 A1 SBR 5 out of 5

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR