Thompson M1 A1 SBR

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M1A1 Thompson Review - Airsoft
M1A1 Thompson Review - Airsoft
our homemade replica thompson m1a1 ww2 machine gun
our homemade replica thompson m1a1 ww2 machine gun
TV reporter Works Out in Sweat Proof Thompson Tee in 150+ Temperature
TV reporter Works Out in Sweat Proof Thompson Tee in 150+ Temperature
Thompson M1A1  FullAuto
Thompson M1A1 FullAuto
Auto Ordnance Thompson Pistol
Auto Ordnance Thompson Pistol "Your Grandpas AR Pistol"

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Jase Delgadillo: I hate the Thomson M1 A1

Nathan Drake: MY FAVORITE!

Konungur Alfsson: You were in ww2? You don't seem old enough wow. You do a video on story's you have

SMGJohn: Common fact is that Hickok45 actually invented the gun and sold the patent to the Chinese.

TheGodParticle: This is my favourite American machine gun, if I was going into battle I'd be going in with this baby. Wouldn't give a damn what I was going up against, at least I'd go out in style!

Al Brown: He was actually joking

BJ택배: It is my favorite gun

Nhaught Haught: sweet

BigBear 3142: hickok45 vs batman...

hickok45 would win

thrashkleinmice: Completely gun noob here. but if I listen to the bullet hitting the metal later, does it mean that for today's standards it's a slow weapon?

PandyTim no WWF: what about that type 100?

reaper slendy: Hebwas probably like 18 or 20 when he started serving in WWII cause he dont look too old

Brad Johnson: Did he say$25,000 $30,000

Bobshouse: Yeah, we were in the same unit in Guam.  Only back then he was known as "Stretch".  We used to fight about who got to carry the Thompson back then, ah the days!

AthruZGaming: No full auto? You should come see me in North Carolina Hick. I wont confirm I have a 1942 M1 model but I wont deny it ether.

Nerflover10097: Are short barrel rifles dangerous because they are easy to conceal under something like a trench coat?

Joshua Bostic: not to be rude or disrespectful but you say that you were in World War 2 you do not look that old if you don't mind could you coming back here age

Wolfgang McFadden-DiNicola: What did you use in the Revolutionary war? I got that WWII joke. you are too young for that. (unless you did actually fight in WWII)

TheParone: I want to buy this SBR right now but I can't find someone to sell me one! Any advice as to how I can acquire one?

David Hull: like the guns, they're on fire?
Thompson M1 A1 SBR 5 out of 5

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR