Thompson M1 A1 SBR

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World war 2 Informer: Hmmmmmmm... I doubt it sorry

World war 2 Informer: Wait a sec let’s here that again “looks a lot like the one I carried in ww2...” are u a ww2 vet?

Konrad U: Beauty...

The Interesting Nobody: You did us a great service in the great mammoth meat argument of 10,000 BC.

Joe Stone: ♡♡♡

Orkneyshooter: Hickok can certainly shoot.

Matthew Layne: Can someone tell me were to find my grandfathers old gun were to start looking for it

Michael Rousopoulos: WOW!! You served in World War II?! You look a little young. Where’s Your rank? What unit are You in?? You’re not even in Uniform!! STOLEN VALOR!! Maybe that wasn’t a law in Your time, but, it is now!!!! Hahaha!! Just kidding. Love Ya’, Hickok! You the man!!

superfisher28: Again another firearm made in Massachusetts that Massachusetts citizens cannot own.

Sam Rofik: This man is too young to be handling a fire arm

Agent Mullin: Believe it or not but I found a sten gun for 85 bucks.

Matthew Stone: Hickok45 u said it looks like the one h carried in WW2, i didn't think u were in ww2, were you?

เขียววิชัย Kheovichai: ปืนเจ้าพ่อ

jond1965: I bought and still own an Auto Ordinance 1928 version I got back in 1985. It is an awesome gun and my all time favorite. From Combat, Kelly's Heroes, and so many other TV shows and movies. Truly find to shoot and just too damn cool! This is awesome to watch.

Ivan Bojkovsky: Cute gun, kinda big recoil however

JC360noscope: Stranger....STRANGER. Now thats a weapon.

segwaycreeper 2006: Who rememders that gorillaz song

Royal Tazz: That's a nice gun in would love to own one

David Clarkson: Love how he mentions the British using this too. Mainly Royal Marines that used the Thompson I think.

David Clarkson: As a Brit (that loves historical guns) I'd love to move to US, just to shoot guns like this.
Thompson M1 A1 SBR 5 out of 5

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Thompson M1 A1 SBR