The Diva Cup Review

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guydecervens: This was invented on an idea from a customs officer who pulled a packet of cocaine from a woman's vagina in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. It really was the wrong time of the month for her.

Jessie Albarado: I love how it works but i had to stop using because my stomach would start hurting real bad :(

katie kat: Yeah, I'm only 14 and barely use tampons. not gonna use this.....

Bei_21: Cant it get stuck? Thats scary what if it pushes its way up during the day

JustPeachy85: I am not bothered by a smell. It is very similar to the smell of using a doesn't smell great. It's easily rinsed and cleaned and the cup itself doesn't smell after it's been cleaned. While it's in, there is NO like using pads.

heather holt: I haven't tried it yet but am intrigued to! I would probably use a pad with it for awhile just to be safe and make sure I'm doing it right! Sounds amazing! Thank you for this review! I heard another one about how she changed her opinion because it smells awful! Is it that bad?

nayasumei: Yes, they hold more than tampons, I have a heavy flow and always leaked with the disposable stuff which I had to change often, I only have to change 2-3 times with my cup. Just make sure you get the right size and length (there are many options besides the Diva Cup) and practice mostly at home at first.

Christina Catherine: Is this good for someone with a heavy flow?

Shakti080: I started using it on a work day, and yeah, I was a little worried that I did it wrong. I checked it all the time, but it never failed! I like it so much, but I'm sure it's not for everybody.

The Effortless Naturalista: It isn't affected by urinating. Pee as much as you want!

SonnySulouff: What about when you pee?

ffets: i love my diva cup! i will never ever go back to tampons! fortunately, i don't get bad cramps so its easy to forget that i even have my period.

xxitsmyfault: HAHAHAHAH I KNOW! me and my roommate were joking around and decided to ask that. It's kind of more of a joke than anything.. but I really was halfway curious though I wouldn't wash the thing WITH dishes. haha

samantharose: I looooooove the reason for why you tried it. I'm pretty sure everyone who started using it, began for that reason. haha.

Brandy Labranche: I love the diva cup :3

monroe444444: One of the best inventions ever. This will save you hundreds every year plus the waste going to the landfill. Only 30 dollars at iHerb (free shipping to U.S. & Canada, 10 dollars off with code PEY561). Seriously, you will never go back to pads and tampons. (The Moon Cup is even less - but I haven't tried that one.) Make sure you order the correct size for you.

xoxstella: You'd get type 2.

xxitsmyfault: Is it dishwasher safe?

sylvieflip6: heard about his from many of my female friends. thanks for explaining it in detail!

BassLove91: disgusting.
The Diva Cup Review 5 out of 5

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The Diva Cup Review