Updated Hair Regimen

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Product Favs Updated Relaxed Hair Regimen!
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My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair (highly requested!)

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S Darling: Love this conditioner. My dyed hair gets really coarse, dry and crisp and nothing seems to make it silky like Dr Miracle's tingling intensive deep conditioning treatment...same packet in this video. I leave it on for no longer than 30 minutes or one hour, if time allows.

Tatyana Monay: What brand of organic coconut oil do you use?

Justina Jade: Wow I'm jealous of your hair! It's gorgeous!(:

MissCoco Bulls: lol same here, it sucks right?

shimom87: your hair is so full i have thin hair :( it's not fair lol

Derelle Franklin: Thats the conditioner i need to use because this doctor miracle tingling 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner i have doesn't condition my hair at all it just shampoo's and it leaves my hair dry and the only good thing it does is that it tingles which stops the itching and flaking and i think that deep conditioner should go along with it and i like yo review on that conditioner and does it leave moisture in yo hair when u use it?

Lovelyy Simone: i bought the dr miracles deep conditioning treatment becuz of this video and i love it!!!! super duper glad i tried it out!! thank you victoria!!

EIREEB: Hi Victoria! Your hair looks so pretty and healthy! I was just wondering how often do you relax your hair, and which relaxer do you use??? Thanks :)

Ashleigh Nicole: you're so pretty

xoXoFel: Sally's has a generic version of the chi silk infusion that i use. i havent compared it to the actual but i cant complain. its a little cheaper and lasts for a really long time :)

grsta s: @bunnyboo5986 WOW! did u really just ask that! not all mixed ppl have nice hair some of their hair is frizzy and unmanageable but some do have nice hair too don't get me wrong but just know not all mixed ppl have nice hair

Bre Alexandria: aww chica ur hair is soo pretty, my hair is like the same length, bt its a loyt thinner from perming it so much over the years

grsta s: OMG ur hair looks so pretty and healthy at the end of the video. Ur ends are all clipped and everything. Now that is what I call healthy hair! Keep doing what ur doing because it's working! I'm jealous lol

paige5792: Thanks for the video!

rosey02us1: very nice and great vid

htowngurl17: great video as always

wetmonkey79: Your hair was so pretty at the end!

Gee Gee: good regimine! But that organics product is soo bad for your body. Side effect= headaches and cancer, Im telling you thinks bc I've experienced it. (minus the cancer part... but some ppl have) Look up its ingredient and see the side effects. I hope they remove that product off the market...
Updated Hair Regimen 5 out of 5

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Updated Hair Regimen