Onkyo Tx-nr807 No Sound Because Of Broken HDMI Board

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Eye Salve: I reflow mine, and then placed two funs. One at the area where the dts chip is located to draw air onto it. And the other where the preamp is to draw the heat outside the avr. And since then it's been running for months without any problem but the only problem I have is that the funs are loud, which means I need to get quite funs and replace them.

Aiden Masters: I bought an 809 unit.. Same issue, after looking into it online. There is a HDMI Board issue and some models (both of ours) are under factory re-call. I bought mine June 2012. By luck, still covered. Still a pain in the ass. Surprised they still sell them online. 

Joshua's Recordings: Send it to Onkyo to be repaired free! One time only. Also like William Dieke said, get it out of that cabinet it cannot breath!

tim kentucky: I just bought me a Onkyo TX NR929. To replace my Onkyo 909 pro it was a good one back in its time

Ash Baruh: my 809 after 2 great years also stopped the sound,very sad

me29952:  I purchased the SKS-HT870 7.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System, with a
Onkyo TX-NR515 A/V Home Theater Receiver, I love it, but I’m having some problems getting everything to work through my surround sound system. The only thing that I have working through the system is my Samsung Blu-ray player, but I like to get my TV, which is a LCD TV SAMSUNG 52 IN LN52b630,  and my JVC HR-VP673u working too. MY BIGGEST CONCERN IS MY RADIO HAS NO SOUND…AT ALL. Can you folks please help me by telling me step-by-step what I need to do to get everything working through this system.

Will3 asdasd: Im not very suprissed that happened in such a small cabinet.

melenmike: i fix this myself its easy!!! SEARCH GOOGLE FOR DSP CHIPHOW TO FIX WITH THIN FOIL!!

Dirk Bakkeren: Ik heb precies hetzelfde probleem met een TX-NR808. Het OnkyoUSAfirm staat vol mee. Na +/- 2 jaar gaan ze defect op het HDMI board.

dumbredneckvideos: Just had this happen on my Onkyo 809 too. Sad they were still making the same mistakes on newer models. Maybe they finally fixed it for their latest line of receivers?

Martin Slingerland: The capacitor replacement works for fighting hdmi switching. No sound has to do with a BgA chip. Refluxong or reballing should do the trick. I have no equipment for doing this.

Chris van der Wiel: See renegade4241's reaction.

Chris van der Wiel: I bought a Pioneer SC 2022.

renegade4241: If you are reasonable with a soldering iron you can replace and upgrade certain capacitors on the HDMI board which will solve the problem, search for onkyo hdmi board repair

Martin Slingerland: I have exactly the same symptoms with my 2.4 yrs old 1008. I ase a lot of similar cases with many of the xx7- xxx9 series. Ivan anyone pls come with a solution other than bring it to a service center?

Klaas kramer: Heb ik ook last van sinds kort 100% hetzelfde ONKYO RECEIVERS ARE CRAP Throw it away and buy Denon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Streminski: My tx707 started doing the same thing. Now I just leave it on 24/7 and it works fine. Never going to buy another onkyo.

66stryker66: this model is a piece of crap, never again, I have the same problem, I got a denon 1913 to replace this piece of crap

Chris van der Wiel: Thanks for your oh so kind piece of advice?! I know these models can run pretty hot. But Onkyo even confessed to me they had many multiple problems with they're HDMI-boards, google it.. FYI I haven't cried over it and I got an nice new pioneer reciever now standing in a bigger shelf! So I learned even though i haven't made an mistake. Now it's your time to learn how to react normal.

Elektromonterek: Did you see label on the top cover? Did you even check with your hand how hot is this model? I don't think so... and then people's crying "my onkyo tx-nr807 has no audio". You cooked it! This model is really hot on open air from every side and you put in in a shelf with 1cm holes. Grats! You should pay for your stupidity.
Onkyo tx-nr807 No sound because of broken HDMI board 5 out of 5

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Onkyo tx-nr807 No sound because of broken HDMI board