How To Paint Plastic With Spray Cans.

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sms61: Dude you have some dirt under you're nose.

Richard Driskill: This video was HORRIBLE!
You ...NEVER... spray OUTDOORS!
You don't even know HOW to use a spray can!
You didn't even wet sand your paint job! (that's where you got all your orange peel in the end!)
You ALWAYS have to use clear coat, or your paint job won't last!
1200 grit is not nearly fine enough need to end up at 3000 grit.

Herbert Martin: Do you apply all in one day (primer paint and clear)?

joei the legend: Are those dogs ridgebacks in the background? 🤓

Beast60: Also, nice video man, helped me alot and don't worry about the clowns complaining. Most likely the only paint job they've done is in the back of their underwear.

Beast60: Why did you sand the clear?

Cory McGUCKIN: Dies anyone know if there is a company that produces metal flake in a aerosol can (spray paint)?

Norman Wells: May as well just shut the sound off.  They don't impart any info.

jordanjcm jordan: After he goes though the list of things you will need he says "and thats about it" I was thinking about painting an older bumper but if you need that much stuff to paint a brand new peice of plasti then I dont want to even think about what i am going to need

Spartan Rider: I want to spray interior plastics in satin finish do i need to clear coat them?

Pizza Lov3r: For painting a spoiler would you recommend just plastic primer then base coat or plastic primer, a filler primer and then base coat? thank you

Michael Leonti: Thanks for the video! At the end can I use Meguiars liquid wax instead of polish?

Kev Dog: So you don't need to apply a top coat if you aren't using a metallic color?

Gplus sucks big: Would love to see how this bumper looks today...

cognitor900: Had to laugh when I saw the name of the boat.... 40 years ago in high school we gave that nickname to this terrific bloke. It was given as a sign of respect rather than any measure of distaste or discomfort or pain......
Hopefully the nickname stayed with him as does the medical condition!!!!!
Not a bad condition to have in your 50's....
Thanks for the I'm really not looking forward to painting some wheel flares x 9 coats!!!!

Chris Nastri: Up until the point you sanded the Clear coat, it all seemed good.
but I dont understand your steps after that point. Especially buffing and then adding Polish After.
I've always finished with a clear coat and thats it.

stilltlrforlife: I've seen way better jobs with rattle cans, rubbish

Hakimi Arshad: will sanding makes the paint shinier?

Guitars AndJams: First off...WEAR A MASK AND PROTECTION!!... all these noobs on youtube dont know how toxic all this crap is....dont show them that its ok to inhale all these chemicals and get it all over your skin.

Drone stuff: kill the stupid intro music !!!!
How to paint plastic with spray cans. 5 out of 5

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How to paint plastic with spray cans.