Homemade Jointer Build

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Gabriel Caicedo: hola Mathias un saludo desde Cali Colombia me gustaria saber si entre tus proyectos que a proposito son exelentes tienes una sierra de mesa pero con motor electrico digamos q de 3HP me podrias dar el link del video porfavor.
admiro mucho tus videos

Frank Halavy: Appreciate all the videos you are making. Amaizing talent. thx

صموئيل سهل حياتنا ياربMata: استاز الله يوفقك

bill rugg-easey: Like the safety boots

Josh Smith: Brilliant. Thanks.

Sorry my english is so suck: So this can roll my joints?

Parmjeet Singh: Very very very very very very good work Sir ji

Lawrence Withrow: I really like that infeed table elevating mechanism. I'm currently working on a thickness planing machine that uses a hand-held planer, held in a frame on runners a fixed height above the wood. I've seen several described on you tube but they all have a guide track that has separate lifts at each corner, and are only for small boards. I want to build one six or so feet long and it would be a real pain to set it level. With a raiser like this one it could be done with one crank. I'd probably make the levers out of metal, but the concept is a very good one.

tornado siren recorder/hking123456789: 0:56 your bandsaw having trouble there?

kb3svj: You are quite an inspiration for teaching others how to create their own to tools.

folkfingerstylefreddy: The outfeed table doesn't have to be adjusted?

georgianbents: So if the drive pulley is too big, why not just break with change, make the pulley side the back, and feed the material from left to right instead of right to left? You'll just have built a left hand version. ?

PaoloBrada DIY english español: Very nice build! At the next! #PaoloBradaDIY

Bonehead Guitars: Wow Mathias... Just wow, that is all. 😀

Shrek 61542: Realy interesting but if u dont trust your own construction please wear some safety shoes

André Borges: ok this was porn

Menaoui Med: merci bq

Gunness Sudama: Hey, terrific build as always.

I have a 6 in delta/rockwell jointer and will be buying a rockwell 8 in joniter mid january 2017.

I was wondering if the 8 in jointer can work with a feed roller (as you have with the Grizzly shaper).

I do plane lots of 6 in wide teak , mahogany + cedar boards in my Delta DC-380 15-inch thickness planer n was looking into setting up the 8 in jointer in a linear production run(either before or after the planer).

If so any ideas on how to set it up?


Khaled Mohamed: Great Job as always!
Homemade jointer build 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer build