Homemade Jointer Build

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Homemade jointer build
Homemade jointer build
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My Homemade Jointer
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First Tests on Homemade Jointer
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Eduardo Arzola: eres un maldito genio Wandel felicitaciones

MrDroovy: Easier to buy one.

badoc limoune: Salut mon grand !

Wayne Osmand: That is just beautiful, now I have a new project, Loved it very well done!

fred vferreira: muito bom  professor show  um abraço do brasil!!

Alexander “RangerStorz” van Storz: great video description in the playlist +Matthias Wandel , would be best to change it :P don't think this machine was made by a Hoe..

bodryn: This is beautiful work.

1873Winchester: Great job, only thing I'd change is the guard from a pork chop to euro style. And I am stealing that fence adjusting design, much better than my clumsy and overly complicated implementation.

Mike LoVetere: Very nice work!

Dan DIY: Excellent idea! how much time was spent to engineer this? Thanks for sharing!

Edmilson Francisco: really cool their projects, would like to get your plants in full size, I am Brazilian and thank you.

nguyen thuhang: I like Matthias Wandel

DDEENY: Nice job, but...WHY ARE YOU WEARING OPEN-TOE SANDALS IN YOUR SHOP?!!!  You must never do this!

St. Apollonius: Sorry the text correction kicked in.

St. Apollonius: You have a God given talent Mr. Wander

Ammar Keylani: brilliant. I admire people who are able to be as precise as such.

Dan Freeman: I love the parallelagram mechanism combined with the crank handle. It looks very useful for quite fine adjustment. 😊

Clown Whisper: I worked in robotics for years and years and years,  You would be surprised at how many machines are designed with fiddly fasteners like that.  near impossible to get to 

pmdelgado01: Very nicely done, by the way, would you have plans for sale, in Costa Rica a chinese made jointer that is of a very questionable quality runs for about 189k colones which is about $346 USD, that's almost half the salary of a professional.

Victor Manuel Gordillo Hernández: muy bonito tu canteador ademas de ecologico jaja por el uso de elementos reciclados
Homemade jointer build 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer build