Homemade Jointer Build

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Homemade jointer build
Homemade jointer build
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Homemade Jointer Prototype Build Part 1
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How to Make a Jointer
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Homemade Jointer Prototype Build Part 3
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First Tests on Homemade Jointer

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PaoloBrada DIY english español: Very nice build! At the next! #PaoloBradaDIY

Bonehead Guitars: Wow Mathias... Just wow, that is all. 😀

Shrek 61542: Realy interesting but if u dont trust your own construction please wear some safety shoes

André Borges: ok this was porn

Menaoui Med: merci bq

Gunness Sudama: Hey, terrific build as always.

I have a 6 in delta/rockwell jointer and will be buying a rockwell 8 in joniter mid january 2017.

I was wondering if the 8 in jointer can work with a feed roller (as you have with the Grizzly shaper).

I do plane lots of 6 in wide teak , mahogany + cedar boards in my Delta DC-380 15-inch thickness planer n was looking into setting up the 8 in jointer in a linear production run(either before or after the planer).

If so any ideas on how to set it up?


Khaled Mohamed: Great Job as always!

Jason Gardner: I love all your videos, but there's something special about this build...maybe its the box, maybe the parallelogram, or the cover over the belt, the sheet metal...I don't care I JUST REALLY APPRECIATE THIS...once it's all together you really got a real machine & even the green looks cool to me, but then again I've always had a different taste altogether...That green works...I don't care who says otherwise. Considering FORM vs/ FUNCTION obviously function is far more important, but design is nice too! {Environmental engineering}

Rafe Zetter: I've said it before and I'll say it again - Mattias, you're a genius, what a way to make a junker into something really really functional.

ishortland: Great video of how you made your jointer. The adjustment mechanism on the in-feed table is genius.

Simone Camplani: you're incredible man

Alami -: vous faîtes un excellent travail et Merci.
you are doing a great job and thanks

Luis Correia: Hey +Mattias Wandel, you could join that sandwich using vacuum, just like most guys make skateboards

David McCormick: What is the thing you used to adjust the speed when you were testing the jointer?

Zoltan Haraszin: I like this

thecozyrosie: Your handy work is incredibly impressive and your videos are so inspiring. Please keep making and posting!!

Jason Becker: Well I know what my next project is. Thanks.

Rina Farfor: are you getting wood for free ?!

Amanda Mitchell: dude you are bad ass at making wooden tool housing? lol
Homemade jointer build 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer build