Homemade Jointer Build

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Homemade jointer build
Homemade jointer build
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Homemade jointer
Homemade jointer
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Make a jointer with a hand planer
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Jason Becker: Well I know what my next project is. Thanks.

Rina Farfor: are you getting wood for free ?!

Amanda Mitchell: dude you are bad ass at making wooden tool housing? lol

kross1488: Witam bardzo odważny projekt !

Miguel Castillo: nice, thankyou Mathias!

เศรษฐพงศ์ วะลาภู: Good

ObsessionPC: impressive build this

boo bye: Your videos remind me how thick i am, cheers!

Javier García de Cuerva: Muchas gracias por habilitar subtítulos y por su tiempo.

CHRISTIAN KALEBE: Showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Brasil congratulations

Marcel Timmers: Hi mate. That looks like a lot of fun to make. I think that the next project should be a pinball machine. I reckon that it would be a nice challenge. Even better if you could put some solenoids in there.

Phil Lowman: You were correct about that motor. Its loud enough to wake the dead. I have a Dewalt that's screaming before it starts cutting. Wander if old washing machine motors would work? They're cheap or free if scavenged from the junk yard.

Phil Lowman: So glad to have found this channel. If interested you sire would make an excellent tool maker. Not these kinds of tools but rather strike and prgressive die making and design. You are a natural problem solver and shop owners pay big $$$$s to a person such as yourself.

Giovanni Sampalmieri: ...complimenti veramente... sei un mostro in senso positivo - mi piacerebbe assistere dal vivo quando realizzi queste incredibili opere - un saluto

РОМАН СМОЛЯКОВ: Супер ! золотые руки и голова!

Ale Moré: I have a doubt about this. In the video you use a dial indicator to get the outfeed table paralell to the cutter drum, but what about the infeed table? it doesnt matter if is out of paralell with the outfeed table or the drum cutter? thx!

Vladimir Pino: hello friend, no way to get those plane
free for poor jajjaajj

Abbes Aziz: thencs

michael C: I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but you can buy those T nuts with barbs on them so you hammer them into place, and then tighten from the other side....they won't budge on you (but you may have discovered these already, Lee Valley, Richelieu and others carry them)

agma dellga: Muito bom seus videos
Homemade jointer build 5 out of 5

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Homemade jointer build