Window Replacement Installation

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Window Replacement  Installation
Window Replacement Installation
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TrashMinerHDTV: typed in Windows reinstallation and then :D

Tim Kinney: Anyone doing a DYI from this video... do yourself a favor and do not use DAP caulking like they did... spend the extra $2-$3 and get Boss or OSI.. NP1 is the best you can get but is hard to make a good finish due to its thickness (Np1 is used on most skyscrapers around the world and is the only caulking approved for Boeing)

Zickcermacity: One step most of these replacement window videos neglects to mention is adjustment of the jamb adjusters. Behind either the upper or lower sash in a doublehung full frame replacement are two screws about halfway up the frame rails(one to each side). Turn these screws clockwise until you can just see the side jambs start to bow in - then STOP. You have properly adjusted the jambs against the rough opening, and may tilt your sash back up into place. A clue that jamb adjustment was never done: 1/8" or more gap between the moving sash and vinyl window frame. Properly adjusted jambs you should have no more than 1/16" gap there, ensuring sound deadening windows when shut and maximum heat savings in winter. :)

J king: Thank you this video was extremely helpful ,, thank you

esheppard19: excellent! thank you!

Michelle W: Thank you for this!! Followed this video and then did out my own windows. It was very helpful to see what steps to follow!

WichitaFixIt: yes, you don't remove the point of the storm window application, the whole idea of vinyl windows is double pane glass so you don't need a storm window and easy cleaning.

Bob Barrett: I have a question.i have storm windows. I wanttokeep them and just replace the old double hung windows. Can this be done..?

Michael Haycraft: I have 5 to replace. Seems easy basically. Thanks for the great video. It after me confidence in trying it myself

Ray Riley: What about insulation. Many suggest insulation in top piece ,along sides etc. with foam. You did not use any?

Ed Hughes: Girls and kids can do it too but first.
Remove the upper sash and lower sash then very gently place the frame in the window opening. Then install the upper and lower sash when frame is placed in window opening.
Flash tape the lower sill and if lower sill is not level apply blocks on each side of window frame flash tape blocks in-place.
If you do not like handling the frame without the sash just tape in wood spacers at the 2 sash attach points.

WindowReplacementAgencyWisconsin: Pleasant footage.

J B: Before installing the window,you should have primed and painted the raw wood where the paint is missing.

asifsba1: This guy is just an all round bada** guy. Kinda reminds me of Ron Swanson!! Thanks for the video!

geo mundi: Great video; suffered winter storm damage and need to replace high up window.  How should I silicone seal the outside?  Tall ladder?

Peter Klamka: you did a great job of explaining and clearly showing the process of replacing old energy deficient windows with modern energy efficient ones. As soon as the snow melts and the temperature goes back up to normal NH temperatures, I'm going to tackle this job that once thought too intimidating. Thanks for a good job of explaining.

Eslam Elshater: Thanks for the video, you made it easy enough for me that l watched it yesterday and I ended up replacing 4 of them today great help

thelastcashew: No insulation around it ? Or what about felt paper ?

James Savage: Perfect!  I replaced 3 windows from this video.  My house was built in 1963, and your windows and house look so much like mine.  Thanks for the very well made video.
Window Replacement Installation 5 out of 5

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Window Replacement  Installation