Silicone Baby Liam

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Silicone Baby Liam
Silicone Baby Liam
Introducing Silicone baby doll!
Introducing Silicone baby doll!
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Nicholas and Liam by Rita Rich Arnold
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Siliconebabies: Can you buy lucy seperate and how much would she be

Iman qistina: where can i get this doll? :)

Cheyenne Barwise: I want a silicone but they cost too much :( He looks so realistic

aweebitofheaven: Thank you xxx

sharry p: Such a cutie!!!!

fjmorales1424: I want one .I want a little girl.They are so cute .

Amanda King: This is kinda scary.... But cool

Larissa da siva vidal: por quantos voce comprou ele ?

bluebell x: he is so cute. where did you purchase him and for how much ? xx

aweebitofheaven: thank you there were only 10 babies made

aweebitofheaven: thank you so much every one any question please email me at hugs jade xx

Mkaykay Lynn: Aweh.

Reborn Cuddles: I want a silicone but they cost too much. I love the floppyness

goegeous gracie: I really love him what make is he and could I buy him off you if u don't mind how much do u want to sell him for as I'm very interested could u let me know as soon as possible please he's very cute xx

willsaubree: So adorable I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fiona brown: I think the baby's to small lol <3

danceandmusic212324: Woah! People take this seriously!! It's cute though <3 ;)

Kamila olivera ferreira: eu queria um baby para mi

Pri Carcavalli: hi i want talk with you can you add me on facebook prii carcavalli

jenannstoutjesdyk: What a wonderful gift you have, very talented! Love him!

Adalia Pabon: Wow I thought there'd be like a one direction infection of girls here like awwww Liam Payne!!!

Brittany Collins: can you tell me where I can buy a "reborn" doll?

kya91399: Hi there he is so cute but I would be interested in Lucy please pm me info. On the I appreciate it thank you, hugs - Selena

Veronica Conway: I absolutely adore him, can you tell me how many of him were made??

Dianne McGavigan: Way to go Jade:) just beautiful!:)

ChenilleNicoleBabies: He's amazing! Will you be doing more in the future?

wildroseds: Ur going to ruin him!!! Ur not even holding it by its head!!!!

Sallyjoe59: Devine.. Baby :) x

Emaj Brooks: Is it for sale ill give u 100 for it

charity lewis: Too cute!! Love them

Emily Lawrence: How much is he?

Susie Blue: can i get him.My parents wont let me get one until someone give it to me in like a giveaway or something can i get liam plz

Nastia Tihonenko: Ттывтыоыоры

lori Lilly: why r u holding your baby like that

laura crowe: awh he is such a sweetheart! :) x

Lalaine minguillan: where can i buy him

jessicabradley139: I HATE MUSIC DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LottieLoves RebornOllie: i will by him for£ 50 , he is so cute i want him xxx

prettyd0pechick247: how much are these dolls!

sprinklefriend: if you don't want someone to call you stupid, you probably shouldn't misspell multiple words when telling them off. also, i've had a life-threatening illness since age 14 (27 now) and have had 6 surgeries so far, with more to come for the rest of my life. that does not entitle you to free gifts simply because you are sick. honestly, using your disease to earn sympathy is really sad, though i will pray for you and hope God gives you the healing and peace you need.

Reborn Baby Caline: superbe

AllenandAniyamommy: Cutie

Trigg Harvey: dont eva in yo life call me stupid what type of person calls a cancer petson stupid..YOUR REDUNDED

PassamaquoddyGurl: is he a preemie? so tiny

OlwynRebornLove: There are lots of African-American reborn dolls. This particular one is white, but that doesn't mean that they all are. African-American dolls are more difficult to make, since the skin tone is so complex. It takes more paint and is more expensive.

ashleyyLbieber: Aww he is soo cute! I want him

Trigg Harvey: hi im 14 and I was just diagnosed with cancer and I just wanted to ask you to pray for me and I was also wondering can you send me a reborn baby email me at

Lalaine minguillan: cute baby

harriet lucas: i dont think this reborn doll is good at all

Nickole Cutie: do you do custom babies? I am really wanting a full silicone baby girl but I need it slightly cheap
Silicone Baby Liam 4.2 out of 5

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Silicone Baby Liam