Aralon - Scepter Of Hammara

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Mighty Hunter™: how did u do that what did u equip?

အာဂါး အာဂါး: where you take the quest?I saw the Dariun(Quest NPC)Beside the king and i can't use the spector and there is no Marificus.Break Marificus's spell is still uncomplete help fri.

Montana: I was an outlaw because i acidentally hitted an roghue in the uthus forest mission and than got in the castle and i killed marificus and than he appeard as his demon form and i my player sead to him go heres no place for u .And than i got bored and killed the king too.After that i reseted my outlaw thing and im not anymore

dolphin1101: I killed merificus (human form) and icefang. How am I supposed to finish this game? By the way, when I killed icefand, I was paladin lv39

Abdullah Yakub: Wen I click vierne all she says is hello my name is vierne Wat do I do

Alexis Carrillo: If you want to make soothing balm get some superb healing potion and 3 yuma seeds

The Master GamingZ: If you want kill merificus the go far to outland tell to icefang you received quest a stolen egg and go to shadowspire mine kill sheeba and find icefang egg and go back to icefang cave your quest complete and say the option take me to shadowspire. icefang is out there and you go to shadowspire.shadowspire is merificus'sfortress

bryan reyes: Someone plz help!!! How do I get soothing balm?

Widhi Putra: scepter just for rogue??

Balthazar: If the scepter fails you can skip this quest. Just go into the desert, enter the castle, save Gorak or whatever and continue the main storyline. It worked fine with skipping the quest

steelcaress: I've got the same problem. I've tried getting close to him, I've tried it from far away -- same result. He just dies, no demon.

moon: How do I get the key to the temple ! I killed the sunclaw(dragon)

7raiton7: Hi, I have a problem in Aralon. I'm actually doing quest "The Plan", now I have to use the Scepter of Hammara against Merificus. I have to enter the royal palace and use this. But Merificus isn't there. In the royal palace is only King, Darius and some guards. I can't find Merificus anywehere.

Balthazar: help! Merificus doesnt turn into a demon when i use the scepter, he just dies!

David Pařík: how can i get there?

Kwdragon123c: How do you get that quest?

Mahmoud Chakik: For Sunclaw because I need the key for Temple of Azra.

Mahmoud Chakik: I want to know how to get soothing balm.

Kyuuragi: @Alex51812. Same here it's confusing....

Alejandro Scopelli: Argh!!!! Cant get thruogh third floor in temple of azra pls someone help!!!!!!!!
Aralon - Scepter of Hammara 5 out of 5

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Aralon - Scepter of Hammara