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Rocket stove from Etsy. Survival Farm Girl demonstrates cooking with a stove!
Rocket stove from Etsy. Survival Farm Girl demonstrates cooking with a stove!

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g o o d p o o p: you can make it WAYYY smaller.

kam2057: Huh? Lmfao!

forest greenwald: nice stove.....there are lots of folks on youtube building what they call rocket stoves, but actually they are not designed like the original rocket stove....a true rocket stove has a double wall insulated burn chamber and partial lower stovepipe insulated....this is to get a hotter flame inside the burn chamber, to more completely burn the escaping gases or smoke....any stove will burn clean to some degree with dry wood, but a true rocket stove has much less pollution than a single wall stove..

lopsidedcor: The exhaust leaves in one direction which causes acceleration as described by the rocket equation

Atka59: Why don't people make a catalytic rocket stove that heats a pan by conduction. That way the exhaust is really smoke free, the pan won't get all sooty, and the pan won't overheat as the running temp is pretty much constant. To do it you just remove the vermiculite, seal the top with a conductive plate leaving a gap between the top of the inner pipe and the plate, then attach a proper flue alongside the outer barrel venting from the bottom side wall. That way unburnt gases remain until burnt.

xpez: what is the part that qualifies this as a rocket?

MrZapatista44: Thanx for vid !! I made one much smaller out of tin cans .. & a #10 can .. very common materials ... it works so well !! about 1/4 the fuel is needed which is what makes Rocket Stoves so amazing ...

winky4u: very nice video***** I`m trying to make a rocket stove by myself. The stove itself is made of 2.5 inch thick Promatect-100. I placed it in a 20L old paint can. I only have to make the skirt yet. (sorry for my english)

Bob Shupe: @nuonnuon Thanks!

Bert Heideveld: Good Stove burning wel.

Bob Shupe: @fallguy100000 I think the only real rule is that it work well. Outside of that I think it would have to be what you want it to do. In the case of imau2ber below, he is not accustomed to handling anything larger than three inches so Im sure his stove is very small.... if he has one. If you are planning on doing car camping then size wont matter, you just want it to work. If you're hiking in someplace then you might want something smaller or even built on-site and left there.

Dan Fall: Are there any actual rules for rocket stove design that would help resolve combustion chamber sizes? A rocket for camping would be cool (from black pipe).

Bob Shupe: @imau2ber How do you figure? Based on the internal dimensions of the combustion chamber it is about perfect. Additionally, the overall height of the stove does not match the length of the riser. There is about a 4" extension on the top to elevate the pot off the stack/riser allowing the heat to expand and affect the whole bottom of the pot more evenly than the type that have the pot sitting right on the stack. Thanks for taking time to watch the vid and comment.

Bob Shupe: @2012Twist I used sheet metal screws to hold the structure together (strength) and the tape to seal it up.

DrMichael MillerPhD: did you use h v a c silver tape to make those fittings stick together?..

pabbananna: long term no problems with the metal burning through? and careful when burning the stink off!

Bob Shupe: @cmathew4 Then use that.

cmathew4: my reg stove works pretty good

Bob Shupe: @Robikus You will have to wait for Rocket Stove - DIY 2.0

vincentvangro: @malakovich69 YUP,now u can burn off the galvanized pipe but that is dangerous as well.burnt off or not i'd never use galvanized pipe to cook with..heck when i build my makeshift blacksmithing forge i never use galvanized in that's just a foolish and not worth the health risks..
Rocket Stove - DIY 5 out of 5

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