Big Girls Can Hoop

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Did this video help you?

Ramona Q: Thank YOU!!!   I was seriously wondering if the reason I can't hoop is b/c I'm fat!  And most of the videos I was finding were of teeny little yoga girls.  Can't thank you enough for this!   \( ^◡^)/

cynthia Ingraham: Great video, had some fun and learned just keep working it. :)

Silhouettes PLUS BBW Burlesque Ultralounge: Just traded a Burlesque costume that no longer fit for a super sweet hoop. Cant wait to give it a try! Keep #BringinItBigGurlSexii & have fun!

Alicia Westbrook: Amazingly inspiring bought my forst hoop tonight still in the bumbling stage. Thanks for the lift.

Dennis Czelusniak: that is a very hot looking young lady all should look like her and I really mean this

Sugarkikkis Okay: Haha the silly "searching for the right hoop to sad music" made me lol so much!
Cyber high fives you

Just Plain Blane: So in love with this! Now I don't feel so awkward hooping with a bunch of skinny minnie gals;)

Semiblind Band: Great video. I wish she wouldn't have spent so much time bumbling around but otherwise inspiring

MsSherry77: From one big girl to another, thanks for this!

Charity “Hoop Bug” Edwards: Awesome!!! Love u Shannon. This is so inspiring. ❤️

Ocean-Rayne Kurtis: Damnit! Need a Love button not a like button. I don't know how long you've been doing this but it has totally paid off, freaking pro!!!
I can't wait to get started 
<3 keep it up girl!

Mandie Taylor: LOVE this!! <3

Baby Cakes: Wow I'm not plus sized, I'm actually very petite but I love this video! You're awesome :)

Liz Timmers: Get it mama! You are awesome! I never thought I'd be able to hoop since all hoopers I see are little nymph-like things and I have curves out the wazoo.  You and I have a similar shape, and I am inspired! I'm getting a hoop on my next payday n_n

JaimeNacole: Hi, I am interested in purchasing a hoop. However, I am really confused on sizing. I am a beginner and know that you should get a hoop that is 2-3 inches above your belly button. For me this is 36”. However, I am plus size and have a 58 inch waist. I am not sure how a 36” hoop would work for me. I would like to get a fitness hoop and eventually switch down to a dance hoop. What size do you recommend? 

Byrdie W: This is exactly what I'd hoped to find.  I searched through a fair number of discouraging videos until I found one that mentioned hoop size and movement, and then this one. Oh, thank you.

Raina B: Hey girl, you give me inspiration!! What kind of hoop are you using? I'm a big girl too, determined to hoop!

Liz Pardue-Schultz: I've been very, very sick for the last couple years and, while sick in bed and on tons of medicines, I put on more weight than I ever thought I could cram onto my frame. I just started hooping this week and spent a couple minutes getting frustrated that I must be too much of a fatass to be able to do it like those teeny girls I always see hooping at the festivals. THIS gave me so, so much inspiration and encouragement to keep trying and rocking this ooouuut!

P Hall: awesome video..I learned to hoop at 50!! and I LOVE IT, Hooping is my Zen! 

Katie Bashlor: Good job Shannon!
Big Girls Can Hoop 5 out of 5

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Big Girls Can Hoop