Big Girls Can Hoop

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Big Girls Can Hoop
Big Girls Can Hoop
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Did this video help you?

Charity Edwards: Awesome!!! Love u Shannon. This is so inspiring. ❤️

Semiblind Band: Great video. I wish she wouldn't have spent so much time bumbling around but otherwise inspiring

JaimeNacole: Hi, I am interested in purchasing a hoop. However, I am really confused on sizing. I am a beginner and know that you should get a hoop that is 2-3 inches above your belly button. For me this is 36”. However, I am plus size and have a 58 inch waist. I am not sure how a 36” hoop would work for me. I would like to get a fitness hoop and eventually switch down to a dance hoop. What size do you recommend? 

candylover3394: this makes me want to cry bc for so mine years ppl said I could not hoop bc I was am a plus size ....thank you so much for posting this vid <3

Just Plain Blane: So in love with this! Now I don't feel so awkward hooping with a bunch of skinny minnie gals;)

Liz Timmers: Get it mama! You are awesome! I never thought I'd be able to hoop since all hoopers I see are little nymph-like things and I have curves out the wazoo. You and I have a similar shape, and I am inspired! I'm getting a hoop on my next payday n_n

Liz Pardue-Schultz: I've been very, very sick for the last couple years and, while sick in bed and on tons of medicines, I put on more weight than I ever thought I could cram onto my frame. I just started hooping this week and spent a couple minutes getting frustrated that I must be too much of a fatass to be able to do it like those teeny girls I always see hooping at the festivals. THIS gave me so, so much inspiration and encouragement to keep trying and rocking this ooouuut!

Ocean-Rayne Kurtis: Damnit! Need a Love button not a like button. I don't know how long you've been doing this but it has totally paid off, freaking pro!!! I can't wait to get started <3 keep it up girl!

Byrdie W: This is exactly what I'd hoped to find. I searched through a fair number of discouraging videos until I found one that mentioned hoop size and movement, and then this one. Oh, thank you.

MOONevergrey: I got a hoop from Hoopnotica and was excited but I still can't keep the damn hoop up. I got the right size. I did side to side and back and front. Still falls down. I give up.

Anita B: thank you so much for this <3

Raina B: Hey girl, you give me inspiration!! What kind of hoop are you using? I'm a big girl too, determined to hoop!

P Hall: awesome video..I learned to hoop at 50!! and I LOVE IT, Hooping is my Zen! 

Mandie Taylor: LOVE this!! <3

jess gcar: I bought the gold gym hoop and i cant keep it up past 2 spins :( any suggestions? 

Baby Cakes: Wow I'm not plus sized, I'm actually very petite but I love this video! You're awesome :)

Phoebe Georgina: I would really like to start hooping but can hardly even keep a hoop around my waist, do you think this is possible to become skilled at even though im kinda starting late, and if so does anyone have any tips please xo

Katie Bashlor: Good job Shannon!

celestialpassion: My measurements are 53"-49"-64". What kind of hoop should I get?

faeryface: yay I love this so much! being inclined to embonpoint and just a fledgling hooper, this was really nice to see. lots of petite or toned performers and tutorialists on YT and I love them so very much, but that doesn't look like me... sometimes I get a little discouraged.... <3 you rocked my hulaworld just now. excellent choice of songs too!

Aerica Loveless: I love this.. im looking into Hooping and i actually ordered my Hoop this morning to start practicing.. and i was told "Wont Work if you are Fat" which i am a Big Girl.. it didnt rain on my parade any.. im still going to practice and try... but i had to post this video in response to the nasty comment.. hehe Love nd light to everyone <3

mella hugbear: inspiring!

Kati Bruce: This inspired me to get out and go hoop!

Lakeetha Collins: I have a fitness hoop, but I still can't hula hoop. Any suggestions?

Magic Hoops: My new hooping video. Please share!

Stephanie Boardman: I started hooping about 4 months ago. THIS was one of the very first videos I watched. It was so inspirational for me!! And I was even more inspired when I saw that there are other hoopers in Kentucky HAHA! :) I'm sure there are more, but they're in hiding lol.

signsofjoy: Awww, you're so adorable!! <3

Shannon Herrington: I only use 160 PSI hoops also.

Shannon Herrington: Don't hoop on bruises! Get some arnica lotion and rest. While the bruises heal, try off body moves.

grayganjax: i just wanted you to know... several months ago i picked up my first hoop and because i'm a bit heavier i was extremely hesitant about carrying on with it... then a month into my hooping journey i came across your video and you inspired me to push forward. I can't imagine my life without hooping. Bless you for making this video.

Ida Review: excellent! well done, mama!

BigSisterTutor: Great jobb!!! I'm getting so discouraged, because although I love to two large lady friends hanging on my chest make it seem damn near impossible to get the hoop up around my shoulders. I'm SO frustrated, it seems I'll never progress from hooping on the waist/hips!!!

Shannon Herrington: @marisa289 Thank you! <3

Bonnie Taylor: I was greatly encouraged by your 50" experience. Tried a 50" and still couldn't do it. Tried a 60" and now I'm a hooper for the first time, too!!! The right hoop size for you turns night into day. It's magical. You CAN'T then you CAN. I made my hoops, but if anyone needs a 60", I saw that Neon Hoops at Etsy has a listing for that size and larger under their tandem hoops. And probably most folks at Etsy who do custom hoops could fix you up. Thanks, Shannon. Your bravery MADE ME A HOOPER!!

dianne falgoust: fantastic wish you were here to help me

Shannon Herrington: @ZenMamaof2 My hoop is about 44-46". If you are having trouble, upgrade to a larger hoop. Don't feel bad that your hoop is large. Look through other videos of mine and notice my hoop was VERY large in the beginning. You can do this!

BlueSuki: where did you get you hoop from?

Devrie Wise: Hoop dancing is so pretty! I loved watching you hoop dance. I can't do all that jazz, but that's how I felt when I decided to make some hoops on a whim with the family. I'm like, "OMG, I can hoop?" Big kids' hoops are NOT good for adults! lol I though I couldn't do it because I got to fat to hoop! You are so pretty dancing. Makes me want to learn all that pretty stuff!!

Carrie Freeman-Smith: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

snardlefarb: this just made my day!

Mary Jo Garcia-Brown: Just want you to know that a year ago, I went to my first hula hoop class, and I was a miserable failure. Spent the entire hour dropping the hoop and picking it up. At the time, I weighed nearly 300 pounds. I felt that there had to be some trick to it, so I came home and Googled "fat people hula hooping." Your video came up, I watched it, and was completely inspired. I kept on hooping, and I got better...a lot better. I have since lost over 100 pounds and am now teaching hoop. Thank you!

Shannon Herrington: If you don't feel like you are getting better, get a larger hoop. The larger the hoop, the slower the rotation. Also, when I'm teaching, I notice that larger women tend to have bad posture. Bring your shoulders up like someone is pulling you up with a string and exaggerate your movements. Push as hard as you can, put your whole body into it. A lot of hoopdancers use arms to various reasons (dance, tricks, paddles, etc). On my Hooplove channel, there are videos on hooping which show saves.

Squeen DreadHead: U ROCK! how long have u been hooping when u made this video? i just started, i cant do any tricks yet thou...

Jacqueline Campbell: awesome..I am wanting to learn to hoop....nobody here in Bo-hunk Oklahoma seems to know what I am talking about!

Shannon Herrington: @hooprainedance Thank you! <3

CircularPraise: Great video, Shannon. :)

Jess Boyangiu: Is your 44-46 hoop 160psi?

Meghan Stevens: I love this! You are too adorable. Happy Hooping!

Shayla Covington: Hooping is beautiful in the sense that there is no judgement. Movement is an act of expression and it should be unique. When I'm hooping, it's just me, my hoop, and my body, soul and mind. Trick are fun, but it's more rewarding to play around, video tape yourself, watch what you create in your own freestyle, and expand on that! Minus the huffs and puffs, it hardly feels like your exercising! Keep it up girl.

onewomanbeing: you are inspiring.....Im making my hoop TOMORROW!!!
Big Girls Can Hoop 4.8 out of 5

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Big Girls Can Hoop