Big Girls Can Hoop

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Big Girls Can Hoop
Big Girls Can Hoop
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Big girls can Hulu hoop too... #TeamShika
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Blast Your Belly Fat With a Hula Hoop   Fitness Tips   NewBeauty Body
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Beginners : How to Choose the Right Size Hula Hoop (aka why I am a hooper NOT a singer)
Beginners : How to Choose the Right Size Hula Hoop (aka why I am a hooper NOT a singer)

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Sherri Joye: Ahhh this is awesome. I love you. You made my day. I haven't been able to exercise for awhile and was looking into this as a possibility and you've shown me I can. 🤗

Winx Fan girl: So inspirational

Carol Charat: Thank you for showing this. I say Yes to it.

Sonny: I can't do crap with average lighter, smaller hoops. At a festival I went to a few years back, here was a woman who makes custom hoops had a display set up with hoops to play with and I got hooked on a big double-sized hoop. It's so slow moving, it's super zen to dance with. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sized up in hoops to find a wonderful world of hoop dancing.

Sam Sinclair: you are so great! i hope you inspire my friends who think they can't hoop because they are bigger, you DEFINITELY crushed the stereotype! you go girl and hooopppp onnn! <3 <3 you are beautiful!

daisydigs moondog: This is completely brilliant, I LOVE it!!!! Thank you.

Bronte Hasty: What size hoop is that?

Muzic To My Ears: Mad Love fellow hooper <3

石川彩奈: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Made me and my sister laugh our heads off

Cokey: I got a hoop a few months back that was sized for me but I was pretty disheartened when I could only get it to do a few spins and stopped completely. After this I am so motivated, I would go outside right now with my hoop but since it 11pm I think I'll wait until morning :) thank you so much for this video.

plus size GODDESS: I loved this please come back to youtube

ChristyKitten_: This literally gives me so much hope, thank you <3

Tina Morrow: What size is that last hoop?

Cherished Playtime: Great hooping! I just got my first adult hoop today.

trcakes: i love this i have been trying to hoop for 2 weeks and i cant get it but i am still trying and this made me feel like i can do it 😍😋😍but i might need a bigger hoop 😋

Becca Ann: what size is the hoop??

Veronica Nelle: yesss omg I love this video so much!!!! 😍 made me smile!!

Sonja Persey: I been trying and trying for weeks to hula hoop. I have two different hoops and I get the same results with both - which is that I can't keep it going at all.  I know they are the right size hoops, but I just can't seem to keep them up. Getting pretty discouraged as I thought it would be a awesome exercise for me to help me loose those pounds, but I get nothing but disappointed and frustrated. Is it possible that I am just not ever going to be able to do this?

Rhian Forrest: Loved the video and your personality shines through. You brightened up my day.

Yvonne Norris: awesome u r great wish I could learn
Big Girls Can Hoop 5 out of 5

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Big Girls Can Hoop