Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix

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Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix
Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix
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How to Cheaply Repair Nikon Coolpix L100 Battery Door
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Odian Levy: I have to admit when I saw the duct tape I thought this was a joke. But those mending brackets are such a good idea. I might try that instead of buying a new door.

bpadlows: What a great idea! Thanks!!!

pacotacolishus: Good idea.  And nicely presented.  I've been using the tripod but hadn't gone the extra step to simplify it more.  Thank you

jeff young: hi there thanks for the tip on an easy fix.  ill share mine..   I went on ebay bought a new door for under 6 bucks.    it was so easy to change.    Yours is a good fix too!  but I wanted to fix it right   so for a temp repair i like it though

Andrea Friedell: I am glad to see that I'm not the only one with this problem.  Lots of helpful comments on YouTube, and I think I like the rubber band one the best.

ggomen08: I had the same problem with my L-20 Nikon too. After seeing your video, I went to my work shop found a  small "L" brace like for repairing a wooden picture frame and cut off the excess so it was straight. I then checked my jars of bolts and found one with the correct threads. It was too long so I sawed it down to the correct length. I never had to leave the house or spend any money. Thanks for the that great tip.

Heather Montgomery-Lewis: I was going to say 'genius idea' but several people took the words out of my mouth, imagine that!  Thanks for sharing a great solution.

Juan Lozano: You are a "Coolpix' lady. Thank you.

John Hill: Only problem is that the tripod screw mount is also plastic, and after enough battery changes, it will break, too.


You may easily remove tape adhesive residue from a hard surface using some WD-40 lubricant and a Q-tip.

I use this to remove price stickers from plastic items without scratching, and in general, WD-40 is a fine cleaning agent.

R Southerland: Does duck tape come in black to match my coolpix L610? Door broke after 6 months.

Jamison L: Very neat idea :-). This is way better than the $300 TT that the repair man is telling me it would cost

Kenny Chandler: Everytime you need celery. Buy the ones with rubber band on them. Double wrap the band around the camera. I have been doing this for 3 years.Works perfect.

Azriel LittleHawk: great idea! TY!  my  mom got a new cam for her bday and  gave me her  old  coolpix cam.  and the battery door is yeah this is gonna  work out GREAT for me.

 on ebay the cams are going for $30-ish average..the cost of  just the replacement door? is $17, on amazon it's $21!!

  though i think i will get a small washer  and  large screw with the bracket cause  i don't HAVE a tripod..L  TY gave me a fab direction to go to get this  functional. :D

coffeeaugur: Cool ... thanks! This is even better than replacing the door, because the door is more expensive then bracket and you have take half the camera apart and eventually the door is just going to break. Thanks Again.

Cesar CASTILLO GALDOS: solución fina thanks

Alltywawr: Goodbye tacky camera. A great solution Thanks

celestialomnibus: Wow! Great idea! Thanks!

enter name here: This is genius!! Thanks for the tip!

Marlene Zoé: You rock! This totally solved my problem at no cost, thank you so much!!!
Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix 5 out of 5

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Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix