Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix

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Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix
Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix
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Juan Lozano: You are a "Coolpix' lady. Thank you.

JERRY FRIEDMAN: EXCELLENT JOB. p.s. You may easily remove tape adhesive residue from a hard surface using some WD-40 lubricant and a Q-tip. I use this to remove price stickers from plastic items without scratching, and in general, WD-40 is a fine cleaning agent.

R Southerland: Does duck tape come in black to match my coolpix L610? Door broke after 6 months.

Jamison L: Very neat idea :-). This is way better than the $300 TT that the repair man is telling me it would cost

John Hill: Only problem is that the tripod screw mount is also plastic, and after enough battery changes, it will break, too.

Kenny Chandler: Everytime you need celery. Buy the ones with rubber band on them. Double wrap the band around the camera. I have been doing this for 3 years.Works perfect.

Azriel LittleHawk: great idea! TY! my mom got a new cam for her bday and gave me her old coolpix cam. and the battery door is yeah this is gonna work out GREAT for me. on ebay the cams are going for $30-ish average..the cost of just the replacement door? is $17, on amazon it's $21!! though i think i will get a small washer and large screw with the bracket cause i don't HAVE a tripod..*L* TY gave me a fab direction to go to get this functional. :D Cheers!

coffeeaugur: Cool ... thanks! This is even better than replacing the door, because the door is more expensive then bracket and you have take half the camera apart and eventually the door is just going to break. Thanks Again.

Liz Aziz: breezy501 although there have been complaints they still make the doors plastic.. Why oh why...

breezy501: You are a GENIUS! Thank you for sharing.

Randall Huston: You can use a 1/4-20 screw that's 1/2 inch long. All camera mounts are 1/4-20 in case anyone is wondering.

ialreadyknowthat: Happy to have helped, I know when I learned of this I was totally thrilled myself.

enter name here: This is genius!! Thanks for the tip!

celestialomnibus: Wow! Great idea! Thanks!

SilentlyOpinionated: GENIUS!!!

Alltywawr: Goodbye tacky camera. A great solution Thanks

hootersvilledavid: THANK YOU SMART LADY! Much better than the $105 Nikon wanted to fix it! (Been broke since day-1!) Nikon service is a joke ....$105 to fix a camera you can buy new for $68.00 ? Obvious poor engineering on their part by how many of us have had this problem.

Walt Disney: AWESOME!!! Thank you

lelu65: Thank YOU !!!! You rock and saved me and I have my camera Back TY TY TY !!!!

Shirley Geremia: not a stuff round head bolt, but a stubby round head bolt....

David Millar: Brilliant! Thank you !!

tbeltss: Great idea! Such an irritating thing...happened on brand new L24. The key thing is using the tripod mount hole to swing metal stock to truly seal that wimpy door. Being a little handy, used a short piece of aluminum stock, drilled one hole and secured with a stubby 1/4 inch round head bolt. Thank you for the inspiration!

Carolyn Martin: Oh, thank you! Best solution I've found that I can actually do!

rogersgriffin: Can not believe that they do not stand behind this. It has to be a cheaply made camera. I have only opened my door 2 times and it broke. Poor worksmanship or defective. Everyone that I know that has this camera has had the same problem, of course 2 months after the limited warranty expired. My first and last Nikon. I will go back to a Cannon

Gary Phile: I did this to my camera and it works great!!! I am so irritated that Nikon made such a flimsy battery cover on such a good camera. Well this works and thanks again!

Gary Phile: Suuuper genius! Thanks! I'm going to do this to mine. Thank you again!

Liz Aziz: You're a life saver michelle.. Thank you! xxx from Malaysia Thanks, I`ve solved my problem with your video

jonpgh: Great idea.Why not just use a screw that fits the hole instead of the tripod part?

Marlene Zoé: You rock! This totally solved my problem at no cost, thank you so much!!!

Georgina van Woudenberg: Shirley, your solution is super. Thank you so very much. Instead of screwing the tripod onto the camera I was able to buy the screw at Lowe's - it is Hillman round combo with nuts.1/4-20 x 1/2 inch which is exactly the same size as the tripod screw. I had bought the replacement door at E-Bay, took the camera apart and was able to make it work, however the door broke again and I decided to try your solution which I now think is 100% better. Thanks again!

breezy501: The tiny thing that holds the door closed is plastic, and if it snaps off, the door is useless. They should make that teeeny part METAL!

Shirley Geremia: thank you, Michelle. since today is a holiday--Memorial day and Sunday, the local hardware store --Ace Hardware in Brevard, N.C. is closed. I will go there tomorrow and buy the bracket and a 1/4 20 screw or a stuffy 1/4" round head bolt....

Cesar CASTILLO GALDOS: solución fina thanks
Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix 4.8 out of 5

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Nikon Coolpix Battery Door Fix